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The ultimate guide to bonding broadband connections. Now more than ever, it is vital that businesses have a reliable, resilient and fast internet connection. Bonded broadband for many businesses is an ideal option. Find out why.

bonded broadband

Bonded broadband for business

Did you know that fast internet is vital for your business for numerous reasons? From sending and transferring important business information and documents to communicating both internally and externally, the chances are that every company is using the internet in some way or form. 

Today, businesses are growingly more dependant upon Cloud-based applications, IP Voice, internet-based servers, and video conferencing. Bonded broadband can be a highly cost-effective internet access solution for businesses suffering from slow broadband from their internet service provider. A business can also use a bonded internet connection to reduce network costs whilst increasing download speed. 

What is bonded broadband, and why do you need it?

Bonded broadband can help deliver a cost-effective bandwidth by bringing together multiple broadband lines such as FTTC, FTTP and even 4G. Bonded broadband is usually used as a solution in 3 types of scenario. If you need more bandwith at a affordable price, if you are a rural business with limited DSL speeds, if you want to add resilience into your network and cannot afford downtime.

How does bonded broadband work?

Bonded broadband works by combining several broadband circuits via a bonding device, sometimes referred to as a load balancer. Bonded broadband usually involves aggregating between 2 to 8 lines. A load balancer router or bonder has the capability mo deliver up to 940Mbps. In recent years, bonding FTTC and FTTP has enabled the business to access much higher speeds than a bonded ADSL service.

What connections can be bonded together?

Leased lines, FTTC, FTTP, 4G ethernet and standard DSL, can all be bonded together. You can even mix different types of lines. So if you wanted to bond an FTTP connection with a failover ADSL line, this is entirely possible. It also means your failover line is getting used rather than sitting there on standby un-utilised.

Once you combine 2 and 8 broadband lines, bonded broadband will support various applications, including data, voice, and video. Bonded broadband will even provide you with VPN support and a virtual leased line, which is perfect for homeworkers and branch offices. As well as download speed, upload speed is multiplied, too, allowing files to be transferred much faster.

Bonded broadband behaves like a single connection. The multiple connections of DSL through the bonded connection results in effectively a "single pipe" with much faster speed.

Do bonded connections use different ip addresses?

With bonded broadband, you can manage your devices with one static IP address, either locally, remotely, or both, and you'll even have access to a web-based interface to monitor and control your configuration. Virtual private network support will ensure that you have a secure internet connection for employees who work from home or while travelling. A single IP address means VPNs, data application, voice, and conferencing possible over a bonded internet connection.

Can your organisation benefit from internet bonding?

By using readily available and low-cost standard broadband lines, you'll be minimising your bandwidth costs. If you are a rural business, bonded ADSL, FTTC or FTTP across multiple broadband connections is an ideal solution. Often internet bonding is the only broadband service capable of delivering the faster internet speeds businesses require in rural areas.

Businesses can improve office-to-office and internet connection speeds.

Bandwidth can be updated when required cost-effectively.

Cloud storage is made easier

Cloud storage has become incredibly affordable today. As a result, most people don't need to depend on physical storage items. A fast broadband connection makes it a lot easier to access and store data from the cloud. As there are no lags, you can move large-sized documents and file them efficiently and quickly with multiple broadband connections.

Data recovery 

One of the best benefits of having a high-speed internet connection is setting data backups automatically. This way, you can create a data storage method for your business's essential data. Even when your data backups are taking place, neither you nor your employees will notice any drop in the internet speed on your network. So, without impacting your day-to-day productivity, you can also manage your business data. If any cyber-attacks occur, you can easily and securely recover data over a broadband line with backup capability.

Secure financial transactions

You won't compromise on data speed if you need to make a lot of financial transactions. With bonded broadband, you can ensure that businesses can complete any digital payment with any online payment gateway without any issues. Not only does this allow you to broaden your business's reach, but it will also ensure that you receive and make payments without any stress.

Added security

With online security being a major priority for every business that uses the online space, your broadband connection must be secure. With bonded broadband, you can easily monitor your security systems anytime from anywhere, which will help protect you against cybercrime.

Less stress

If you're working and your internet connection is slow, it's very easy to become irritated and frustrated. Not only is it stressful to constantly wait for websites or links to load, but slow internet will also decrease productivity in the office. The reason? Work won't be completed by deadlines or promptly. With bonded broadband, you and your employees can work quickly and without interruption if a single line fails, maximising the long-term productivity of your business.

Large enterprises

If you've got a large company, we suggest you contact our friendly team for a quote. We offer a wide selection of bonded FTTC routers for larger and multi-site organisations that can cater to between 2 and 12 broadband connections.

What happens if a connection goes down?

If one of the broadband lines fails, your business should not experience an outage. Resilience benefits are made with channel bonding, load balancing traffic over multiple internet connections. You can even add mobile broadband as a failover backup.

You'll be pleased to know that Amvia is an expert business broadband provider specialising in bonding broadband. So, don't hesitate to contact us if you're looking to get more speed and utilise bonded internet connectivity in your business.

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