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Choose from fibre, ethernet, EFM and broadband data solutions to fit your needs and your budget.

Connect any number of sites and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a fully managed and secure network. We implement the latest security best practices, including redundant design and SLAs, to provide superior protection.




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As part of our commitment to providing unbeatable customer service, we have created an easy to use comparison tool that will allow you to understand your options and make informed decisions. All it takes is a few seconds to receive a customised comparison that includes all the services available in your location.

Save Time

On average, there will be 20 options for providers in your area. Instead of researching each provider individually, you can run one comprehensive search. With our comparison tool, all it takes is a simple search to focus on the providers that matter and instantly compare them in one convenient place.

Bespoke Results

Customize results according to your location and your needs. With our search features, you can instantly compare providers in real-time.

Save Money

View side by side comparisons of installations charges, monthly fees and other charges so that you can choose the best value for your budget.

Live Data

Markets are constantly evolving, which means that you need the most up-to-date information. Our search tool mines the latest data to provide you will real-time results that reflect what is happening right now in the telecom industry.


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Our Data Customers

When needed a Gigabit internet connection they turned to Amvia. They were able to swiftly compare the market and chose a fibre circuit provisioned over Virgin Media.

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Why Work With Amvia?

With cutting-edge technology and award winning customer service, we make your business telecoms easy.

High Speed 

Our data solutions offer high speed, business grade internet access directly to your location. Enjoy a state-of-the-art network infrastructure with gigabit speeds and business bandwidths that will provide optimal performance and a flexible design that can adapt as your business evolves.

Unbeatable Reliability

Experience the peace of mind that comes with100% connectivity that is backed by a powerful and highly specialized network. Our team of Cisco qualified engineers use redundancy and other best practices to ensure optimal performance.

Total Flexibility

Your business is constantly evolving and your data and voice solutions need to be flexible enough to quickly adapt as unexpected needs arise. When you partner with Amvia, it is easy to scale bandwidth, add and remove phone users and customize your service for maximum performance and value.

Bulletproof Security

We stay ahead of online threats and continually upgrade security features to provide exceptionally secure voice and data solutions. Our services provide the latest encryption technology and voice and data solutions are constantly being updated with relevant patches for bulletproof security that protects sensitive data.