5 Best Business VoIP Phone System Options

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    Amvia excel when it comes to advising business organisations about the best business VoIP phone system most suited to their requirements. We're sector leaders in the arena of UK telephony and are pleased to offer the following review of the top five business VoIP phone systems available at the moment, in no particular order. 


    bt voip
    BT announced in 2018 that they will be totally ditching their public switched telephone network (PSTN) by 2025 and moving totally to VoIP. BT VoIP is ideal for any size business and can be tailored to meet the needs of even the largest public sector organisation. Some of the benefits of BT VoIP include a 24/7 dedicated helpdesk to offer essential support and the fact that customers can receive calls on just one number from any global location. These are feature-rich systems which are absolutely ideal for any remote or mobile workforce. BT provide a managed service which is ideal for complex business organisations requiring a good deal of support. Security is also a big feature in all BT VoIP systems. Contracts are available for 30 days, and customers experiencing any dissatisfaction will be entitled to a full refund of payments made. 


    ringcentral voip
    It's quick and easy to set up cloud-based VoIP with RingCentral and customers benefit from 30-day contracts which can be cancelled at any time. Plans start from just £7.99 a month irrespective of the size of your business. This system offers numerous functions, including a dedicated contact centre, instant messaging, call logs, conferencing, virtual numbers and call forwarding. One of the major benefits of RingCentral's VoIP is the massive number of features included in the plan, and the fact that it's so easy to route all calls and messages through to mobile devices which helps ensure clients get answers no matter where employees are located. The RingCentral system can be seamlessly integrated with over 100 apps and is a popular solution as a free trial is available to all new business customers.


    8x8 voip
    8x8 is another popular VoIP system provider and guarantees to provide VoIP to any business, irrespective of size. Some of its features include voice and text messaging, web conferencing and a variety of mobile apps. The system provides unlimited calling abilities to 14 different countries and virtual meetings are a piece of cake. There are three price plans available to new customers, from a lobby level plan at £5 per month up to a full enterprise plan at £19 per user, which can also be integrated with business CRM packages. All new customers receive a month free when they sign up for the service and contracts can be cancelled at any stage.


    vonage business voip
    Vonage supply systems on a 30-day contract basis, which can be cancelled at any time. Plans are available from £12 per month and the package includes Amazon Chime conferencing and CRM integration as standard. Other features include call recording, mobile apps, conference calling and live support available 24/7. Three different price plans are available and these are Select at £9 a month per user, Professional at £12 a month per user and Ultimate at £16 a month per user - the features vary accordingly. Customers can take advantage of unlimited calling to 60 different countries and this system is easy to set up and allows you to retain your existing numbers.


    mitel voip
    The MItel VoIP MICloud Connect system is currently available with a waiver of installation fees for the initial activation. It's an easy system to install and offers a variety of features. These include:

    - Comprehensive customer support available 24/7
    - Unlimited calls, texts, conferencing and faxes 
    - Over 60 calling features included in each plan

    This is a scalable and secure VoIP system which is based on Microsoft telephony and can be integrated with Salesforce or other CRM packages. You can cancel your MItel contract at any time.

    If you're still unsure about the right business VoIP phone system to suit your needs and would like to discuss all the pros and cons of these popular business VoIP phone systems in more depth, don't hesitate to get in touch with Amvia today. We really are committed to sourcing the best voice and data solutions to meet our clients' needs and budgetary requirements. It's an easy matter to request a voice or data quote online.

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