Microsoft 365 Business Plans

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    Microsoft 365 business plans

    Microsoft 365 offers a variety of packages for your business that are each tailored to support the work and growth of your company. Not only does it provide industry-leading applications and software that keeps you going, but its variety of brand-new business plans can also help reduce costs, help your business with its cybersecurity and ensure your employees can work well wherever they are.

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    Following its transformation from Office 365 Business Essentials, Microsoft now offers four different plans to its commercial customers, offering various web-based solutions, security cover and storage options for whatever your needs might be.

    Not sure which plan is right for you? Here’s our detailed guide to what the new 365 Business plans offer.

    Microsoft 365 Business Basic

    Price: £3.80 user/month

    The Business Basic package is the most stripped-back plan that Microsoft offers and is great for smaller businesses looking to get set up with Microsoft without spending a fortune. Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 7 and macOS, it can also be set up in multiple languages. This package can also be used across multiple devices, including PC, phone and tablet, and has up-to-date syncing that allows employees to work on projects and documents simultaneously.

    Included are:

    - Mobile and web versions of Office apps, including Powerpoint, Word, Excel, OneNote and Outlook. This can be linked with up to five phones and tablets with iOS and Android devices. Real-time collaboration is also available via these apps.

    - Email services including a 50 GB mailbox and custom domain names for all employees.

    - Calendar services, including access to sharing and managing calendars and meeting schedules.

    - 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage with real-time updates on synched devices. Documents can also be securely shared and given limited access by users.

    - Protect from spam, malware and threats up to international, regional and industry standards. You can also control who accesses essential business information and strengthen password protection amongst employees.

    - Get support via the web or by phone anytime.

    - Maximum 300 users and licensed for commercial use.

    The basic plan does also cover some extras that are fully available on further plans, including:

    - Hosting online meetings for up to 300 people via Microsoft Teams.

    - Chat services from desktop and synched devices, with data transferred into one place for easy accessibility.

    - Plan schedules via Microsoft Teams, as well as access to Microsoft Lists and Microsoft Forms.

    The plan also offers Audio Conferencing capabilities, with dedicated numbers for staff to call in on, but this is considered an add-on in all three plans available. It is available for free for a limited time but will need to be paid on either a subscription or pay-per-minute basis.

    Microsoft 365 business plans

    Microsoft 365 Business Standard

    Price: £9.40 user/month

    The next plan up, Microsoft Business Standard, covers everything the basic plan does but has additional extras included in the price. Whereas, if you were on a basic plan, you would have to pay more. Business Standard gives you further access to video conferencing and hosting opportunities, which is great if your employees are scattered nationally or internationally or work more consistently from home than in the office.

    These include

    - Webinar hosting capabilities that keep track of important attendee information and ensure up-to-date guest list monitoring.

    - Access to Microsoft Bookings allows customers and clients to schedule meetings and help you manage your appointments.

    - The classic Microsoft Office Apps (Word, Outlook, OneNote, Powerpoint and Excel) for Windows and Mac, with Access and Publisher for PCs. Companies can install this on up to five devices per user.

    Microsoft 365 Business Premium

    Price: £15.10 user/month

    Alongside offering everything the Basic and Standard plans do, the Premium plan is all about putting security first. If you’re in a company that handles sensitive information or requires more advanced security, the Premium plan offers an unparalleled range of benefits.

    The premium plan ensures top-notch cybersecurity across your company, with specially designed policies that can keep your information safe and secure. It’s a beneficial plan if you’re concerned about systems becoming damaged or are at greater risk of a cyberattack.

    The plan includes:

    Microsoft Defender for Office 365 protects against more sophisticated threats a business might receive, including phishing emails, ransomware, and more advanced malware.

    - Ability to wipe and delete sensitive company data from any stolen or lost device.

    - Place restrictions on copying/saving company information to unauthorized apps with App Protection on Office Mobile.

    - Place controls on who can access information by applying restrictions on the circulation of company information.

    - Microsoft Defender Exploit Guard, which provides software to fight threats before they get into the system in Windows 10.

    - Further Windows 10 malware protection with Microsoft Defender to keep viruses, spyware and malware at bay.

    - Unlimited cloud archive.

    - Configuring security settings and placing simplified controls across all Windows 10 PCs in your offices.

    - Ensuring all devices are automatically updated with Office and Windows 10 software and app updates.

    - Protect business data on all security devices using Mobile Device Management.

    Microsoft 365 Business Apps

    Of course, you may find that other pieces of software already cover the extra benefits a Microsoft business plan offers. If that’s the case – or you feel you’d be better suited to an Apps only plan – Microsoft can help you there too.

    Price: £7.90 user/month

    The plan includes:

    - Up to date editions of essential Office Apps including OneNote, Outlook, Excel, Word, Powerpoint and on PC only, Publisher and Access.

    - 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage for every network user, allowing you to store and share files.

    - The license covers up to five mobile and tablet devices per user with Office Apps.

    - Will automatically update your PC and mobile devices with new features every month to ensure you have the most up-to-date version of the apps.

    - Web and phone support is available 24/7 via Microsoft’s team of dedicated specialists.

    The apps plan is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 7 and the most recent macOS updates and is available in multiple languages.

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