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    Milton Keynes is now a gigabit-enabled city! That means, if your business is based in MK, you now have access to the fastest connections available anywhere in the UK.

    Long-considered a prime location for businesses, Milton Keynes is now a hotspot for top companies thanks to the provision of a full-fibre network from CityFibre.

    CityFibre prices

    Over 3,500 businesses in the city – including yours – now have access to speeds up to 1Gbps. The availability of this full-fibre network spans across the city and covers key business areas such as Kiln Farm, Blakelands, Monkston, and part of Bletchley, as well as a large proportion of the city centre.

    “It’s difficult to overstate how much impact becoming a Gigabit City is going to have on Milton Keynes. The latest huge investment from CityFibre in Milton Keynes will make ultra-fast internet even more accessible to local businesses. I’m very proud to be able to call MK a Gigabit City.”

    Cllr Rob Middleton Cabinet Member – Resources and Innovation Milton Keynes Council


    What is CityFibre?

    CityFibre is a full fibre network, and the most advanced and powerful of its kind. The purpose-built, modern ring-based design is completely independent from incumbent infrastructure, so there’s no reliance on copper cabling or any other outdated resources.

    When you sign up to CityFibre, not only are you joining the most powerful internet network Milton Keynes can offer today, you’re setting yourself up for the future. Through its remarkable design, CityFibre is capable of virtually unlimited future speeds.

    Amvia is a specialist multi-vendor internet provider, which means we’re well-placed to secure a great deal on a new CityFibre connection to your business. We can secure your access to a full-fibre, lightning fast connection that can handle any business data and communication demands.

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    Will CityFibre benefit your business?

    If you’re based in Milton Keynes, your business is no doubt already on the front foot – looking to grow and expand as much as the city itself. One of the best ways to support your continued success is through a flexible internet connection that can evolve with your business.

    The current network already serves many of the largest and brightest organisations throughout Milton Keynes, including Stadium MK, The Open University, Sonatest Ltd and Interdirect.

    With a superfast CityFibre connection, your entire operation will run faster, be more secure, and you’ll never need to worry about connection downtime or interruption.

    Any anticipated growth is well covered through fixed-cost connections ranging from 10Mbps to 10Gbps. And as well as practically unlimited capacity for your developing business needs, upgrading at any time is simple and straightforward.

    “We were really pleased to get a CityFibre connection into Stadium MK. Having that great connection gives us real sustainability, and real reliability, and it’s at an affordable price. Businesses won’t be able to avoid looking at the benefits it can bring to them. This is today’s technology, and this is where we need to be.”

    Peter Winkelman Chairman, MK Stadium


    Is Ethernet or GPON CityFibre best for your business?

    Ethernet and GPON connections are available through CityFibre, and both have a variety of features that would bring your business firmly into the gigabit revolution. To determine which one would be most suited to your business model, it’s best to compare the unique features of both.


    What is a GPON CityFibre connection?

    A GPON (Gigabyte Passive Optical Network) is a powerful contended leased line. Amvia can offer you two different CityFibre GPON speeds – 500Mbps and 1Gbps.

    Although a contended line is shared line, CityFibre network speeds are so high that you’ll likely not experience any difference than if you had an exclusive connection. Even in the extremely unlikely event of the contention ever impacting your business, you’d be moved to a dedicated service at no additional cost.


    What is an Ethernet CityFibre connection?

    Ethernet CityFibre connections are 1:1 contention, which means the line is exclusive to you. This dedicated connection to your business gives you the whole speed you purchase, all day every day.

    With a CityFibre Ethernet leased line service through Amvia, you can pretty much get any speed you want, starting at 100Mbps.

    If you’re still not sure which would be most suited to your business, we can help you decide by highlighting which connection is typically favoured by different business model types...


    CityFibre Ethernet with Amvia

    An Ethernet leased line is great for operations that are heavily dependent on reliable connectivity.

    Whether it’s constant and secure access to critical applications across locations, cloud-based hosting, VoIP (voice over internet protocol), or video conferencing, an Ethernet CityFibre connection can easily handle any and all of these demands – it will improve efficiency across the board.

    CityFibre Ethernet benefits


    CityFibre GPON with Amvia

    A cost-effective version of full fibre connectivity, GPON is perfectly suited to operations wanting to balance high speed with price, while still receiving market-leading reliability.

    With CityFibre GPON, although single connections are delivered to up to eight premises, the access technology is effectively managed to ensure you receive a consistently reliable service. Even in the unlikely event of all connections being at maximum capacity at the same time, your capabilities shouldn’t be affected at all.

    As well as being a great option for high speeds at a relatively low price point, GPON from CityFibre has unique benefits such as being more resilient against severe weather and electrical interference.

    CityFibre GPON benefits


    How much is a CityFibre connection in Milton Keynes?

    The cost of CityFibre for your business in Milton Keynes will depend on what connection and package you opt for, but getting a quote is simple. Click on the link below, select your preferred line speed, and we’ll reveal all the best deals available to you.

    To give you an example of what the costs may be, if we take Integral Powertrain Ltd ( Bletchley, MK1 1DB) as an example and assume they’d opt for a 500 Mbps line on a three-year contract. The automotive engineering innovators would be able to get a CityFibre package through Amvia for £411 per month. This comes with free installation and a backup line.

    The closest rival, TalkTalk Business, is over £50 per month more expensive, and compared to BT’s price for the same package, it’s a saving of over £250 per month with CityFibre.

    Over the three years, that’s a total saving of just under £2000 against TalkTalk and almost £10,000 compared to BT!


    Limited offer: reduced price CityFibre 100/100Mbps Ethernet from just £195*

    Until the end of September, we’re offering 100Mbps CityFibre Ethernet on a 100Mb bearer from just £195*

    Call us today to find out more about how you can get a CityFibre connection even cheaper – 0333-733-8050.

    *price after voucher scheme reduction has been applied.


    The Gigabit Voucher Scheme

    Launched by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS), the Gigabit Voucher Scheme is an incentive that gives your business up to £3000 in grant funding towards a Gigabit-capable connection.

    To find out more, call us on 0333-733-8050. We can let you know in minutes whether your company is eligible, as well as how much grant you’re likely to receive. We can even handle the application process for you.


    CityFibre prices

    The best way to get CityFibre

    The best way to get set up with a CityFibre connection in Milton Keynes is to let Amvia handle the whole process for you.

    We can give you the best price and most suitable package to match your requirements, and you’ll have access to Gigabit-speed broadband services of up to 1Gb/s in no time.

    Our team of specialists is on hand to advise on the best options for your business, and then we can handle everything including installation and set-up.

    Give us a call today on 0333-733-8050, or click above to find the best prices on a CityFibre line in your area.

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