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How The Fibre Checker Works

It's The Easiest Way To Find The Best Fibre Deal At Your Business Location

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What Our Customers Say

Who We Work With, & Why You Can Trust Our Fibre Checker

There are hundreds of telecom companies in the UK, and Amvia works with most of them so that we can find you the ideal solution for your business. When you check fibre using AmviaSearch™ we don't include every single broadband telecoms provider in the UK. Some telecom providers do not own their network, and some do not meet the criteria we use to deliver the best value for our customers. We do include BT Openreach, TalkTalk, Virgin, as well as over 50 others.

We know that finding the best price is a crucial factor in your decision-making process. Searching the market is a value-based exercise. We also recognise that not all businesses have identical requirements. That's why we have experts on hand to help you find the ideal solution at your business location. 

AmviaSearch™ is programmatically connected via APIs to most UK fibre providers. The API connections mean we are constantly updated with fibre availability data.

We don't just advise on speed or price. We can also help you understand which carriers have the best availability rating, the best installation lead time, and many more important criteria.

Why Choose Amvia?

When it comes to advising on a network provider for your business, you'll get unbiased, impartial advice. There's no incentivise to recommend one provider over another. The results you'll receive are ranked by price, ECC charges, lead times and SLAs.

Rather than use the BT fibre checker, the Virgin fibre checker, the TalkTalk fibre checker and the Openreach fibre checker, AmviaSearch™ saves you time by allowing you to make a whole market comparison.

Quickly Find All Fibre Providers

There are over 50 UK fibre providers. It isn't easy to know which fibre providers have availability at or near your business location. The AmviaSearch™ fibre checker makes finding which providers can service your business easy.

Get All Provider Prices Instantly

AmviaSearch™ doesn't just identify the providers that can service your business. You will also instantly get the prices for the service that you need. It is time-consuming to get quotes from each provider. Let AmviaSearch™ find all providers at your location and source the best price for you.

Save Money

Amvia has wholesale discounts with all the major UK fibre broadband providers. These discounts are in the pricing you will receive. It is often much cheaper to buy through Amvia than directly from the telecoms network.

Get FREE Installation & Delivery

Using Amvia has the added benefit that when you choose the service you require, Amvia will manage the procurement, provisioning and installation for you free of charge. You pick the service and relax while Amvia handles the carrier installation.

How Your Details Are Protected, & How You'll Be Contacted

Protecting your data is critically important to us. We recognise that you don't want to be bombarded with lots of sales calls from lots of network providers. Preventing lots of annoying sales calls is one of the reasons why we set up the comparison service, AmviaSearch™.

We anonymously process your data with all relevant fibre providers available at your location when you submit your requirement. These telecoms carriers provide AmviaSearch™ with pricing data representative of your needs at your site.

You may receive an email or a call from Amvia if we need to clarify your requirement or if there are multiple technologies available at your location. Your data is not shared with any third party, and the only communication you'll ever receive will be from Amvia directly.

If I Find A Service I Wish To Purchase What Happens Next?

Once you receive your side-by-side comparison, you will need to select the speed and technology that best suits your budget and requirement. If you need any assistance, such as calculating your office bandwidth requirements or picking whether to use a 100Mbps bearer or a 1Gbps bearer, impartial expert advice is on hand. 

There may be a voucher scheme that can reduce the service cost, and we will check to make sure that you take advantage of any such subsidy.

Once you have chosen the provider, technology, and the solution's firm costs, Amvia will handle the ordering and delivery process with the carrier. You will be required to sign a service order directly with Amvia. Amvia will liaise with the carrier to procure and deliver the fibre to your business location.

Amvia will continue to work with the carrier to handle wayleave and any engineering appointments required to deliver your fibre leased line. Your router will be pre-configured and shipped to your office. The process takes 45-90+ working days from the point of order, to go live at your business location.

I'm not sure how much bandwidth I need?

No problem! We help businesses gauge their current, and future bandwidth needs every day. Let one of our experts help you work through this together.

How much bandwidth do I need for VoIP?

The bandwidth required depends on how many lines you need. It also depends on how much other activity is going on over your network. Most providers will recommend a minimum of 1Mbps upload speed per 2-10 lines.

Can I use my router hardware?

You can choose if you wish to compare leased lines with managed routers or without a managed router. If you want to use your router, you need to make a wires only search.

Can I future proof my network?

Yes! Installing fibre to your business is a great way to ensure that you'll have enough capacity in the future, whatever your needs.

Should I buy direct from the network?

More often than not, Amvia's wholesale arrangements mean we can buy for a lower price than you can. Comparing is a quick and easy process and ensures you get the most value for money.

How much does business fibre cost?

Business fibre varies in price predominantly according to your business location and the speed of the line. The faster the fibre service, the more you'll pay. If you are in a remote location, fibre is more expensive than in a city centre.

Are There Any Grants Available?

We work with all of the funding bodies that subsidise fibre installation to businesses in the UK. We will check if you can receive funding and advise you accordingly.

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