Microsoft 365 E5

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    Microsoft 365 E5

    Microsoft 365 E5 offers a combination of top-of-the-range productivity apps alongside sophisticated security, voice, compliance and analytics capabilities. It enables enterprise-level organisations to level up their identity and threat protection with a range of integrated and automated security features. It also allows the protection of information and sophisticated compliance tools to govern and protect data. Audio calling and conferencing features are all included within the cloud, and you also get the benefit of Power BI to extract meaningful business value from masses of data.

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    Read on to learn everything you need to know about the Microsoft 365 E5 license.

    What is included in Microsoft 365 E5?

    There are many features of the E5 license that are not available in any other version of Microsoft 365. These include:

    • Microsoft Defender for Office 365, Endpoint and Identity
    • Azure Active Directory Premium 1 and 2
    • Azure Information Protection Plan 2
    • Insider risk management
    • Advanced information protection and governance
    • Integrated phone system
    • Advanced eDiscovery and advanced audit
    • Microsoft Cloud App Security
    • Power BI Pro
    • Audio conferencing

    All of this is included in a wealth of tools and features that you get with the E3 license. These include:

    • Microsoft Office (excluding the offline applications)
    • Windows 10 Enterprise
    • Outlook
    • Microsoft OneDrive for work
    • Microsoft Stream
    • Microsoft Planner
    • Microsoft 365 Admin Centre
    • Endpoint Analytics
    • Microsoft Security and Compliance Centre
    • Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise
    • Microsoft Teams
    • Yammer
    • Power Automate for Microsoft 365
    • And many, many more powerful tools and experiences for your enterprise

    Essentially, the E5 license is the most richly-featured of Microsoft 365 packages, offering the full power of the technology with everything Microsoft has created for enterprise-level organisations. Every base is covered, and you won't find a more comprehensive digital environment for a company to operate through.

    Why do I need the E5 license?

    The main reason to choose Microsoft 365 E5 over E3 is its robust and diverse security features. Risk mitigation is an essential cornerstone of everyday life for larger organisations, and security is fundamental to this. Yes, the productivity apps are superb, but without a trustworthy environment to work in, many of those tools can be points where security may lapse.

    The E5 license gives you the following essential security features:

    Privileged Identity Management: only the people with the appropriate privileges have access to certain things.

    Advanced Identity Protection: limits the risk associated with accessing systems from vulnerable networks, among other things.

    Azure Advanced Threat Protection: Real-time updates whenever a malicious actor gains access to your network.

    Cloud App Security: Provides visibility into who is using what, how much they are using and where they are using it from.

    Defender Advanced Threat Protection: Gives detailed analysis on endpoint infections and attacks with the backing of cloud-based intelligence and remediation.

    eDiscovery and Compliance: Automate compliance for when you are subject to strict regulation policies and audits.

    Information Protection: Provide robust protection for confidential content and revoke access for specific individuals.

    Another key benefit of the E5 license is all the insights and telemetry available at the back end when the range of products interact. You get all of this for a regular, controlled cost in the form of a subscription that can be personalised and adjusted when things change for your organisation.

    Microsoft 365 E5

    When do you need Microsoft 365 E5?

    Microsoft 365 E5 is strictly for large, complex organisations that deal with diverse processes, extensive collaboration, strict compliance and a range of security threats on a vast scale. It is extremely powerful and richly featured, containing many tools, experiences, and solutions that are simply not needed for smaller organisations.

    If you have more than 300 employees across various departments and handle sensitive data, it may be worth considering the E5 license. Its most unique benefits are described in the previous section, but the suite of productivity and collaborative tools your organisation will get is without equal. Enjoy the help of the latest technology in Microsoft's considerable arsenal with endless ways of implementing and applying them for your organisation's needs.

    If you find that your organisation lacks the necessary resources to bring the workforce together in a digital environment, a Microsoft 365 package could be the solution. If you are a large enterprise with diverse needs, you will want an enterprise subscription. And suppose you have a particular need for maximum security features and the world's most powerful insights and analytics capabilities. In that case, the E5 subscription is the optimal solution for your organisation

    What is the Microsoft 365 E3 pricing in the UK?

    The answer to this depends on where you go to purchase your license. When you approach Microsoft directly, their price for the E5 license is £48.10 per user per month. This price does not include VAT, and you must make an annual commitment to the subscription. Companies can do this by paying the entire year's subscription upfront or making monthly payments for a minimum of one year.

    The alternative is to purchase a license through a Microsoft Direct Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP). These companies are put through rigorous testing to be approved by Microsoft to sell their products. So you can put your faith in their legitimacy and the quality of their service. In some cases, they can offer Microsoft 365 licenses at discounted rates, so it is always worth exploring some of them to see what is available.


    Numerous Microsoft 365 subscription plans are available, all aimed at different types of organisations of varying sizes. You need to ascertain whether you need a Frontline or Information Worker package and whether a business or enterprise subscription is best for you. If you are uncertain about which license would best fit your needs, experts can advise on the right solution.

    The E5 license is the most extensive and most expensive way to get Microsoft 365, and it definitely won't be the right solution for everyone.

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