Case Study: Microsoft Teams Calling

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Education Technology: How Telecommunications play ...

The global telecommunications market, which is projected to reach approximately £2740 Billion by 202...


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    NDA Group is a leading regulatory drug and device development consultancy, supporting pharma companies across the globe with their regulatory, pharmacovigilance, quality and
    strategic communication challenges across the US
    and Europe.


    NDA employees working patterns demanded both physical office presence and remote working. A
    communications solution that would follow employees, yet was accessible within a familiar platform, made Microsoft Teams Calling the stand out option.

    The challenge was how to deploy it seamlessly across four international offices and ensure all territories received the same, high calibre onboarding, training and support experience.

    "Our IT headquarters is in Sweden. A partner outside the region had a lot to prove to be selected. We made the right choice."

    Niklas Bendelius - Head of IT, NDA Group

    120+ Users | 4 Intl. Offices | 30% Price Reduction| 2 Month Rollout

    "Amvia made the switch easy, and helped us communicate the change, & benefits of Teams Calling to colleagues across the organisation."

    Jennifer Hutchison - Project Manager, NDA Group UK


    NDA Group had a Mitel solution using ISDN lines across all of its major offices. Not only was this expensive to maintain, the flexibility demands of a changing office population necessitated a move to a new platform.

    Using Teams Calling had been discussed many times, but the issue was how to simplify the rollout from educating colleagues of the changes, training them on the new way of working and then managing the international porting and switch over for each office.


    All international offices were already using Microsoft Teams for online meetings both internally and externally, so the familiarity with the user interface of Teams made the change much less of a culture shock.
    Pre-switchover and post-switchover communication and training helped to simplify the delivery and smooth them transition across all offices.

    International porting complicated matters, but with robust project planning and execution all offices moved on the assigned dates without issue.


    NDA colleagues can now not only remain closer to their clients using Teams, they can do all of their communicating through a single, commonly used interface. Other core benefits included:

    30% cost reduction on existing on-premise ISDN solution

    Simple system management & administration enabling all office to own their solution

    Almost complete removal of desktop phones across all offices
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