Bonded DSL

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    Bonded DSL

    Bonded DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is in many ways similar to an ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line), but the benefits of a Bonded DSL simply cannot be overstated. Bonded broadband connects several (up to four) of these Asymmetric DSL lines, bonding them into one rapid network. Businesses can achieve speeds of up to 300Mbps exceptionally cost-effectively. Today, we use the internet more than ever before – and this makes connection speed an even bigger priority for businesses.

    bonded broadband

    The Benefits of Bonded DSL

    As mentioned above, Bonded DSL provides you with a faster connection – this alone should make it an exciting solution for any company which deals with a lot of traffic. However, we know that this might not be enough to convince everybody. Bonded DSL is much more than just quicker internet. It is a solution with enhanced resilience which operates on a lower cost base than traditional network solutions such as leased lines and ethernet. It is also highly stable and suitable for Voice-Over IP, high-quality video calls, enhanced file-sharing, and so much more.

    A standard ADSL line is established by linking the relevant modem to a phone line. Connecting multiple DSL lines can simultaneously combine the bandwidth of each line. Bonding broadband entails several routers working in tandem, providing a faster, more reliable connection, that can effortlessly switch lines if one goes down.

    Bonded DSL has much more excellent uptime than traditional ADSL, allowing it to offer exceptionally high availability. Bonded DSL automatic failover means that if any 1 of the DSL lines fails, uninterrupted service will continue.

    The average Bonded DSL can have two, three, or four connections. Four is typically chosen as the maximum number of bonds because the system usually receives some level of diminishing returns after this point. You must get the most cost-effective broadband solution, so you must only have the connections that are truly worth it for your company.

    Get Bonded DSL Anywhere

    Many businesses can benefit from the enhanced speeds of Fibre-to-the-Cabinet Broadband. However, not everyone can access this type of connection. Plenty of rural businesses struggle to access fibre internet or maybe unlucky with their coverage. Bonded broadband offers a fantastic solution in these circumstances, opening up much higher broadband speeds for rural locations than traditionally available. Bonded DSL can help your business regardless of the location.

    A leased-line is expensive and usually involves a long term contract. Bonded DSL can offer you similar speeds, more resilience often at a far lower price point. Bonded broadband is as versatile as it is reliable. We always want you to get the best solution possible for your unique situation – Amvia can match every connection we install to your organisation and its specific needs.

    The Bonded DSL architecture can be matched to your organisation and its specific needs, with impartial advice every step of the way. 

    bonded DSL

    Discuss Your Options

    You do not just have to contact us once you have decided Bonded DSL is right for your business – our dedicated team of bonded experts are happy to offer impartial advice at every stage of the process. We know connectivity services inside and out, so we can answer any question or educate you further on the bonded DSL options at your particular location.

    You have to be as informed as possible before making any big decisions about your business or its connectivity possibilities. We never give you the hard sell – just the information you need to make the correct choice. Forcing you down a path that doesn’t work for you would waste our time and your own.

    No matter the connection you need to get your business at peak productivity, we will be happy to help. Get in touch with us, and we can begin the process of assisting you in precisely the ways that you need – whether this involves a Bonded DSL, a leased line, or another type of connection.

    A Focus on Human Solution

    When you contact us in any way, you can be sure that you are always speaking to a human being and not a pre-recorded message or an automated email. We also do not use call handlers, everything is handled using our best professionals – and they are just as dedicated to improving your company’s connectivity as you are.

    At every turn, and with every issue, we promise a fast reply so that your business can get back on track with its connectivity. Our experts have had years of experience in helping people get the Bonded DSL lines they need, so give us a call today to learn more – and to begin the process of enhancing your company’s connections.

    bonded broadband

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