5 reasons to switch to a VoIP phone system

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    Even if you already have a VoIP phone system setup, with rapidly changing technology, it may have become outmoded. Upgrading to a new state-of-the-art VoIP package can offer an all-encompassing service to further enhance your communications and reduce costs.

    Here are five key reasons you should consider switching:


    1. VoIP can grow with your business

    Your business is no doubt ever-evolving, so it makes sense to use a telephony service that can grow with you. VoIP gives you the flexibility to quickly adapt your communications services as your company expands – or even when unexpected needs arise.

    Partner with a superior voice and data services provider, and you’ll be able to easily scale bandwidth, add and remove phone users and customise your service for optimum performance and value.

    VoIP business growth


    2. It’s perfect for the flexible working model

    VoIP is the perfect fit for the modern business that promotes – and benefits from – flexible working. Once your new VoIP service has been set up, a phone can be moved to any location providing it has an internet connection.

    VoIP can give employees the accessibility required to seamlessly communicate and collaborate from anywhere – ‘the office’ becomes boundless.

    Flexible working with VoIP


    3. You’ll benefit from the latest technology

    The latest VoIP systems come with a range of hi-tech functions and features. For convenience and productivity, team working and collaboration can become much easier with conferencing facilities. Documents and texts can be shared via the system, and sophisticated call attendant and voicemail features mean no calls are lost.


    4. It’s suitable for all business sizes – even start-ups

    The idea that VoIP can only be beneficial for medium and large organisations, is quite simply a misconception. Possibly formed from the fact VoIP is suitable for multiple locations or a high volume of long-distance calls, although these benefits are true, there are many other features of VoIP that are ideal for all business sizes.

    If your workspace is relatively small, using VoIP means several pieces of equipment are turned into one – freeing up office space. For example, VoIP can be used on your laptop, desktop or tablet using a headset, or calls can be directed to mobile phones. With some VoIP packages, you wouldn’t even need a separate system for video conferences.

    VoIP for small business


    5. VoIP is more affordable than analogue

    Just because VoIP can offer cutting-edge technology, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily more expensive than analogue. Sure, you can get the smartest wireless IP phones and the most advanced routers, but chances are, you’ve already got a lot of the equipment you already need for a streamlined VoIP setup.

    Even with all the extra features, business VoIP is usually cheaper than traditional analogue setups. There’s less hardware, monthly fees tend to be lower, and many hosted providers offer smartphone apps for making and receiving calls through their data connection. Also, adding new extensions is also much less hassle with a VoIP system.

    You can even get uncostly updates to the latest technology and functionality – all through the cloud for minimum downtime.


    Switching to a VoIP provider is simple…

    There’s no doubt about the benefits of switching to VoIP for your business. And there’s not a better time to consider switching than now. There are many quality VoIP providers – each one offering a range of benefits to enhance your business communications.

    The best way to find a VoIP service that suits your business needs is to compare the telecoms providers that offer packages matching your requirements. As soon as you do, your business can start enjoying the benefits of a more cost-efficient, flexible and advanced telecommunications service.

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