What are the advantages of VoIP for businesses?

Posted by Nathan Hill-Haimes on 21-Jan-2019 20:57:04

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Increasing numbers of UK businesses are switching their telephony to VoIP providers, because it really is the future for communications and offers organisations of all sizes lots of valuable benefits. Modern communications methods are changing, and businesses can't just rely on telephone calls nowadays, and that's why VoIP is such an excellent and comprehensive solution. 

Amvia work with any sort of business to streamline and simplify telecoms so they complement requirements exactly. If you're wondering exactly what are the advantages of VoIP, take the time to read through our brief update below. 

Benefits of VoIP for business users

1. Saves your business money

voip saves your business money

Every business wants to cut costs as much as possible, without compromising the quality of existing services, and VoIP phone systems meet those requirements. Over the long term, VoIP systems are far more affordable than landlines, offering cheaper rates for calls on a local, national and international basis. 

2. Easy to scale

voip is easy to scale

VoIP systems are easy to scale, irrespective of whether you need to cut phone extensions from your network or add new employees to your system. 

3. Very flexible

voip is very flexible
With VoIP systems, it's easy to connect several locations into the same network. This means all business locations and any remote workers will all benefit from free internal business calls plus all associated advantages. 

4. Rich in features

voip is rich in features
VoIP systems are feature-rich and offer a variety of advanced functions. Working in teams or conferencing is much easier with VoIP in place, as all extensions can be connected for collaborative activities. Employees will never lose calls again, as auto attendant and voice mail functions are a prominent feature in VoIP systems. 

5. Ideal for staff training purposes

voip can help you train your staff
You can record or monitor calls using VoIP systems, which makes them ideal for staff training purposes. Customer service can be much easier with VoIP phones; team leaders and managers have the ability to monitor ongoing calls and seamlessly interrupt to add vital brand information. Alternatively, VoIP systems have the ability to transpose recorded voice data into text, for documentary training purposes. 

6. Use existing telephony hardware with your new VoIP system

Polycom VVX 411 Left - 800x600
You don't need to upgrade all your phone equipment when you make the switch to VoIP. Existing phones and headsets can easily be connected up with your new system.

7. VoIP meets contemporary business needs

voip allows communication over mobile, pc, phone
Modern business doesn't place such a great reliance on phones, so the fact that VoIP can be used for instant messaging, video calling and sending images, video or text makes it the "must have" telephone system for contemporary organisations.

There are many more good reasons to opt for VoIP for your business telephony needs. These flexible and speedy systems allow you to manage the communication costs of your business in a proactive manner. Find out about the entire range of VoIP systems available at Amvia. We're more than happy to discuss your needs in detail and can recommend the VoIP system that's most suited to your current needs, but will also grow with your business into the future.

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