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    Compare VoIP Providers

    As VoIP services are becoming more popular, the list of UK VoIP providers gets ever longer. On the one hand, the competition drives the price down and increases the variety of options. On the other, with so many choices, deciding on the best UK VoIP provider for your needs can become quite tricky.

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    At Amvia, we have the most up to date and in-depth market knowledge on VoIP providers. As well as being your gateway to the best offers and most valuable packages, to help you get started with determining which type of service is right for your business, we‘ve created this UK VoIP providers comparison. It features all the best current providers, the deals they’re offering and the highlights of the contracts.

    The top 5 UK VoIP services

    Lily Comms

    lily communications voipCompared to some of the household and well-known names on this list, Lily Comms is new on the VoIP scene. But from ten years in business, it’s grown from strength to strength to become one of the best VoIP providers in the UK. Big catches include Lidl and the NHS.

    With packages of different sizes and competitive prices for each, Lily Comms is taking on the big guns as an all-rounder that’s suitable for small businesses to global operations.

    Why choose Lily Comms?

    • Award-winning cloud VoIP service
    • Fully hosted state-of-the-art phone systems
    • Fixed and mobile services available through a high-speed cloud-based portal
    • A promise of savings up to 60 per cent if you switch from ISDN or analogue lines

    Lily Comms versatile tech and intuitive software is perfect for growing businesses as it’s future proof and feature-rich. The VoIP offering can be tailored to your individual needs and is well-suited to multi-site operations.

    As you may imagine, Lily Comms pushes their personable service in an effort to get one over on the behemoths of the market. This is typified by the allocation of a communication expert to your business to discuss your exact requirements. Lily then comes up with a bespoke service to suit. Once you’re signed up, an account manager is assigned to ensure everything runs like clockwork.

    Lily Comms VoIP features

    Price: from £6.99/user/month


    vonage Voip ProviderVonage is a world-renowned cloud-based communications provider with almost two million customers. Established in the states, it expanded to the UK in 2005 and has continued its steady and impressive growth year on year.

    A flexible service with bespoke plans, Vonage’s business VoIP cloud system is fully scalable and hassle-free – all you really need to get started is a broadband connection. Their three main packages for tailoring are: home and small businesses, for operations of two to 30 employees, and for medium and large businesses.

    Why choose Vonage?

    • No installation charges, line rental or upfront costs
    • A comprehensive VoIP service with over 40 call features available
    • Top notch, easy to use admin features

    With its great array of features and management functionality, Vonage’s UK VoIP service is suitable for office, home and mobile use. The company provides award-winning customer service, which extends to support in the form of how-to videos and downloadable user guides. Cool fact: Vonage was the first ever VoIP platform for emergency calls in the US.

    Vonage VoIP features

    Price: from £12/user/month


    BT Voip ProviderYou’ve heard of them, right? BT is probably the household name when it comes to communications, and they’re pretty impressive in the VoIP arena.

    With a company that’s been going since 1846 and today provides products and services in around 180 countries, you can be pretty sure you’re getting a reliable service that’s been tried and tested.

    Why choose BT?

    • A range of packages from a plug ‘n’ play VoIP to integrated mobile and office systems
    • UK-based helpdesk of knowledgeable staff to provide a personalised local service
    • Choice of regional phone number or virtual geographic numbers

    The cloud-based BT VoIP systems are scalable and come with powerful call management features.

    BT’s plug ‘n’ play Cloud Phone is suitable for up to nine users, the sophisticated Cloud Voice setup is ideal for companies with anywhere between 5 to 250 users or more, and the BT One Phone system, an integrated mobile and premises system, is available for large teams of up to 500 and more – ideal for multi-sites and call centres.

    BT VoIP features

    Price: from £13/user/month

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    8x8 Voip ProviderWith over 50,000 customers and clients spanning the globe including McDonald’s, 8x8 is another multi-award winning global communications provider.

    8x8 offers Virtual Office; an easy to use, full of features VoIP package that’s ideal for mobile use. It also boasts pretty comprehensive analytics.

    Why choose 8x8?

    • Connect to your offices and clients anywhere in the world
    • Easy setup with mobile and desktop capability
    • Unlimited long distance calling to 14 countries
    • Video and audio conferencing for up to 100 people

    8×8 is the first VoIP company to combine unified communications, team collaboration, contact centre and analytics in one real-time platform.

    8x8 VoIP features

    Prices from only £6.40/user/month


    Mitel Voip ProviderOut of all the business VoIP providers in the UK, Mitel is the fastest growing communications provider globally. With over 70 million customers in almost 100 countries, Mitel’s hunger for domination is typified by their innovation. The company already has over 1600 patents and applications.

    Mitel’s MiCloud VoIP boasts flexibility and security. It’s housed in various data locations and gives you great levels of functionality whether in the office, working remotely or on the move. To cater to most business sizes, Mitel’s VoIP comes in three different packages: MiCloud Office, MiCloud Business and MiCloud Flex.

    Why choose Mitel?

    • Regional offices across the world for a ‘global reach, local touch’
    • No onsite equipment or hardware necessary
    • Easily scale your plan to match your business’s growth

    Mitel’s VoIP services couldn’t be much more straightforward. As well as the ease of deployment and scalability, your communication can be integrated into one easily accessible platform that’s built to streamline your workflow.

    Mitel VoIP features

    Prices: from £13.59/user/month

    Alternative UK VoIP providers

    The above are some of the best VoIP services on the UK market in terms of popularity and value, but the list of UK VoIP providers goes on and on, with many of the emerging companies looking to give some of these bigger boys a real run for their money.

    CircleLoop a relatively new brand in the UK VoIP arena, offer packages with a range of brilliant features. Their platform, which doesn’t rely on third parties whatsoever, can be set up and managed without any technical knowledge.

    VTSL specialises in providing VoIP services to businesses with between 1 and 250 staff. By developing their own VoIP services and proprietary applications, with VTSL you don’t have to spend on any complex technology or hardware.

    Pioneer Global Services offers UK businesses hosted VoIP phone systems. Accounts can be set up within 24 hours, and you can choose from softphones with mobile or desktop/laptop applications or preconfigured VoIP phones. Pioneer is also a supplier of IP desk phones, ADSL devices, gateways and IP telephone systems.

    The best way to compare UK VoIP providers

    Ultimately, the best VoIP provider for your business will be the provider that offers the perfect fit for your operational requirements – now and in the future.

    With Amvia, you can compare not just a few of the best business VoIP providers in the UK, but all the suppliers that are most suited to your needs.

    And Amvia is a full-service multi-vendor VoIP provider, which means as well as sourcing and creating the best VoIP system according to your requirements, we can install and manage the system for you.

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