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    Microsoft 365 email

    This blog post will inform you about the value of using the Microsoft 365 platform for your email. How to access and protect your email, and which security software offers the best protection for your emails.

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    Why should I use Microsoft Office 365 email?

    Microsoft Office 365 email, also known as Outlook, is a top-rated email service that is regularly used and trusted by over 200 million monthly active users, according to Microsoft's FY20 results. Using the latest data from Statista, across the whole of the UK, over 187,000 companies use Microsoft's Office 365 platform, including their email services, and this number is ever-increasing. These statistics prove the popularity of Microsoft's email platform, which comes with many of the following advantages:

    Connectivity and Device Compatibility

    Microsoft Office, and Outlook, isn't limited to use on your computer alone, meaning that you can access it through various devices, including mobile phones and tablets. This enhanced accessibility enables you to keep up with your emails and manage them throughout the day, wherever you are. The compatibility of Outlook extends to external platforms, such as Skype, meaning that you can easily set up meetings over email.


    Another advantage of Microsoft's Office 365 email services is its integration of task lists and calendars that all contribute to significantly boosting your productivity. It is straightforward to organise your emails and create an email set-up that you're happy with. Finding emails from specific clients or particular topics has never been easier, thanks to an integrated search function.


    With Microsoft Office 365's email platform, you can add filters to prevent your inbox from becoming full of junk mail and phishing emails. By filtering out these emails, you protect your devices and private data from potential viruses and hacks.

    How do I access my Microsoft Office 365 email?

    There are two ways you can access your Microsoft Office 365 email account; you can either visit the broader Microsoft Office 365 sign-in page, which you can find here, to access your email and Microsoft Office's other products. You can also access your email by going straight to and signing into your account this way.

    Why is it important to have your email protected?

    Avoid viruses

    Protecting your email is the simplest way to avoid email viruses. By avoiding viruses, you can ensure that your email account, computer, and other devices that you access your Microsoft Office 365 email on, continue to function and run smoothly. Viruses can be extremely harmful to your email account and electronic devices and result in a lengthy, sometimes costly, process to resolve. As mentioned earlier, Microsoft Office's email platform allows you to filter out junk mail and spam emails that could contain viruses. By using additional security software, you can maximise the security and protection of your email and your devices.

    Keep information and data private

    Your email can contain a variety of information, images and documents that you wish to keep private. By protecting your email account with security software, you can keep confidential information and data private. Increased email security ensures that any personal information about you and personal documents and work emails and files are all secure from external viewing or copying. Data privacy is paramount if you deal with sensitive data, such as financial information, as you should maximise your email security to secure this data.

    Avoid wider virus infiltration and phishing attacks

    Small businesses in particular, and sometimes even larger companies and organisations, are frequently targeted in phishing attacks that attempt to trick you into sharing important, private information. Phishing attacks are known to try to retrieve sensitive data, download software that can disrupt and affect your entire email network and can go as far as approving false invoices or contracts if they can gain this access. By actively protecting your email with security software, you significantly reduce the chances of this happening to you and your more comprehensive business network.

    microsoft 365 email

    Do I need my Microsoft Office 365 email protected?

    As mentioned above, your email must always be protected, including Microsoft Office 365 email accounts. Despite some security measures already built-in with Microsoft Office email, including filters and anti-spam and anti-malware protection, we strongly recommend that you invest in additional security software to maximise the safety of your email account and your devices.

    What is the best Office 365 email protection software?

    One of the leading email protection software that is highly compatible with Microsoft Office 365 email accounts is Barracuda, whose Essentials package can maximise the protection of your emails alongside additional features and measures that increase the efficiency of Office 365 email accounts.

    Barracuda Essentials

    Known as the industry's most comprehensive email security platform, Barracuda Essentials is the best security software to protect your emails. When working with Microsoft Office 365 email accounts, Barracuda Essentials can boost your email security with email archiving and rediscovery capabilities alongside necessary email retention that isn't included in Office 365 email accounts.

    Barracuda Essentials is compatible with Microsoft Office 365 email accounts and works to add a level of data loss protection through the Cloud's protective barrier, increasing the ease of managing your emails. This security software can protect your emails against zero-day attacks and advanced threats to your data and devices whilst also providing automated incident responses and remediation.

    With email attacks and email targeting becoming more frequent, Barracuda has ensured that their total email protection packages can prevent external threats and detect malicious unauthorised attacks. Barracuda then quickly responds to any threatening emails before they can cause further problems. As the only security software that can protect against all 13 email threat types, Barracuda is the must-have email security software to maximise the security of your Microsoft Office 365 email account.

    For more information about using a Microsoft Office 365 email account and choosing appropriate security software to protect your email data, you can contact us through our website for advice and information.

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