Who Are the Best UK VoIP Providers in 2022?

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The global telecommunications market, which is projected to reach approximately £2740 Billion by 202...


    Best VoIP Providers

    VoIP is booming. Faster, more robust and reliable internet connections are ensuring VoIP can finally be used to its full potential. And more advanced software and hardware powering these VoIP systems means the technology is rapidly replacing analogue as the default option for UK businesses.

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    But of course, when a market is booming, it means there’s a lot of players. The VoIP market is no different. It seems like there’s a new VoIP vendor entering the fray every day.

    There are myriad standard benefits of choosing VoIP for your organisation – low setup costs, low running costs, advanced capabilities, efficient scalability… And you’ll find this is the case with most, if not all, VoIP providers. But the best UK VoIP providers offer these impressive yet common features, plus so much more.

    We’ve carried out a comprehensive UK VoIP providers comparison to determine which companies are offering the best deals in 2019. A variety of criteria was used, including cost, value for money, quality and necessity of features, support, customer satisfaction, plus the more finer details of each contract to judge all those little extras and caveats which often make a big difference in the long run.


    The top UK VoIP providers in 2019



    CircleLoop is a simple, cloud-based business telephone service. It claims that you can set-up a new system in a matter of minutes. This includes instant number provisioning, download and go apps, desk phones that set themselves up – no complicated installation or configuration whatsoever

    With a CircleLoop VoIP setup, you can easily monitor your team's performance, including viewing activity in real-time, and you get a simple, powerful call analytics panel that includes the ability to listen back to call recordings.

    CircleLoop VoIP packages come with the option to easily integrate with your existing CRM, pretty much no matter which provider you currently use.

    Over 2,000 businesses already use CircleLoop, and you have the option to try the service free for a trial period.

    The simplicity of CircleLoop’s service extends to its pricing. Two package types are available; Unlimited, for £15 per month per user, or Pay As You Go, which is £5 per month per user.


    CircleLoop (1)



    A world-leading cloud communications provider, RingCentral’s main VoIP offering is RingCentral Office®. It’s available in two distinct setups, one for small businesses and one for enterprises.


    RingCentral Office


    RingCentral Office® is available on four different price plans; Entry, from £7.99 per month per user, Standard, from £14.99 per month per user, Premium, from £19.99 per month per user, and Ultimate, from £24.99 per month per user.

    These prices are based on current annual subscriptions, but there is the option to pay monthly with each one. Also, free trials are available and as well as the many features available in each package, additional bolt-ons are available at competitive prices.

    No matter what type of setup you have, RingCentral offers the phone to match too. There’s desk options, cordless models, and even designs specifically suited to receptions and conference needs.



    Another world-leading provider, one of 8x8’s most prolific cloud communication software comes in the form of the X Series. Put simply, the X Series is one cloud solution for voice, meetings, collaboration, call centre and more.

    One of the most appealing aspects of 8x8’s X Series is that you can choose from a variety of plans which you can mix and match to address your needs in the most cost-efficient manner.


    8x8 X Series VoIP


    The base of these plans ranges from the integrated communications of the X2 plan, which includes one-click chat to voice to video meetings, company-wide team messaging and HD video conferencing with screen sharing; to the customer experience transforming

    X8 package, which as well as all the features found within the X2, X4 and X6 options, includes voice, email, webchat and social integration, advanced speech and interaction analytics, and quality, collaborative performance management.

    All these packages are aimed at enterprise-level organisations, but there’s just as much choice for small businesses too.


    Vonage Business

    Vonage is a multi-award-winning provider of cloud communications services for business customers. The company’s flagship platform for business users, Vonage Business Cloud enables you to deliver unified communications seamlessly. You can connect via voice, chat, text messaging or video, virtually anywhere.


    Vonage Business Cloud (1)


    Vonage Business Cloud is available in three package types; Mobile, Premium and Advanced. As well as these different options, you can further customise your plan by choosing a package based on how many lines you’ll require. Based on 5–19 lines, these packages would cost, $17.99, $27.99 and $37.99, respectively. These prices are per month, per line, plus taxes and fees.

    As with most VoIP setups, you can choose to use your existing phone hardware as long as it’s compatible. With Vonage, you can check compatibility and if your current phones are not suitable, they offer good deals on a range of the latest models, from renowned brands such as Yealink and Polycom.


    Comparing VoIP providers

    Any of the above VoIP providers would no doubt be able to provide you with a valuable and cost-efficient VoIP setup that brings many benefits to your business. But how do you determine which UK VoIP provider is best for your needs?

    Rather than scouring the web for hours trying to gather all the information on what you think are the best options, the easiest way to go about it is with an automated UK VoIP providers comparison.


    Comparing VoIP providers with Amvia


    At Amvia, we’ve built an intuitive tool that does just that. You can save an incredible amount of time and effort by simply entering your main needs in a VoIP package.

    Finding the best business VoIP phone system for your company couldn’t be simpler. In just a couple of clicks, you can check every provider, as well as handsets and functionality. There’s no impartial, whole-of-market comparison quite like it.

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