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    How to save money with the best business SIM-only deals

    This article will discuss business mobile deals, SIM-only deals, switching networks and ways to save you money on your monthly phone bill.

    best business mobile deals

    What is a SIM only deal?

    SIM-only deals provide your phone with data, calls and text messages for a set monthly price. SIM-only deals for business differ from pay-monthly phone deals in that you don’t need to pay for the device, just the data, calls and messages.

    The best business SIM-only deals and business SIM cards offer the right level of service for your needs, so you never pay more than what you need to. Whether you need low-cost deals or unlimited data, business SIM-only plans are flexible enough to suit the needs of anyone.

    Why select a SIM-only deal?

    If you already have a handset that you are happy with, a SIM-only business deal is an excellent option for you. Alternatively, you could use business SIM-only plans if you intend to buy a device outright. This helps you avoid any long contracts with monthly bills.

    If you are out of a Sim-only business contract with your existing provider and want to keep your phone, it is a smart move to switch to the best business SIM-only deals. Generally speaking, you will still be paying the same amount as when you signed up. SIM-only deals can help you save money by lowering your monthly bill without compromising on service.

    What SIM card should I get?

    There are a variety of different sized SIM cards suitable for business mobile phone SIM-only deals - the one that suits you will depend on the type of phone you have. There are standard SIM cards, micro-SIM cards and nano-SIM cards. The latest generation of phones should be compatible with nano-SIM cards.

    SIM cards store all of your phone information, plan details, messages and contacts. Your SIM card synchronises your phone to a carrier’s network, allowing you to make calls and send messages.

    What is the best mobile phone network?

    Many different mobile phone networks are available, all offering their special offers and business mobile SIM-only deals. Finding the best provider will depend on what you are looking for, such as cheap business SIM-only deals or small business SIM-only deals. Taking reviews and recommendations from 2020 into account, we have included a list of popular mobile phone networks that offer business mobile SIM-only offers and their main benefits below.

    Vodafone - Best SIM-only deals

    Fastest network - EE

    Best customer service - Plusnet

    The best network for DataSky - BT Mobile

    The best network for roaming - Three

    The best PAYG network - GiffGaff

    The best network for Pay monthly - Sky

    How much data should I get in my SIM-only deal?

    How much data you use will depend on your usage and what you need the data for. On average, British users require around 2 to 3 Gb per month for daily usage. This includes checking email, streaming, playing online games, browsing websites and sending files. Your overall usage may differ slightly if you use SIM-only deals for business, as data usage will vary.

    Is it easy to switch network providers

    If you are nearing the end of your contract, some providers will pay for the remaining months of your contract if you are looking to switch over to a new contract. If you are nearing the end of your contract, your provider will send you a notification to let you know.

    business sim only deals

    Are smaller networks safe?

    Compared to the more prominent names, many smaller networks have improved customer service or pricing, so it is well worth looking into their business SIM plans.

    Is my phone unlocked? Is it going to work on another network SIM?

    Most network providers offer unlocked phones when you purchase through them. An unlocked phone can work with any other networks SIM card, whereas a locked device will only work with a specific SIM card.

    My phone is already unlocked. What now?

    If you already have an unlocked device, all you have to do is find the best business mobile SIM-only deals for your needs. There are lots of great offers available, so focus on what you need from your plan and find the best price for that.

    Is there anything I should do once I have found a SIM-only deal?

    Once you have found your perfect small business SIM-only deal, you should check that you are not still in a contract with your existing network. Give them a call to clarify the length and end date of your contract. You will also need to let them know that you will be leaving their network.

    If you want to use your existing telephone number on your new SIM card, you must request your PAC code. They should send you that over, and you need to let your new provider know it to get your old number back.

    Another method of getting your PAC code is sending the letters ‘PAC’ to 65075 via text message. Your provider will then send you all of the necessary information to transfer your number over.

    Will I lose service when switching networks on a SIM-only deal?

    Switching networks is designed to be a seamless transition. You can still make and receive calls and messages once you have started the process, but there may be a loss in service during the switch over to a business mobile phone SIM-only plan. This usually is very fast, though.

    best business mobile deals

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