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Make a leased line comparison simple. In just a couple of clicks you can check availability and get a side-by-side comparison of prices at your business location.

“We used Amvia to compare providers for our new office. We were instantly informed there were 7 providers with prices ranging from £219-£546/month. Calling each provider, and getting quotes, would have taken weeks.”
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Easily Find All Fibre Providers

There are over 50 UK leased line providers. It's difficult to know which fibre providers have availability at or near to your business location. The AmviaSearch™ fibre checker makes finding which providers can service your business easy.


 Get All Provider Prices Instantly

AmviaSearch™ doesn't just identify the providers that can service your business. You will also instantly get the prices for the service that you're looking for. It is time consuming to get quotes from each provider. Let AmviaSearch™ find all providers at your location and source the best price for you.


Save Money

Amvia has wholesale discounts with all the major UK fibre broadband providers. These discounts are incorporated in the pricing you will receive. It is often much cheaper to buy through Amvia than directly from the telecoms network.


Get FREE Installation & Delivery

Using Amvia has the added benefit that when you choose the service you require, Amvia will manage the procurement, provisioning and installation for you free of charge. You pick the service and relax while Amvia handles the carrier installation.

Did you know that a leased line quote is often cheaper when buying through a wholesale partner, than directly from major providers such as BT, TalkTalk, Vodafone and SSE?

Wholesale partners are telecoms businesses that have volume discount rates with the leading telecoms providers in the UK. discounts of up to 40% are available versus mainstream retail prices.

You're getting the same solution and support as you do when you buy as a retail customer. The main difference is that through a wholesale partner, such as Amvia, you're also benefiting from our buying muscle too. 

Free Installation

As well as getting a discount on your monthly rental Amvia offers free installation support throughout the duration of your installation process. We work with all the major vendors to deliver your fibre service. You'll get expert advice regarding wayleave, ECCs and ample notice if engineer visits are required.

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