What is the best VoIP phone for business users?

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    What is the best VoIP phone?

    As technology has advanced, traditional telephony setups have become increasingly lacklustre in terms of their cost, flexibility and functionality. But any successful business that has regular communications in-house or with clients needs a reliable and convenient phone service.

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    That’s why most businesses have already turned to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), with a VoIP provider

    How is VoIP better than traditional phone services?

    VoIP services offer phone technology using broadband internet connections, and hosted VoIP systems, in particular, offer many advantages over the older systems.

    There are myriad benefits of VoIP telephone systems over traditional setups, including:

    • Cost savings

    • Portability – employees' numbers go wherever they go

    • Flexibility – scales up and down easily

    • Accessibility – even older technology like fax is supported

    • Improved productivity

    • Easier to install, configure and maintain

    • VoIP integrates with other business systems

    Amazon Best Sellers: Best VoIP Phones

    Determining the best VoIP phone for your business will depend on the setup of your organisation – how many people will be using VoIP, what level of technology you’ll benefit most from, how much you’re looking to spend, etc.

    Once you’ve taken stock of your requirements, it’s best to compare some of the best options on the market and assess their suitability to your needs.

    As featured on Amazon, here are five of best-selling VoIP phones and their main benefits and features:

    1. Polycom VVX 411 HD Business Media IP Desk Phone

    The Polycom VVX 411 offers improved productivity for your staff with its intuitive, large colour display and easy-to-use line appearances. A high-quality, cost-effective system with advanced features. Ideal for moderate call volume.

    Polycom VVX 411 HD Business Media IP Desk Phone

    Key highlights:

    • Unparalleled voice clarity is delivered through Polycom HD voice for higher quality calls

    • Polycom zero touch provisioning and web-based configuration for simple deployment, and ease of administration, upgrade, and maintenance

    • Can be used with your existing network without needing to upgrade your call control platform

    • Easily integrate with third-party web-based UC and productivity applications for broad, standards-based, open APIs


    • 3.5" TFT (320 x 240)

    • 12 lines or speed dial keys

    • HD Voice up to 7KHz on all audio paths (speaker, handset, headset)

    • Two x Ethernet 10/100 or GigE (VVX410 )

    • Asian character support

    • Hard keys: 12-key dial pad, home, speaker, mute, headset, volume, messages, hold, transfer

    • Four-way navigation cluster with centre “select” key

    • Supports VVX Expansion Module and VVX Color Expansion Module (Expandability up to three modules)

    • Skype for Business and Office 365 Cloud PBX interoperability

    What’s in the box:

    IP desk phone / Handset with handset cord / Network (LAN) Cable - CAT-5E / Quick start guide / Ferrite clamp

    2. Grandstream GXP 1610 2 line 1 Account, SIP VoIP IP Phone

    The GXP 1610 is a next-generation single line enterprise/business desktop SIP phone. Ideal for small to medium sized businesses, it delivers on all the standard functions of the average office phone such as call hold, transfer, forward and mute.

    Grandstream GXP 1610 2 line 1 Account, SIP VoIP IP Phone

    Key highlights:

    • HD wideband audio and advanced acoustic echo cancellation for clear communications

    • SIP desktop phone with 1 SIP account and 2 Ethernet ports

    • Internal directory and call log: 500 contacts and 200 call records

    • HD wideband audio with advanced echo cancellation – ideal for speakerphones and headsets

    • Advanced call features including three-way conference calls and auto dialling/ answer


    • Off the hook auto dialling

    • Auto answer, hot-desking and dial planning

    • 1 SIP account and 2 lines

    • Dual RJ-45 10/100Mbps ports

    • Three XML context-sensitive soft keys

    • Clear 132 x 48 pixel LCD display

    • Three-way conferencing

    What's in the box:

    GXP1610 phone / Handset with cord / Base stand / Universal power supply / Network cable / Quick installation guide and brochure / GPL License

    3. Polycom CX300 R2 USB IP Desktop Phone

    For superb sound quality through high definition wideband audio, the Polycom CX300 R2 USB IP Desktop Phone maximises the accuracy and productivity of real-time conversations.

    Polycom CX300 R2 USB IP Desktop Phone

    Key highlights:

    • Great call quality in handset, full duplex speakerphone, or headset mode

    • Seamless integration with Skype for Business

    • Convenient dial pad and display similar to a traditional phone

    • Driverless plug-and-play USB operation from phone to PC for ease of use

    • Volume control and mute function


    • A two-line, monochrome, back-lit display

    • Full duplex speakerphone and headset (via headset jack) operation

    • USB powered, no external power supply required

    • LED indicator for off hook, message waiting, speakerphone, headset, call forwarding

    • RJ-22 Headset jack with integrated amplifier

    What’s in the box:

    Polycom CX300 USB deskphone / 6ft handset curly cord / Captive USB cable / Quick start guide / Product registration card

    4. Avaya 1608-I Desk Phone

    A consistent IP telephone that delivers familiar features to cater for basic communications needs – a productivity enhancing phone for the everyday user. The 1608 includes several fixed feature keys for common telephone tasks including conference calls, transfer, drop, hold, mute.

    Avaya 1608-I Desk Phone

    Key highlights:

    • Backlit display - 3.5" diagonal, three rows by 24 characters

    • Ergonomic hearing aid compatible handset – supporting TTD acoustic coupler

    • Eight-line appearance/feature key buttons - with dual LEDs (red, green)

    • Telephony application button to return to main telephone screen

    • Full duplex speakerphone

    • Supports Avaya wired and wireless headsets through its integrated headset jack


    • Message waiting indicator

    • Dual position flip stand

    • Three contextual softkey buttons

    • Quick-access voicemail message button

    • Static or dynamic address assignment

    • Dual Ethernet ports for connection of phone and collocated PC w/VLAN separation

    • Power over Ethernet or optional 48V power supply

    What’s in the box:

    1608I IP Phone / Handset and cord / Unit stand

    5. SNOM D375 Euro Color VoIP/SIP Desk Telephone

    The feature-rich SNOM D375 provides quality and functionality on-premises or in hosted PBX environments. Boasts robust CTI integration and wideband HD audio for crystal clear conversations.

    SNOM D375 Euro Color VoIPSIP Desk Telephone

    Key highlights:

    • Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for excellent, unmatched audio performance

    • Tiltable high-resolution colour display

    • Supports simultaneous use of several audio devices, including operation of the headset and loudspeaker

    • Compatible with Bluetooth, high-definition displays

    • Provides support for security standards such as TLS and SRTP

    • Capable of hosting third-party applications


    • 12 multicolour function keys

    • Gigabit switch | USB port

    • 12 SIP identities | Sensor hook switch

    • Bluetooth-compatible Dual Stack IPv4/IPv6

    What’s in the box:

    Base phone unit / Foot stand / Handset with cord / Ethernet cable / Quick start guide


    What is the best VoIP phone system for business users?

    As well as looking at the above five VoIP phones featured on Amazon, we’ve scoured the market to determine which are the best VoIP phones.

    The best phone for your business will depend on your everyday needs, so some may not have the features to suit your requirements and others may not offer the right compatibility for the setup you want for your communications.

    Looking at all the options currently on the market, from an objective point of view, our current pick for best VoIP phone has to be the Polycom VVX 411.

    Polycom VVX 411

    The Polycom VVX 411 VoIP phone is a mid-range professional desktop setup that’s a perfect fit for a range of professionals, from secretaries to salespersons and startups to executives.

    With its 320x240 display and four-directional navigation buttons, the VVX 411 has an interface that is intuitive and easy-to-use.

    Its range of call handling and audio features is extensive – suitable for most business requirements, and its capability to integrate with third-party UC and productivity applications make it all the more dynamic and easy to use.


    Amvia specialises in VoIP for business, and we understand that clear, reliable and cost-effective communications are essential to the success and growth of your company. Whether you need a small SME VoIP system for a few users or a full contact centre package, choosing between the best business VOIP providers is simple with Amvia.

    Speak to us about your business’s VoIP requirements today.

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