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    A Guide to Bonded Connectivity Solutions

    Does your business suffer from slow and patchy internet connectivity? Bonded broadband could help to treat the problem and ensure your employees are as productive as possible. If you’re new to the concept of bonded connectivity solutions and want to find out more, we’ve put together a handy guide below.

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    What is a bonded router?

    Bonded routers combine multiple broadband or ADSL lines to provide a robust and reliable internet connection. Small businesses and those in remote or rural areas often invest in bonded routers to enhance connectivity and reduce downtime.

    What is a bonded internet connection?

    A bonded internet connection comprises two or more links joined by a single router. In combining the power of several links, users can boost download and upload speeds and increase their productivity. Say, for example, you require a 2Gbps upload and download connection. With a bonded solution, you can join two separate 1Gbps connections to deliver the same results as a single 2Gbps product.

    Bonded connections tend to be best suited to organisations that lack the infrastructure to install high-speed broadband technologies such as fibre-optic cables. Many businesses in rural and remote locations have limited access to speedy internet products, so often have to choose between microwave internet and bonded connections. However, some big businesses in urban areas also choose to invest in bonded internet to reduce the risk of downtime and provide more stable connections.

    Virtually all types of internet connections can be bonded together. These technologies include:

    • Ethernet services

    • ADSL

    • Fibre

    • 4G/5G

    • Microwave internet (a.k.a., fixed wireless links)

    • FTTP

    • FTTC

    Companies requiring unbeatably fast internet typically bond a fibre leased line to a microwave connection, thereby achieving amazing speeds of up to 20Gbps.

    Bonded internet is similar in some respects to load balancing, which utilises multiple connections to minimise downtime and prioritise internet access for specific users during busy periods. However, load balancing only uses one connection at a time, meaning it cannot achieve the impressive speeds associated with bonded internet.

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    Is bonded internet better?

    Bonded internet represents an excellent technology for businesses in certain locations and with particular kinds of infrastructure in place. Before investing in bonded connectivity solutions, it is worth assessing the usage needs of your business. Bonded internet comes with a range of benefits, including:

    1. Increased performance

    Bonding several connections together can boost bandwidth and improve internet performance. If you require fast speeds and consistent bandwidth, bonded internet could pay off in the long term.

    2. Reduced risk of outages

    Bonding a leased line with a microwave connection will improve your organisation’s resilience when it comes to natural disasters and other physical risks. Leased lines are vulnerable to damage from floods, fires, construction accidents, and more. While such issues are relatively rare, they could cost your organisation a huge amount of time and money. As microwave connections are delivered via the air, they are more likely to remain functional in emergency situations, reducing data loss risk.

    3. Bonded connections use a single IP address

    Bonded connections can be configured to use a single IP address, avoiding downtime caused by dynamic IT resets. However, this isn’t mandatory if you would prefer not to use a fixed IP address.

    4. Easy to deploy

    Bonded internet is much easier and quicker to deploy than fixed-line services, meaning you can enjoy efficient internet speeds almost immediately.

    5. Bond connections from any provider

    Most bonded access solutions companies allow users to bond connections from any provider. This allows users to shop around for good deals that suit their requirements.

    Is bonded internet suitable for all businesses?

    Despite these excellent benefits, it is worth noting that bonded routers don’t work for all businesses. Remember – all traffic is sent through to the central router before breaking out, meaning bonded connections can negatively impact the performance of your native internet service. If your connection is already relatively strong and you operate in a densely populated urban area, bonded internet solutions may not be of much use. Bonding also carries a slightly higher security risk compared to other connectivity solutions as it increases infiltration opportunities.

    What is LTE bonding or bonded long-term evolution (LTE)?

    LTE bonding (or cellular network bonding) allows users to combine 5G modems into a single internet connection for maximum speed and connectivity. Benefits of LTE bonding include:

    • Portability: If your employees are out and about all day (e.g., broadcasting or filming), then bonded LTE solutions will ensure they stay connected while on the go.

    • Affordability: Bonded LTE solutions are surprisingly affordable and effective, particularly if you operate out of an area with excellent mobile 5G connectivity.

    • Avoid spotty connections: Connectivity issues are very common with mobile networks, so bonded solutions help to eliminate downtime.

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