How can a fibre broadband checker help your business?

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     A fibre broadband checker can not only, save your business time, effort and money, it can also help you spec the right service according to your business need.

    What does your business really need?

    UK businesses have more connectivity choices than ever before, but with so many options it can sometimes become a little overwhelming. How do you decide what’s right for your business?

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    Fibre, Ethernet, EFM, broadband… There are various options for ensuring your business stays connected. From a technical standpoint, it’s easy to say that a fibre connection is best. This type of connection offers the fastest speeds and is usually the most reliable, too. But breakneck speeds and an unrivalled service level agreement aren’t a top priority for every business, especially as more bandwidth and the like usually mean more cost.

    To help determine which connection your business needs, it’s always best to start by comparing some of the most popular business connectivity options:


    The beauty of broadband is that it’s simple. It’s cost effective and it’s available to 99% of UK businesses. However, there are a few downsides, too. Broadband is a contended service, which means that speeds may be (predictably) slower at busy times of the day. It’s also an asymmetric service, which means that upload speeds can often be quite restricted; not ideal if you’re using tools such as VoIP, for example.

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    A good choice for: Small businesses looking for a low-cost connection to get them up and running.


    Fibre is at the other end of the spectrum to broadband. It’s a symmetrical, uncontended service delivered over fibre cables, with superfast speeds and great reliability thanks to excellent SLAs. However, it’s also typically the most costly option, and can potentially be quite longwinded in terms of installation if large amounts of construction are required. However, it’s the best option for minimising the risk of downtime.

    fibre broadband checker

    A good choice for: Any business that relies heavily on a reliable connection for day-to-day operation.


    Ethernet is a ‘happy medium’ between broadband and fibre, delivered over both copper and fibre cables. Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet and Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) are two forms of Ethernet connectivity, with EFM being the more cost-effective and accessible. Speeds are fast and symmetrical, although some of the benefits of fibre are lost, in particular, the low latency, so data delays are possible.

    fibre ethernet broadband checker

    A good choice for: Anyone looking to future-proof their business without committing to fibre.

    So, what internet connection is right for your business?

    There’s no right and wrong when it comes to connectivity – it depends on your business model and its requirements. But now that you’ve got an idea of some of the key options, Amvia can help you determine exactly which connection, which provider, and which package is best for you.

    With a team of experts on hand to advise, as well as our intuitive fibre checker and broadband comparison services, we take all the hassle out of choosing the right connection.


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