What is green business energy?

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    So what is green business energy? The short answer is that green business energy is clean and renewable energy from zero-carbon sources, whether that be solar panels, wind turbines or another source.

    Going green has never been more important for our environment, and green business energy will not only benefit the environment, but your business too. The UK made a commitment to significantly reducing its carbon emission by 2050, and to achieve this they are relying on small, medium and large businesses across the UK to switch to green energy. Before you make a business energy comparison and decide that green energy is right for your business, this article offers a guide to the potential advantages and how to choose the right tariff.

    Achieve more efficient business with green energy

    Green energy offers a wide range of benefits to any sized business, going beyond just shrinking your carbon footprint, although that is a fantastic benefit, to begin with! In 2020, running your business with a lower carbon footprint can serve as a real competitive advantage.

    More businesses and corporations are looking to make their operations as sustainable as possible for the future, show that you are looking ahead too, by taking the necessary steps to achieve sustainability.

    Running a green business can also make you appear more attractive to customers, making your business appear more reputable and in-line with consumer values.

    Demonstrating green values within your company can also help attract employers, as young people feel passionate about making a positive impact to the world. Recent studies have found that more and more consumers are seeking to do environmental and social good with their purchases, providing a large opportunity for businesses to capitalise from this.

    Investing in green energy for your business and earning your business some sustainability credentials can put you a step ahead of your competition for consumers. Switching to green energy for your business and having a demonstrably low carbon footprint compared to competitors can also provide a boost when it comes to cracking into supply chains.

    Minimising carbon footprints is just as important in big business as it is in small to medium businesses, and establishing sustainable supply chains is becoming increasingly significant. Become a supplier that will be valuable in more way than one and go green.

    Who is supplying green energy?

    Green business energy is still being considered a gap within the energy market that the big six energy providers are just not filling as well as they should. Fortunately, recent years have seen an ongoing trend of smaller energy suppliers popping up to fill gaps in the market such as green energy. Although the big six tend to generate some of their energy via renewable sources, smaller and newer energy companies are making it possible to provide your business with a renewable-only tariff.

    Some examples of smaller providers offering green business energy include Bulb, offering a 100% renewable energy plan and a 10% renewable gas plan, while also boasting no exit fees and the option for contract-free tariffs. Ecotricity is another option and the oldest supplier of green energy in the UK. Ecotricity generates a large majority of their energy with their own wind turbines, which is an impressive and desirable feature. Dong Energy comes from Denmark but has been operating in the UK for over 15 years. Dong offers fixed term and variable rate plans for renewable energy, offering competitive prices. Another significant green business energy supplier in the UK is Good Energy, they provide their low carbon footprint energy supplies to renowned charities such as the Eden Project and UNICEF, and also offer some handy online tools that help their customers manage their tariffs.

    One of the fantastic things about many of these renewable energy providers is that you can be sure that your business is being kept running by energy that was created by natural and sustainable sources within the UK. No matter which supplier you go for there is sure to be a plethora of benefits to a business as they transition to green energy.

    However, every business will want to ensure they receive the best rates and tariffs possible, and this can only be done by shopping around. Luckily, there are services such as Amvia that offer to make the entire process easier and more convenient.

    Amvia is an impartial energy comparison service that will take the burden of shopping around off your hands, providing you with the best-priced tariffs for the size, location and type of business you run. Using Amvia is the first step in a pain-free transition to sustainable business, allowing you to spend more time growing your company.

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