Why you should always compare business broadband providers

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    As a nation, we’ve become quite partial to a good ol’ price comparison. In fact, research shows that more than half of shoppers use price comparison sites to ensure they’re getting the best deal.

    Unfortunately, many businesses aren’t doing the same when it comes to choosing a business broadband provider.

    Why compare business broadband providers?

    You may think you’ve found – or indeed, already have – a great business broadband deal, and that may well be the case. But without comparing, it may just be that – great. Not the best.

    With a comprehensive and impartial comparison of all the top business broadband deals currently on the market, you can ensure you’re getting the best offer that’s perfectly suited to your current and ongoing operational requirements.

    compare business broadband

    Before you get comparing, here are some top priorities to keep in mind:

    • Provider: Do they have a large presence in your area? Do they have a good reputation? Check out what other businesses are saying about them.
    • Type: Before signing anything, take a moment to make sure that the type of service is exactly what you’re looking for. Is it powerful and reliable enough? Would fibre or a leased line be a better option?
    • Speed: Does the deal include both upload and download speeds that will suit the way you want to work? Upload speeds are especially important for video conferencing and VoIP tools.
    • Contract: How long will you be tied into the contract for? If you’re looking for a short-term agreement before upgrading, it’s important to make sure you can switch when you’re ready.
    • UsageDoes ‘unlimited’ really mean ‘unlimited’? Check out the usage clauses to make sure that you agree to the terms, and that you won’t be restricted when you need to connect the most.
    • SLA: What’s the service level agreement? For fibre services especially, providers should be aiming for a 99.95 per cent target availability, if not 100 per cent. Can your business afford to take a risk?
    • Price: Does the deal fit within your data budget, and does it provide value for money? What exactly are you getting for the price?

    Got an idea of where your requirements are positioned with the above considerations?

    Now it’s time to compare. And there’s no better place to compare business broadband than at Amvia.

    easily compare business broadband


    Comparing business broadband with Amvia

    With our broadband availability checker, you can compare all the best providers in your area, so there’s no time wasted looking at deals that ultimately, aren't available or suitable for you.

    All you have to do to get started is enter your business postcode and select your preferred bandwidth – from 20–300Mbps.

    No matter the results, you’re guaranteed to be presented with options that offer high-speed, reliable business internet access.

    And these are business-only packages, so there’s no sharing with consumer users. Each option you’re presented with comes with premium support too. Compare with Amvia, and we’ll also make sure you get a free router and static IP, as well as unlimited usage.

    best business broadband deals

    Because we’ve got well-established relationships with all the best broadband providers, there’s no better route to the top-quality business broadband you can rely on.

    We can setup packages for small, medium and large businesses, and the many extras available to you include web hosting and VoIP.

    We know that you’ve got many more important priorities than worrying about your broadband connection. Choose Amvia as your data provider, and you can sit back and relax – we make everything so much simpler. That includes easy upgrades and the adding of remote sites, the no hassle accommodation of specific router requirements, and our renowned business support to make sure any possible downtime is kept to a minimum. You can even add 4G to your package if downtime is simply not an option.

    Start comparing business broadband now. Once you’ve found the best fit, we’ll get you set up and connected in no time.

    business broadband comparison

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