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    What does Aberdeen’s Gigabit City status mean? It means every single business in the region now has access to cost-effective, immensely high-speed internet services that can completely transform your communication and digital capabilities.

    And not only does a CityFibre connection supercharge your business today, it’s flexibly designed to grow as you do – long into the future.

    CityFibre prices

    Many businesses are already taking advantage of a CityFibre connection. If you want to join the gigabit revolution too, you’re in the right place. Simply click the link above and then select your preferred package and price. Amvia will guide you through and handle the rest.

    “It is fantastic to see it coming to life. The benefits will be huge – businesses can become more innovative and productive. It can help them make better use of smart technology allow them to work more productively and efficiently.”

    Allan McEwan, CityFibre development manager for Aberdeen.


    How is CityFibre different?

    Some internet connections and many services in the UK are labelled as ‘fibre broadband’, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re full fibre connections. CityFibre connections are.

    Fibre broadband is most commonly used to describe FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) technology. With these connection types, fibre is used for most of the journey, but the last leg – from the cabinet on the street to your business – is usually made of copper cable. This can significantly reduce the bandwidth you actually receive.

    Get a CityFibre connection through Amvia, and you’ll have access to a full-fibre connection that transmits your data (in the form of light down glass fibre-optic cables) through lightning fast and reliable broadband services capable of Gigabit speeds (1000 Mbps).


    Will CityFibre benefit your business?

    Many Aberdeen businesses would find substantial benefit in updating to a CityFibre connection.

    Meeting customers ever-increasing expectations and staying in front of the competition and ahead of the curve is becoming increasingly difficult. With superfast CityFibre connectivity, your entire operation can run faster, with more continuity and online security.

    Designed to handle any combination of voice, data and internet use, when you join the CityFibre network, you can get a high-performance, always available, fixed-cost connection from 10Mbps to 10Gbps.

    And when you join the CityFibre network, you’re planning for the future, too. Anticipated growth is covered through the flexibility of being able to easily and quickly increase your requirements as and when required.


    Should you choose Ethernet or GPON for your business?

    With Amvia, you can choose an Ethernet or GPON CityFibre connection. Both have a variety of benefits to bring your business firmly into the gigabit revolution, and either option will considerably enhance your connectivity.


    What is a GPON CityFibre connection?

    CityFibre GPON (Gigabyte Passive Optical Networks) is a powerful contended leased line. Two service speeds are available with Amvia on GPON – 500Mbps and 1Gbps.

    Although a contended line means a shared line, the CityFibre speeds are so high that the contention should go unnoticed. And even if the contention ever impacted your business, you’d be moved to a dedicated service at no additional cost. 


    What is an Ethernet CityFibre connection?

    An Ethernet connection is a somewhat more traditional leased line service. You can pretty much get any speed you want starting at 100Mbps.

    Ethernet services are 1:1 contention, which essentially means they’re not contended at all. It’s a dedicated connection for your business, so you get the whole speed you purchase, all day every day. 

    Below, we take a further look at the benefits of each connection type and which would be most suited to your business.


    CityFibre Ethernet with Amvia

    An Ethernet leased line is ideal for businesses that are heavily dependent on reliable connectivity.

    This could come in the form of access to critical applications for employees and teams across locations, reliance on cloud-based hosting, heavy use of VoIP (voice over internet protocol), or lots of video conferencing.

    Basically, if you want to improve efficiency across the board or require continuous and faster internet access, a CityFibre Ethernet connection with Amvia could be the way to go.

    CityFibre Ethernet with Amvia


    Summary of CityFibre Ethernet benefits:

    • A dedicated, uncontended connection to the Aberdeen CityFibre network
    • Access speeds from 10Mbps–10Gbps
    • Fast and flexible
    • Perfect for low latency demands, such as  hosted cloud services and VoIP
    • Symmetrical bandwidth for equally superfast upload/download speeds
    • If a connection outage occurs, your traffic is dynamically rerouted over the same IP address through a backup connection


    CityFibre GPON with Amvia

    GPON is a cost-effective version of full fibre connectivity. It’s perfectly suited to businesses wanting to balance high speed with price, while maintaining reliability.

    By effectively managing the access technology which is delivered to no more than eight premises, you receive a consistently reliable service – even in the incredibly unlikely event of all the connections being used at maximum capacity simultaneously.

    GPON is an especially effective option for businesses looking to benefit from exceptionally high speeds but at a relatively low price point.

    These full fibre connection types are also more resilient against severe weather and are unaffected by electrical interference.


    Summary of CityFibre GPON benefits:

    • Installation in as little as 65 business days
    • No downtime or upgrade charge
    • Unlimited usage
    • Compact network termination unit
    • A low price point compared to many other access methods




    How much does CityFibre Internet cost in Aberdeen?

    Finding out the cost of CityFibre for your business in Aberdeen is simple. All you need to do is click on the 'Get Prices' link below and then in the form provided, enter your business postcode and choose your preferred line speed. We’ll email you all the best deals for your business.

    This will cover CityFibre and any other providers in your area, but you’re sure to find that CityFibre is by far the most cost-effective option.

    For instance, if we use Balmoral Group (Balmoral Park, AB12 3GY) as an example and assume they’d opt for a 500 Mbps line on a three-year contract, CityFibre can offer this package for £411 per month. This comes with free installation and a backup line.

    The closest rival, TalkTalk Business, is over £50 per month more expensive, and compared to BT’s price for the same package, it’s a saving of over £250 per month with CityFibre.

    Over the three years, that’s a total saving of just under £2000 against TalkTalk and almost £10,000 compared to BT!


    Limited offer: reduced price CityFibre 100/100Mbps Ethernet from just £195*

    Until the end of September, we’re offering 100Mbps CityFibre Ethernet on a 100Mb bearer from just £195*

    Call us today to find out more about how you can get a CityFibre connection even cheaper – 0333-733-8050.

    *price after voucher scheme reduction has been applied.


    The Gigabit Voucher Scheme

    The new Gigabit Voucher Scheme is an incentive that’s been launched by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS).

    Your business may be eligible to apply for up to £3000 in grant funding to get a Gigabit-capable connection installed.

    Criteria include; you must employ no more than 249 people, have an annual turnover below £50m and/or balance sheet below £43m. The business must also not be a subsidiary and/or under the control of a larger SME entity.

    To find out more, call us on 0333-733-8050. We can let you know in a matter of minutes whether you’re eligible and how much grant you’re likely to receive. We can even handle the application process for you.


    CityFibre prices

    How do you get CityFibre for your business?

    You can get a CityFibre connection for your business in Aberdeen through specialist CityFibre partners, such as Amvia.

    If you want to access Gigabit-speed broadband services of up to 1Gb/s, we can ensure you get the best price and most suitable package to perfectly match your needs.

    You can start by searching the best prices and lines with our intuitive comparison engine right now. You’re just a couple of clicks away from finding the best CityFibre deal for your company.

    Or give us a call any time. Our team of specialists is always on hand to discuss your needs and advise the best connection type for your business.

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