Jamie Baker

Jamie Baker
Jamie Baker is head of content at Amvia. He is based in Barnstaple, North Devon and has over eight years’ experience as a copywriter and communications manager.
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What is the best VoIP phone for business users?

As technology has advanced, traditional telephony setups have become increasingly lacklustre in terms of their cost, flexibility and functionality. But any successful business that has regular communications in-house or with clients needs a reliable and convenient phone service.

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What are the top 5 business VoIP phones?

VoIP telephony is most commonly associated with companies that have large sales teams or busy offices with lots of outgoing calls. But thanks to the cost-efficiency and increased productivity modern VoIP providers systems provide, businesses of all shapes and sizes are realising the benefits of using voice over IP for their communications.

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5 reasons to switch to a VoIP phone system

Even if you already have a VoIP phone system setup, with rapidly changing technology, it may have become outmoded. Upgrading to a new state-of-the-art VoIP package can offer an all-encompassing service to further enhance your communications and reduce costs.

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