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    Vodafone Business Broadband

    Whether your business is small, medium or large in size, Vodafone offers a range of business broadband deals and mobile phone options that keep you in the driver’s seat and ensure your business is running smoothly.

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    Vodafone Business Deals

    Currently, Vodafone offers two major broadband deals for businesses. There’s the Business Broadband 35Mbps, and there’s the Business Broadband 63Mbps. We will discuss the differences between the two.

    Business Broadband 35Mbps

    Also included in the package is Unlimited Superfast Broadband that will keep you connected all day long, as well as an Ultra-Smart Router and Fixed Line that comes included as standard. 35Mbps average downloading speed is perfect for businesses to download all critical work-related documents of bits of software. However, this may be more angled at a small business as although this is a healthy speed, it’s probably not going to handle a large amount of simultaneous demand.

    Business Broadband 63Mbps

    The difference between these two deals is relatively slight. Although they differ with the speeds they offer – 63Mbps being the much faster option – there’s not much else that distinguishes them. This deal is all about speed, including the Unlimited Superfast Broadband, the Ultra-Smart Router, and the Fixed Line. When considering these two deals, there are two questions that you need to ask yourself. The most important question would be: How important are Mbps speeds to my business? If your daily routine consists of various employees all downloading applications or data simultaneously, you need fast broadband that won’t slow down your business operations. The alternative is a set of annoyed employees complaining about their broadband being unsuitable.

    Vodafone small business broadband deals

    Alongside such broadband deals, Vodafone is offering Small Businesses personalised add ons that are designed to help you expand with ease. Included in this is One Net Anywhere, a single contact number that appears as if a landline. The single number adds an air of professionalism to your business that allows you to take calls from clients even when outside the office. One Net Anywhere makes it ideal for business use that includes travel. Add ons also include PayPal Here, a scaled-down payment point that you can carry around for card payments on the go. You can even opt to receive Business Support from Vodafone experts to help stick you with the most cost-effective access to HR and Legal experts should you need them. Other add ons include: - Rapid Insurance - Device Support

    vodafone business broadband

    Vodafone Business Contract

    When it comes to the suitable mobile phone contract for your business, Vodafone offers six main types:

    Business Evolve

    As the name might suggest, Business Evolve is a plan that aims to move with your business so that you can control your costs even if the business takes off.

    Vodafone Business Advance

    This is the mobile contract for businesses to opt for so that they can ensure that each employee receives the correct amount of minutes, text, and data allowances that they need.

    Vodafone Business Optimiser

    This deal means that your bill always reverts to the lowest possible deal, keeping costs down.

    Business Freedom Plans

    This plan allows businesses to work where and when they need to, sharing data, minutes and texts with employees only as and when they need to use them so that nothing is ever used that shouldn’t be.

    Red Plan

    The Red Plan is ideal for businesses that don’t want to commit to unlimited data. They can choose whichever amount – from 1GB to 20GB – that suits them.

    Vodafone 5G Unlimited mobile plans

    This plan is ideal for those who want unlimited data. Rather than charging when you use data that isn’t included in your plan, Vodafone offers the chance to connect to a faster network for however long you may need.

    Vodafone Business Internet

    Vodafone offers Business Clients Internet of Things. IOT allows your business the power with which to be transformed, improving employee efficiency and customer experiences. IOT sims have been used across various industries, so Vodafone definitely has the right solution for you.

    Vodafone Business Broadband Contact Number

    To get in touch with Vodafone to hear more about their Vodafone business broadband support services, ring this number: 08080 034 515. For more information on the pros and cons of using Vodafone as your business broadband provider, feel free to contact a member of our team at Evergreens today.

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