What are the top 5 business VoIP phones?

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    VoIP telephony is most commonly associated with companies that have large sales teams or busy offices with lots of outgoing calls. But thanks to the cost-efficiency and increased productivity modern VoIP providers systems provide, businesses of all shapes and sizes are realising the benefits of using voice over IP for their communications.

    From comparing all the features and benefits, all the pros and cons, all the reviews and ratings, we’ve found the top business VoIP phones currently on the market.

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    1. What do I need for a VoIP telephone system?
    2. Which features of a business telephone system will I need?
    3. How to choose a business telephone system
    4. The top five business VoIP phones


    What do I need for a VoIP telephone system?

    To get set up with a new VoIP telephone system, there are a few essentials you’ll need, but it’s likely you’ll already be using most of these in your business. They include:


    • Windows or Mac computer

    • A broadband connection

    • An instant messenger service (such as MSN Messenger, Skype or ICQ)

    • A microphone or integrated headset

    • A modem or router

    Depending on what VoIP phone you decide on, some providers will provide a package which includes modems/routers, headsets and other associated products.


    Which features of a business telephone system will I need?

    Before jumping into the top five business VoIP packages currently available on the market, it’s worth looking at which features of a business telephone system your company will benefit most from.

    Most systems have the same standard features in some form, but different VoIP phones have different special features. When looking through the different types of features VoIP phones offer, it’s worth thinking about your budget and what your business requires most from a VoIP phone system.

    Typical features include:


    • Automated call forwarding – transfer calls automatically from your business phone to a different number at any location
    • Dashboard – integrate all your communication channels and manage your phone system from one central programme
    • Answering machine – From a standard answering machine system to the ability to convert voicemails into email, different systems offer different levels of tech
    • Conference calling – easily speak to people off-site – for multi-site team meetings to speaking with international clients
    • Video calls – great for speaking to people without the expense of in-person meetings, especially if they’re abroad

    Basic VoIP provider systems will cater to the most common needs, while more sophisticated models will do all of the above and more.


    How to choose a business telephone system

    When deciding which business telephone system is best for your company, there are a few key considerations you should keep in mind based on your business model and the type of work you do.

    • What level of features do you need? – If you don’t have a dedicated IT department, it may be best to keep things simple

    • Your current setup – VoIP usually requires minimal equipment and installation, but if you’ll need additional products, it may be worth looking at a service that provides a full package

    • Internet quality – As VoIP runs over the internet, even long-distance calls can be perfectly clear. But if you’re based in an area with poor or unreliable signal, it may be worth considering getting a leased line for your business or similar data service

    • Remote working – If your staff tend to work remotely, hosted (or cloud) phone providers may be a good option to keep you connected

    • Phone functionality – For instance, if you need phones for a reception that takes multiple calls, you may require the additional functionality of some higher-spec models


    The top five business VoIP phones

    When you’re considering who the top business VoIP providers are for your business, a big part of your decision should be based on the quality of the actual VoIP phone systems.

    Whether you’re looking for the best budget VoIP phone for your small business or a feature-rich system for your growing company, you’ll find a suitable option in our list of top 5 business VoIP phones.

    Here are our top five currently on the market, including details of their features and benefits and what sort of business they’re most suited to:

    BT Converse 2300

    BT Converse 2300

    Best for: small businesses and startups

    Key benefits:

    The BT Converse 2300 has an impressive LCD display and user-friendly navigation buttons.

    This is a great VoIP phone for small businesses and startups looking for a cost-effective phone system that doesn’t compromise on quality. It has all the standard features you’d expect from a quality VoIP phone and it’s an easy to use, reliable unit.

    Main features:

    • One-touch memory

    • On-hook dialing (only pick up when they do)

    • Mute – stay professional, or have multiple conversations

    • Directory – store up to 100 numbers

    • Call log – view the last 50 incoming calls

    • Redial – the last 10 numbers who tried to call you

    • Mountable – save space by mounting the device

    • Energy efficient mode

    • Induction coupler – compatible with hearing aids


    Cisco SPA 525G2

    Cisco SPA 525G2

    Best for: MSEs with multiple locations

    Key benefits:

    A feature-rich option, this WiFi and Bluetooth VoIP system can be used as a hands-free device linked to your mobile. With a 3.2-inch colour LCD screen and industry-leading VoIP technology, the Cisco SPA 525G2 supports SIP and leading third-party control platforms.

    For when you’re on the move, you can use a single number from any location and the phone can automatically reconnect to different WiFi accounts.

    Main features:

    • WiFi and Bluetooth

    • Play videos or surveillance footage from your phone

    • Pair with your personal mobile phone

    • Wideband audio for HD calls

    • Dedicated shortcut buttons

    • Network compatibility – Make adding or removing phones a walk in the park

    • Easily integrate with other technology systems

    • Scaleable – it can grow with your business

    Cisco SPA 504G VoIP Phone

    Cisco SPA 504G VoIP Phone

    Best for: startups and sole traders

    Key benefits:

    For startups looking for an advanced VoIP phone system at an affordable price, the Cisco SPA 504G VoIP phone is a great option. As well as office use, this system is a good choice for sole traders working from home as well. It offers Power over Ethernet (PoE) power supply – no additional power lines are required.

    Main features:

    • 4-line business-class IP phone supporting Power over Ethernet (PoE)

    • Monochrome display screen with backlight

    • Menu-based and web-based configuration

    • Connect to an internet telephone service provider or to an IP PBX

    • Dual switched ethernet ports – connect a computer directly behind the phone

    • Wideband audio for high-quality sound

    • Supports up to two Cisco® SPA500S Expansion Modules


    Yealink SIP-T21P

    Yealink SIP-T21P

    Best for: small–medium size businesses

    Key benefits:

    An entry-level, practical desktop VoIP phone that accommodates two VoIP accounts. It features a headset port and dual 10/100 Ethernet ports. The Yealink SIP-T21P is easy to install with PoE technology removing the need for additional power supply.

    Main features:

    • Large 5-line user-friendly LCD display

    • 3-way conference calls

    • Speakerphone

    • Personal ringtones and voicemail

    • Call hold, waiting and transfer

    • Wall mountable

    • Compatible with a range of corded headsets


    Polycom VVX 410

    Polycom VVX 410

    Best for: tech-savvy companies

    Key benefits:

    Polycom’s VVX 410 boasts space for up to 12 SIP accounts, as well as PoE installation and Polycom HD sound. This VoIP phone is particularly impressive for its ability to connect with the rest of your office technology. For example, the VVX 410 can be fully synchronised with Microsoft Exchange and your calendar to deliver alerts and notifications.

    Main features:

    • 3.5-inch interactive colour screen

    • Power over Ethernet installation

    • Dual Gigabit RJ45 Ports

    • RJ9 headset port

    • VVX Expansion Module support

    • 4-way directional navigation key

    • 12 hard keys with basic icon keys included

    • Optional 48V DC power supply (not included)

    • Wired or Wireless Headset Support

    If you're considering a VoIP phone system for your business, Amvia can help. We have established relationships with all the best providers, and we can ensure you get the best VoIP phone system for your business – at a great price.

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