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    Businesses naturally use more energy than domestic properties, so ensuring you are signed up to the most competitive tariff is important for your bottom line. However, being signed up to the best supplier also means your business will benefit from excellent customer service and fast response times. Comparing business energy suppliers will not only help you find the best deal, it will help you find the supplier which is the best fit for your specific requirements.

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    How much could I save when I switch my business energy tariff?

    There are many factors which will determine the cost of your business energy, such as your location, the size of the business, usage levels and the number of staff. This means costs can vary significantly between businesses, making it hard to give an exact figure. However, if there is a cheaper tariff available, our team will find it for you.


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    How do I switch business energy supplier and how long will it take?

    As with switching domestic energy supplier, the process for businesses is designed to be simple. However, you will need to wait until the switching window within your current contract. This tends to be six months before your contract ends. We always recommend using this time to compare potential deals, as you can have a new tariff in place ready for when your current contract ends.

    To find your next supplier, you simply need to let our team know where your business is located, the type of business you operate and how much energy you currently use. The information we need is likely to be on your latest bill, so it can help to have this to hand.

    Once we understand your exact usage requirements, we will scour the market, and make a business energy comparison, to find the best tariffs for your business. It is then completely up to you which one to choose and the new supplier will take care of the whole switch. The supply of your gas and electricity will still be connected to your business through the same pipes, it is simply the supplier which changes.

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    Will my energy supply be disrupted?

    No, your new supplier will contact your current supplier to arrange the details of the switch. All you need to do is provide a final meter reading on the day of the switch and pay your final bill with your old supplier.


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    What business energy tariffs are available?

    There are several factors which you need to consider when choosing business energy rates. The main factor is the length of the fixed-rate contract, with most suppliers offering fixed rates of one, two or in some cases even five years.

    Generally, the longer the rate is fixed, the more expensive it is likely to be. However, your business will be protected from potential price rises. If you are looking to further reduce the cost of your energy, there are some suppliers which will offer discounts to those who receive bills by email and pay by direct debit.

    If you would like to reduce the impact your business has on the environment, there are green energy options available. It may even be possible to choose a supplier which gets involved in green projects, such as planting trees.

    Are there energy deals available for charities and not-for-profit businesses?

    Yes, charities and not-for-profit businesses benefit from a reduction in VAT, so only need to pay 5% VAT. In addition, they are also eligible for an exemption from the Climate Change Levy, which reduces bills by 5%.


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    Is the Feed-In Tariff Scheme available?

    The Feed-In Tariff Scheme ended on 1 April 2019. However, if your business made an application before this date you will be eligible for money back on any excess electricity which your business generates. The payment you receive will depend on the technology you use, and the size of the system installed.

    What exactly is green business energy?

    Green energy is generated from renewable sources such as plants, wind and sunlight. Businesses naturally use a lot of energy, so looking for ways to minimise the impact on the environment is great.

    If it is not possible to sign up to a green tariff, you may be able to reduce the impact on the environment by choosing a tariff which does not use fracking to extract gas. Alternatively, simple changes such as switching to paperless billing will reduce energy consumption.


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    What information do I need to provide to switch business energy supplier?

    The information you need to make a business energy comparison and switch can be found on your energy bills. You should make a note of: 1) Your supplier's name 2) The tariff name 3) The tariff end date 4) The type of supply 5) How much energy your business consumes Having these details to hand will ensure the quotes you receive are as accurate as possible.

    Which business energy suppliers are available?

    The following are some examples of the energy suppliers available to your business: 1) Bristol Energy 2) Axis Telecom 3) CNG 4) British Gas 5) Crown 6) Corona 7) D-Energi 8) Duel Energy 9) Daligas 10) EDF 11) Flogas 12) E.ON 13) Gasprom 14) Hudson 15) Good Energy 16) npower 17) ScottishPower 18) Opus 19) Simple Gas 20) Total Gas & Power 21) SSE 22) United Gas and Power 23) Xcel Energy 24) Yorkshire Gas and Power. As you can see from this extensive list, we can help you compare energy quotes from the large well-known suppliers, as well as smaller companies.

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    What happens if I move to new premises?

    It is possible to switch your contract to your new address or change to a new supplier. It is important to have a contract in place, otherwise, your business will be charged expensive out of contract rates for any gas and business electricity used.

    Most suppliers require a months’ notice, and they will need to know the date of the move and your new business address. You will need to take meter readings from your old and new premises on the day you move.

    Do business energy quotes include the Climate Change Levy and VAT?

    It is completely up to you, but if you prefer seeing quotes without these charges, simply opt-out on the quotes page.

    How do I compare business energy suppliers?

    Our system is designed to allow your business to quickly make a business energy comparison and compare energy deals, so we only need a few details from your recent bill. Simply enter your business postcode and various usage details and we will search the market for the best deals. You can then compare the options available and if you would like to switch, the new supplier will take care of everything.

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