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    Microsoft 365 E3

    Microsoft 365 launched separately from Office 365 in 2017, heralding a new era of services and software, including the Windows 10 operating system. Microsoft 365 grants many benefits to administrators and first-line workers within robust IT-based organisations. Administrators and business owners must be familiar with the differences in licensing, as each yields its benefits. Choosing the right licensing plan is dependent on the features you require from it.

    Here is a rundown of what you need to know about Microsoft 365, including what is included in E3, the differences between other licenses, and pricing.

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    What is included in Microsoft 365 E3?

    Microsoft 365 E3 includes the latest version of the primary office apps alongside some additional features. Here is a rundown of what exactly is included:

    Windows 10 Enterprise is the Microsoft operating system specially designed for business use, with comprehensive security and accessibility for IT professionals. This operating system includes all the features found in Windows 10 Pro but with additional features to benefit companies requiring a robust IT solution.

    Microsoft Word

    Word processing software, updated with modern comments for better collaboration amongst authors between Word, Excel and PowerPoint. With 365 E3, Microsoft Word is accessible on up to five PCs, Macs, tablets or smartphones.

    Microsoft Excel

    The latest version of the spreadsheet software is updated with stencils that use the latest AWS shapes in diagrams. With 365 E3, Microsoft Word is accessible on up to five PCs, Macs, tablets or smartphones.

    Microsoft Powerpoint

    Slideshow presentation software updated with the contextual mini toolbar tailored to the user’s most recent actions. With 365 E3, Microsoft Powerpoint is accessible on five PCs, Macs, tablets or smartphones.

    Microsoft Outlook

    Web manager app integrated with email and calendar services to keep track of appointments or events.

    Microsoft OneNote

    Microsoft OneNote is digital notebook software with a range of organisational utilities. With 365 E3, Microsoft OneNote allows you to draw, annotate, tag, highlight, and add media files on up to five PCs, Macs, tablets or smartphones.

    Microsoft SharePoint

    Microsoft SharePoint is collaborative intranet software designed for easy access to content, information, and applications across the organisation.

    Microsoft OneDrive

    Microsoft OneDrive allows up to 100GB of file hosting and simple shared access to files and media. Outlook works seamlessly with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

    Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams communications software allows audio and video calls in addition to chat functions. Teams provide a virtual environment for the efficient flow of workplace communication.

    Microsoft Stream

    Microsoft Stream is a video service with live event streaming suitable for large-scale events in addition to smaller company meetings. With E3 this is available on PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone.

    Alongside the primary Office applications and services, Microsoft 365 E3 comes with many additional features. It includes Microsoft Intune and 365 Admin Centre for device and app management. For secure access management, Azure Active Directory Plan 1 alongside Credential Guard. Security services such as Secure Score and Compliance Centre aren included in this plan. Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Bookings are integrated. For analytics, E3 has MyAnalytics, which makes it easier to track your network and how you’re spending your work time.

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    What is the difference between E3, E5 and F1?

    E3, E5 and F1 refer to the licensing types. Microsoft 365 has different licensing options priced individually based on the software and services each package offers. Here is a rundown of their differences.

    F1 (now known as F3)

    Microsoft 365 F1 licensing is now known as F3 and comes with Windows 10, Enterprise E3 and many additional apps. The additional apps include:

    • Microsoft Stream

    • Teams

    • Yammer

    • SharePoint

    • Intune

    • Azure Information Protection

    • Azure Active Directory Plan 1

    • 2GB OneDrive storage

    • Microsoft Planner

    • Security and Compliance Centre

    • Secure Score

    • Microsoft Graph API

    Microsoft F1 offers more value than the Office 365 equivalent, which does not come with Windows 10 or any additional apps besides the main Office 365 apps indicated above. Notably, the F1 license lacks the range of primary Office applications present in E3 and E5. For instance, Office applications are only accessible for Web and mobile apps and are limited to consumption-only, meaning no publishing functions. There is also no integration with Outlook in this licensing version.

    This plan is more suitable for smaller businesses or administrators who do not require the range of utilities found in the other licenses.

    Microsoft E5

    Microsoft 365 E5 comes with all the features of E3 but with additional extras at a higher monthly cost. Microsoft E5 includes:

    Advanced security features: E5 comes with the additional benefit of Microsoft 365 Defender, Defender for Endpoint, Defender for Office 365 and Defender for Identity. E5 also includes Azure Information Protection Plan 2 and Cloud App Security.

    Analytics: E5 comes with more comprehensive analytical features such as Power BI Pro (in addition to MyAnalytics).

    More Teams functions: While the E3 plan comes with access to Microsoft Teams, the E5 license has elevated functions – such as Phone System and Audio Conferencing.

    E3 and E5 are more suitable to organisations with a more significant IT function, requiring a range of utilities and services. For the larger company that require tightened control on security compliance and access management, E5 is more appealing.

    F3, on the other hand, is more suitable for smaller companies that do not require advanced functionality or frontline workers at the forefront of the organisation’s communications between customers.

    What is the Microsoft 365 E3 pricing in the UK?

    Not including VAT, Microsoft 365 E3 is £28.10 per user a month in the UK. Microsoft 365 E3 is £20 less than the costlier E5 plan, which amounts to £48.10 per user a month. The cheapest licensing available is F3, costing only £6 per user a month.

    The increase in cost is feature-related. The F3 plan has the lowest functionality, allowing access to Office apps only through Web or mobile services in consumption-only mode. E3 and E5 boast more comprehensive features, with more advanced security compliance and analytical features found in E5.

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