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    A leased internet line is generally used by businesses that need a reliable and fast internet connection. If you're seeking a dedicated internet connection to help improve internet speed and reliability, you can request a leased line quote today.

    What is a leased line and how to get a leased line quote

    A leased-line is the name of a dedicated internet line that businesses can rent on a monthly basis. The price of a leased line is usually upward of £100 per month, and there is a range of internet service providers who offer leased line rental.

    Leased line rental can include various types of internet lines, with some of the most common line types highlighted below:

    Fibre Ethernet leased line

    Fibre ethernet is considered one of the fastest types of dedicated leased lines available. A fibre Ethernet leased line can deliver an upload/download speed of up to 10Gb. This type of connection is used to provide a solid, reliable and high-speed internet connection through the fibre Ethernet network.


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    Point-to-point leased line

    For those wanting an internet connection that connects multiple locations at hyper-fast speed, a point-to-point leased line offers an upload/download speed of up to 10Gb and connects numerous site locations, several miles apart.

    Ethernet first mile

    When a full-fibre Ethernet connection is not possible due to local network infrastructure, an Ethernet first mile connection can be a great alternative option. Typically offering an upload/download speed of up to 35Mb, this type of line will meet the connection requirements for video calling or conferencing without a full-fibre Ethernet connection in place.




    What are the benefits of a leased line?

    A dedicated line

    Most business and residential internet lines are shared with other customers. As a result, internet speeds can slow at peak times. With a dedicated leased internet line, you will be the only customer on the line, resulting in consistent line speeds unaffected by other businesses or residential customers on shared connections.

    Super-fast internet connection speeds

    One key benefit of a leased line is the super-fast internet speeds that come as standard. With line speeds typically starting from 10Mb with an Ethernet first mile connection, rising to 10Gb with a full-fibre Ethernet connection, a guaranteed fast speed is written into the leasing agreement you sign up to.

    A reliable internet connection

    In addition to a specified line speed, the reliability of the internet connection is part of the service level agreement that comes with a leased line connection. For this reason, most leased line providers will offer an internet connection that works at the agreed speed, either 99.99% or 100% of the time.


    Suppose you don't yet require a top-level 10Gb leased line but would like to benefit from the increased speed and reliability this type of connection offers. In that case, you can take out a connection with a lower speed and upgrade to a higher bandwidth 10Gb connection in the future.

    24/7 support

    A leased line offers a premium level of connection at a higher price than standard broadband. For this reason, you can expect a higher level of support, with 24/7 line monitoring and quicker repair times should a fault be identified.

    What is the best way to obtain a competitive leased line quote?

    When starting the process of obtaining a quote for a leased line, it is helpful to consider what is most important to you, speed or price? Do you need a top-speed 10Gb connection or a lower-cost 100Mb connection?

    If you would like more information or a quote, you can contact us today.


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