What are the top DECT cordless VoIP phones?

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    Digitally enhanced cordless telephones (DECT) can link back to their bases wirelessly, allowing you to move around the building as you make calls. With DECT phones, you don’t need to spend long periods stuck at your desk, and if you need to multitask, you can do it without breaking the conversation.

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    What are DECT cordless VoIP phones?

    DECT phones should not be confused with wireless phones, which connect wirelessly to your internet and make calls over your connection. These can move anywhere around a building as long as it is still within range of your WiFi signal. A DECT phone, on the other hand, relies on a base which then plugs directly into your voip providers internet connection.


    DECT vs conventional phone handsets

    Early cordless phones were relatively rudimentary and offered few features compared to their modern counterparts. You might have had to forego basics such as voicemail, for example. These days, things are different. Newer DECT phones can now deliver many more features.

    The numerous advantages include:

    • Sound quality: It may depend on the type of device you use, but the sound quality is often higher with digital than mobile phones, and even, in some cases, normal desktop phones.
    • Flexibility: When businesses expand rapidly, they often start running out of basic equipment such as phones. With DECT phones, you can expand your capacity much more quickly by easily adding new handsets or bases.
    • Advanced features: These phones come with a growing range of great features. Options can include intuitive menus, SMS messaging, and integration with other equipment such as fax machines and printers.


    How to choose the best DECT phone

    There are many devices out there, all with their own strengths. Which one you choose will depend on your main business priorities. Here are a few factors which might influence your decision.

    • Compatibility: Before you look at anything else, you must ensure the device is compatible with your existing technology. It’s no good having a great handset if it can’t communicate with your system.
    • Durability: Each working environment will place differing strains on equipment. If it’s likely to be used outside you might want something harder-wearing and with a high degree of impact or water-resistance.
    • Range: Most products have an interior range of around 30–50 metres and an exterior range of 300 metres. This can vary depending on the layout of the office and the thickness of walls. If you work in a warehouse environment, for example, you may want to choose a product with the highest possible range.
    • Security: Whenever data is being transmitted online, security will be paramount. A phone which has thoroughly encrypted security measures will offer additional peace of mind.
    • PricingMany providers will offer discounts for buying in bulk. It’s important to establish your budget from the outset to avoid overspending.
    • Power consumption: Whether you’re concerned about the environment or want to save money, eco DECT phones can significantly reduce energy requirements. They incorporate an energy-saving power supply which can use up to 60 per cent less energy than their counterparts.


    The top DECT cordless VoIP phones

    Although determining which DECT cordless VoIP phone will be best for your operation will be partly dependent on your business model and its requirements, the best place to start is looking at the top models.

    The following DECT cordless phones are some of the most popular, high-quality and high-value options currently on the market.


    Yealink W60P

    The Yealink W60P has a robust Li-ion battery – from just 10 minutes charge you can get two hours call time. With a full charge, the handset offers up to 30 hours talk time. Up to eight simultaneous calls are supported, as well as three-way transferring.Yealink W60P DECT phone

    Ideal for businesses that require greater capability to handle a heavy call load.

    Features include:

    Up to eight VoIP accounts

    2.4" colour screen

    HD audio

    Quick charge – 10-minute charge time for two hours talk time

    Indoor/outdoor range: 50m/300m


    Yealink W52P IP Cordless DECT

    The Yealink W52P comes with a range of professional features, including an intercom feature, HD hands-free audio, and call forwarding capability. It features a clear 1.8” colour screen, and each base can support up to five handsets.Yealink W52P IP Cordless DECT

    A scalable SIP-based mobile communications system ideal for small business.

    Features include:

    1.8" colour display

    HD Sound

    Up to five VoIP accounts/up to four simultaneous calls

    2.5mm headset port

    50m indoors/300m outdoors

    Energy-saving eco features

    Phonebook for up to 500 entries


    Siemens Gigaset SL400A IP VoIP Bluetooth

    The Gigaset SL400A has a sleek metal design and a variety of impressive added features such as the ability to assign favourite photos to your contacts. Switching between fixed-line and internet calls is simple, giving you the benefit of a VoIP phone while still keeping traditional landline functionality.Siemens Gigaset SL400A IP VoIP Bluetooth

    The hybrid DECT IP base station for landline and VoIP calls has ECO technology for lower costs and energy use.

    Features include:

    HDSP with G.722 codec for exceptional sound

    1.8-inch high-resolution TFT colour display

    Answering machine with remote playback and 30 minutes’ recording time

    Expert mode, for regularly used features customisation

    Space for up to 500 vCard entries

    Talk time up to 14 hours; standby time up to 230 hours


    Panasonic KX-TGP600 DECT cordless VoIP phone

    A reliable and ergonomic DECT phone, the Panasonic KX-TGP600 features a clear colour screen with direct access to call transfer and call hold functionality. Its automated provisioning function enables easy deployment plus remote configuration of settings and handset management.Panasonic KX-TGP600 DECT cordless VoIP phone

    Ideal for businesses wanting the convenience of a desk phone without the complications of connecting to a phone line or network.

    Features include:

    Up to eight simultaneous network conversations

    Broadsoft/BroadWorks Certified

    1.8" colour LCD screen

    HD wideband audio (G.722)

    500 phone book address/20 last dialled number memory


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    Want to explore DECT cordless VoIP phones further? Speak to the experts at Amvia. We work closely with all our clients, understanding their needs and helping them to find the best service.

    Whether it’s advice on the best VoIP providers or the best DECT cordless VoIP phones, we have the experience and in-depth specialist knowledge to help you acquire a bespoke system tailored to your needs.

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