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    This article describes the challenge facing RatedPeople.com and the outcome solution they decided to implement with Amvia.

    The Challenge

    Rated People had outgrown their office and their network capability, so they enlisted Amvia to help. Fast, available bandwidth is an underlying cornerstone of RatedPeople’s business; if their internet fails their operation stops.  With over 200 staff to support, RatedPeople was looking to upgrade bandwidth capacity and move locations, whilst reducing costs, rationalising suppliers and simplifying support processes.

    The Solution

    As part of Amvia’s commitment to matching customers with the best services for their needs, Amvia has developed a unique comparison tool that allows you to quickly compare services and prices, it is called AmviaSearch.


    "AmviaSearch Compares Services and Gets the Best Pricing from Voice and Data Providers. Amvia have provided us with good value and prompt service. They always keep us informed with complete and accurate information.”

    David Lukes, RatedPeople.com

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    Using AmviaSearch RatedPeople.com were quickly able to compare all fibre providers at their new office location.  RatedPeople simply entered their location and answered a few questions about their needs. This enabled them  to instantly find providers in their area and get a quick view of available features and pricing. Virgin, BT, TalkTalk and Vodafone were all available with varied pricing and lead time quotes.

    "We feel confident that AmviaSearch offered us the best combination of performance and value. Amvia supplied a 1Gbps fibre internet line. A carefully managed migration ensured minimal disruption to the business and resulted in a stable and resilient connection. This robust solution offers RatedPeople the reassurance of enterprise grade SLAs such as premium care and the promise of a four hour fix."

    We encourage you to see for yourself. Use our leased line comparison tool to see just how much you can save over the competition when you work with Amvia.


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