10 Key Benefits Of A VoIP Phone System For UK Businesses

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    There are so many advantages for businesses making the switch to a VoIP phone system, that it really is difficult to list them all. At present, 700,000 traditional UK landline consumers are switching to VoIP on a monthly basis, so it's clear that these systems are popular for a lot of reasons. However, if you're looking around for a new phone system, here's Amvia's roundup of ten of the key benefits of a VoIP phone system to help you make your decision:

    10 benefits of VoIP systems for business

    1. Saves your business money

    voip benefits saves your business money
    Affordability and cost savings are probably one of the main reasons for the big switch to VoIP. Financial benefits accrue whether you opt for your own in-house system or choose a cloud provider. However, it has to be said that cloud providers will save your business more cash over the short-to-medium-term. From an operational perspective, these systems will continually offer cost savings for any calls, whether at local, national or international rates. 

    2. Offer a streamlined service

    voip benefits streamlined service
    Using just one carrier for voice and data connectivity means making the utmost advantage of a streamlined service that links all available technologies, therefore, providing greater efficiencies.

    3. Easily scalable

    voip benefits easily scalable
    Because VoIP systems just use internet connections, they are remarkably easy to scale and can offer unlimited numbers of connections. This means business organisations experiencing growth or contraction will find it is a simple matter to add or delete user accounts. 

    4. Boosts productivity 

    voip benefits boost productivity
    VoIP systems can boost worker productivity enormously. Because employees don't need to be located in just one place to answer phones, they can use mobile devices as an extension, making it easier to move around the workplace or work remotely. Recent stats show that VoIP systems can:

    - save 43 minutes daily due to greater messaging efficiency
    - save mobile employees up to 55 minutes each day
    - provide a 20% uplift to productivity when workers are given the opportunity to work remotely

    5. Offer greater flexibility

    voip benefits greater flexibility
    Connecting branch offices, subsidiary businesses and remote workers into just one VoIP network makes any business much more flexible. All team members can take advantage of free internal calls and all the added functions associated with the VoIP network. 

    6. Feature rich

    voip benefits feature rich
    VoIP systems offer lots of functions and features. Many of them can be networked with business CRM packages, while employees will find team working and collaboration is much easier with all the conferencing facilities offered by VoIP. Messaging via computers and mobile devices makes it an easy matter to exchange documents and text via the system, while sophisticated call attendant and voicemail features ensure no calls are lost. 

    7. VoIP is easy to set up and maintain

    voip benefits easy to set up, maintain and manage
    VoIP systems are really easy to install and usually just need an internet connection and all relevant telephones or devices. Once the software is in place, regular updates ensure the system is maintained at the highest levels, so it's rare for businesses to require any regular maintenance or engineer support.

    8. Useful for monitoring customer service teams and staff training

    voip benefits call recording and monitoring
    It's an easy matter to monitor calls with VoIP systems, so keeping tabs on the messages imparted by trainees and new hires can be carried out by just one supervisor. Recording calls is also an easy way to create staff training manuals, as all recordings can be quickly transposed into text via the VoIP system. 

    9. No need to invest in new phones or other hardware

    voip benefits no investment in hardware required
    You won't need to invest your cash into an entirely new hardware upgrades when you opt for VoIP. Most systems work just as well with existing headsets or phones. 

    10. VoIP meets all your business requirements

    voip benefits meets business requirements like chat IM conference calling video conferencing
    And, finally, the high tech used for communicating in the contemporary business world is all bundled in one service when you opt for VoIP. Workers can text or instant message, video call, or send files of any kind utilising your new VoIP system. 

    One additional great benefit offered by many VoIP suppliers is the option to try before you buy. You can take a free trial of some available systems, or opt for the first month free with other popular suppliers.

    Amvia are specialists at sourcing the best VoIP systems tailored to our client needs exactly. We tailor all our VoIP solutions to customer requirements, to ensure you obtain the right levels of service and functionality needed by your organisation. Take the time to browse our website for more information, or get in touch with us to discuss your needs with one of our knowledgeable advisors.

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