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The Ultimate Guide


Businesses in the Liverpool City Region don’t have to struggle with poor internet speeds anymore. LCR Connect is giving businesses in access to ultrafast gigabit broadband. 

Amvia can provide services up to 10Gbps in as little as 13 days. Read on to find out how to supercharge your business’s internet connection.

The ultimate guide to fibre broadband in Liverpool

What is LCR Connect?

The digital divide has left much of the north of England with outdated infrastructure. This means businesses can’t transfer data, use cloud storage or communicate as fast as businesses in the south. However, LCR Connect is going to change that. As part of the Faster Britain full-fibre Internet build, it will deliver highly available, highly resilient, ultrafast Internet services to the Liverpool City Region using Gigabit technology.  

Its coverage with span over 130 miles of gigabit-capable fibre across Liverpool, Sefton, Wirral, Knowsley, Halton and St Helens.

Investors, universities, schools, hospitals, residents and students also have access to the network. Wider industries set to benefit include health and life sciences, Artificial Intelligence, virtual and augmented reality and advanced manufacturing – driving business growth and investment.

It is estimated that LCR Connect will have an economic boost of up to £ 1 billion for the Liverpool City Region. This will support local jobs and training- meaning Liverpool and the wider region has much to benefit from.

Where does LCR Connect Cover?

The LCR Connect rollout focuses on covering the Liverpool city region area. This includes towns and villages in and around the following:

  • Liverpool
  • The Wirral
  • Sefton
  • Knowsley
  • St Helens
  • Halton

ITS Technology group chose to build LCR Connect because the Liverpool City Region is underserved by existing national providers, such as BT and Virgin Media. Without LCR Connect, towns and villages in the Liverpool City Region would remain without fibre for years to come. Speeding this up gives businesses the tools to compete in the digital landscape and prevents them getting caught on the wrong side of the digital divide.

How is the LCR Connect Network Built?

Unfortunately, you can’t simply build a broadband network in one go. It requires ripping up roads, adding cabinets and many other logistical challenges. This means the LCR Connect network is being built in stages.

January 2022 saw the first part of the network go live. This covered businesses in the Wirral, in the New Chester Road area. There is now full fibre available around Wirral International Business Park, Bromborough, and towards Rock Ferry.

In February 2022, several larger sections went live- including Liverpool City Centre, St. Helens (including through to Widnes and Speke), Southport (including through to Ormskirk and Maghull) and Haydock.

March 2022 included East Lancs Road: the network spanning from Knowsley Industrial Park, along the A580 to St Helens and Astmoor Industrial Estate to Daresbury.

Can I get LCR Connect services?

If you live in one of the areas mentioned in the section above then the answer is more than likely yes.

However, if not then it may be some time before LCR Connect is live in your area as the project isn’t due to be completely finished until early 2023. If you have a wait ahead, it will be worth it for.

In between March 2022 and early 2023, you can check If you area is live by getting an LCR Connect quote. This will not only tell you if it’s available, but also how much and how long the installation will take.

What Services Can I get on the LCR Connect  Network

The service you get is down to your business requirements. However, there are three different packages to choose from. These packages are…

  • Fibre One

This package is perfect for smaller businesses. You get 100Mbps or 200Mbps of full fibre delivered on a 1Gbps bearer- which makes it easier to upgrade your connection as your business grows and your communications scale. It includes unlimited usage and a 48 SLA, meaning in the event of service drop out, you are guaranteed to be back up and running within 48 hours.


  • Fibre Light

Get symmetrical upload and download speeds on this package up to 500Mbps. This has a 10-hour service level agreement and 24/7/365 support. If you are already in contract, this package has a buy out option, so you can switch now.


  • Fibre Bright

Get up to 10Gbps with the top package available on LCR Connect. It comes with a top priority 6-hour SLA and a UK based support team. This package also includes a buy out option, so you can switch now.

Amvia & LCR Connect

Amvia is a leading MSP and one of the original partners of the LCR Connect scheme. This means that we deliver the full fibre services, such as leased lines and FTTP on the LCR Connect network.

Being a Managed Service Provider, we provide these services at the best rates. We can also provide VoIP, Teams Calling, Microsoft 365 and Cyber Security service (Barracuda, Bitdefender, Microsoft Defender). We’re already supporting the digital delivery for many big names, including HBO and eharmony as well as many local businesses across the UK.

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