The Pros and Cons of BT Business Broadband

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    BT Business Broadband

    BT Business Broadband is a well-known brand that offers nationwide coverage and a range of broadband options. On paper, it looks like BT business broadband deals are top-quality. To find out if it is the right broadband option for you, it helps to look a little closer at their offerings. This article will take a look at the pros and cons of using BT as your business broadband provider.

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    Pro: BT broadband business has very fast download speeds

    BT has a standard broadband speed of up to 76Mbps for downloads and 19Mbps for uploads. 76Mbps is a perfectly reasonable option for smaller businesses that don’t rely on the internet for their work.

    For businesses that need a little more speed, such as those dependent on a steady online connection, BT business packages are available with fibre-optic broadband, which is much faster. With download speeds of up to 900 Mbps, BT business broadband can offer breakneck speeds if you need them.

    Download and upload speeds are variable, and things might load slower during peak hours. If more people are trying to use the internet at once, a slight bottleneck can affect internet speeds. Your businesses location to the nearest telephone exchange is also an important factor - if you are close to an exchange, your internet connection will be faster and more robust.

    Con: Upload speeds are lacking

    BT business broadband checks several boxes with their packages, with the primary service providing up to 29Mbps upload speeds. To get a more reasonable upload speed, you will need to upgrade to a Full Fibre package, which provides upload speeds of up to 104Mbps.

    Upload speeds are an essential consideration if you are streaming content online or uploading media. With a slow upload speed, posting a new video could take hours, which can impact business.


    Pro: Expert installation

    BT business broadband is installed and maintained by engineers via green street electrical cabinets, so when you make the switch, your workspace won’t be disrupted by the installation in the slightest. Better yet, if there are any issues in the future, they can be repaired off-site, keeping your business disruption-free.

    BT are fast when it comes to setting up and installing your BT for business broadband, too. Typically, installation or transferring your provider to a new one takes around 14 days. BT, however, manages to install or switch you over in approximately ten days.

    Better yet, if you are a BT broadband customer looking to upgrade to BT business broadband, it takes around five days. You can still use your previous service up to the switchover date so that you won’t be affected by lost internet service at any point.

    Pro: Exceptional hardware

    All BT business broadband customers connect to the internet with BT’s own Business Smart Hub 2 router. It is very similar to the residential version, which is not a bad thing in the slightest. The Smart Hub 2 is an excellent router that provides a substantial Wi-Fi range throughout buildings. It is designed with simplicity in mind - all you have to do to get started is plug it in and turn it on.

    Pro: Reliability

    One of BT’s most significant selling points is their reputation for providing a reliable service with their BT business broadband. BT are responsible for installing the exchange lines. If there is a problem, they are working to fix it directly. There is no third party involved, which means repairs happen quickly and are very effective.

    BT has a Service Status page to keep you informed and find out if it is an area-wide internet issue. You can speak with BT agents over the phone or via live chat to get up to the minute information regarding internet outages.

    Con: Customer service

    It is important to use open communication when it comes to maintaining a good working relationship in business. When something goes wrong, such as an internet outage with BT business broadband - you would hope that your provider will be quick to act and do everything in their power to resolve your problems.

    Unfortunately, Ofcom’s report on service quality highlights BT’s failings in terms of clear, open communication. They also seem to only offer target times for the end of the next business day for any repairs or faults, which is poor compared to their competitors.


    Overall, BT business deals customers with an excellent all-around broadband service that is slightly let down with poor customer service and less-than-stellar upload speeds. They offer nationwide coverage, decent download speeds and consistent service, though, so it’s not all bad news. BT Business Broadband is a good option if you are looking for broadband for your business, but there is still some room for improvement.

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