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Faster Britain ITS

Faster Britain is the campaign from leading full fibre network operator ITS Technology Group. As Platinum Partner of ITS Technology Group and Faster Britain, Amvia is in a privileged position to bring highly available, fast and cost-effective full fibre services to business throughout the United Kingdom, including high speed, Business Broadband, FTTP and Leased Lines.

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Who Are ITS Technology Group?

ITS was originally established as wireless network provider back in 2013. Since then ITS have built physical Gigabit capable, full fibre network infrastructure from Hammersmith & Fulham in 2014, to Blackpool and Preston in 2021 equating to the delivery of over 1,000 kilometres of faster fibre from 2019 to 2021.

ITS have received significant investment from Aviva Investors in 2019 aimed at rapidly delivering gigabit capable fibre networks across UK towns and cities and the rollout is rapidly gathering pace. Having secured code powers and PIA accreditation in the same year ITS have set about establishing the Faster Britain brand and rollout across the UK.

Faster Britain is the overarching brand for the ITS network, and is marketed and national coverage partners like Amvia were selected to assist the growth of end customers on the Faster Britain footprint.

Where does Faster Britain Cover?

The Faster Britain network is focusing on the areas of the UK that are currently underserved by the existing national operators such as BT and Virgin. By doing so, towns and cities that would otherwise be waiting years to achieve full fibre status are already live and reaping the benefits of fibre Internet services. This means we will see a patchwork of British fibre networks appear in the following locations.

City Networks



London (Greenwich, Hammersmith & Fulham, Mayfair, Camden, Islington, Enfield, Lewisham, Park Royal, Stratford)



Liverpool (LCR Connect)

Manchester (Trafford Park)


Metro Networks




Burton upon Trent









How is the Faster Britain Network Built?

The Faster Britain network delivers gigabit capable fibre infrastructure using the latest XGS-Pon 10Gbps symmetrical products, allowing upgrades to be at the press of a button.

Environmentally, the network has been built and continues to be built using a impact minimized strategy, using PIA (Physical Infrastructure Access) allowing ITS to run fibre in existing fibre ducting and avoiding disruptive civils works whenever possible.

What Services Can I get on the Faster Britain Network


Fibre-Bright is a full fibre leased line that delivers high availability and highly resilient gigabit capable Internet connectivity which is perfect for enterprises.

Speeds available range from 100Mbps all the way to 1Gbps and a symmetrical so the same download and upload speed is available. The services are dedicated, ensuring that the speed of service is guaranteed all day, every day.

Services are provided with a managed router and proactively monitored and supported 24x7/365 by Amvia’s expert support team with fault fix SLA’s of just 5 hours.

Prices range from as little as £195.00 excluding VAT with free installation (subject to survey) and can be installed in as little as 15 working days, which is market leading from a service delivery perspective.


Fibre-Light is also a full fibre leased line, again delivering high availability, ultrafast speeds and low latency connectivity.

Delivered with low contention helps to make this full fibre service extremely cost effective, whilst still providing full leased line SLA’s in term of availability and benefiting similarly from fault fix times of just 5 hours.

Installation leads times are as little as 30 days with free installation on 3 year terms (subject to survey) and with prices starting at £119.00 per month.


Fibre-One is aimed at the SOHO market that need full fibre reliability and speeds. It is an entry level fibre Internet connection delivered straight to your premises making it an FTTP service.

It is easily upgradeable as your business or demand grows and from as little as £72.50 per month it is an excellent SOHO full fibre service.

The has service levels commensurate with BT FTTP services but is available in locations where Openreach fibre is not present at this time.

Amvia & ITS Technology Group

Amvia is a leading telecoms and managed services provider and was selected by ITS Technology Group to be one of the founding partners for the Faster Britain rollout as of 2019.

Amvia was selected due to its unrivalled reputation for service delivery and support to customer ranging from eharmony to Roche.

Services range from provisions of high speed business broadband, FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) and dedicated Leased Lines, through to VoIP, Email Security, Network Security, Mobiles and IoT.

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