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    Virgin Media Business is a popular provider for business phone and broadband services. It’s no surprise, as they offer the UK’s fastest major business broadband alongside a robust service level agreement. 

    If you’re considering Virgin Media Business as a potential provider, this guide will explain the packages they offer, the benefits and anything you’ll want to consider before making a decision. 


    Virgin business broadband packages

    There are currently four packages available through Virgin Media’s Voom Fibre range. All four plans offer incredibly fast download speeds of up to 350Mbps or 500Mbps, along with unlimited downloads, 24/7 support and a free Hitron WiFi router. 

    The main differences between the packages are the speed, whether you have a dynamic or static IP address and how quickly you’d like Virgin Media to resolve any issues.


    Virgin Business Phone and Broadband


    Voom Fibre 1, the best value plan, features a download speed of up to 350Mbps, upload speed of up to 7Mbps and a dynamic IP address. It’s a great choice for freelancers, small businesses and early-stage startups that need super-fast fibre broadband at an affordable price. 

    Virgin’s second broadband package, Voom Fibre 2, adds an extra 8Mbps upload speed (to 15Mbps), a static IP address and a faster resolution time to support requests. If you’re reliant on your broadband connection, the enhanced service level agreement (SLA) that comes with this package will be attractive. 

    Voom Fibre 3 gives you an upload speed increase to 20Mbps and four extra static IPs, bringing your total to five. For businesses that need multiple static IP addresses to run CCTV systems, web servers or for remote access, this plan offers excellent value for money as it’s only £7 more expensive than Voom Fibre 2. 

    Finally, Voom Fibre 4 is Virgin Media’s most powerful business broadband package. You’ll have access to download speeds of up to 500Mbps, upload speeds up to 35Mbps and up to five static IPs. Also included is the upgraded resolution time, so you can expect a fix within 24 working hours of reporting an incident. 

    Looking for an entry-level business broadband package? Virgin Media Business also offers Essential Business Internet, an online-only deal that gives you 50Mbps download speeds, 5Mbps upload speeds and unlimited downloads for £22 per month (plus a £50 installation fee). If you don’t need the super-fast speed that Voom Fibre offers, we recommend checking out our business phone and broadband deals to see if there’s a better option for you. 


    Virgin business phone lines

    While you don’t need to invest in a line rental or phone line package to buy their broadband, Virgin Media Business does offer phone lines either separately or as part of a bundle. 

    You can add a phone line to your order from £27.50 per month, which includes:

    • Unlimited calls
    • 24/7 support
    • Voicemail
    • Call restriction
    • Minimal downtime and opportunity to keep your number
    • Service level agreement (SLA) for peace of mind 

    You’re also able to customise your plan further with options like auto call back, call divert, caller display, last number redial and call waiting. This means that you’re only paying for the features you would use and can tailor your package fully to how your business works. 


    Virgin business phone lines


    VoIP from Virgin Media Business

    If you’re considering switching to making your voice calls via the internet through VoIP, you’ll be happy to know that Virgin Media Business offers this as a service. Their package is known as Cloud Voice, and you can choose from two different licence types or a mix to suit your needs.  

    The core features of Cloud Voice include call directing, hunt groups, call waiting, hold, block, transfer and pickup. You’ll also have caller ID and an inclusive call package so there are no surprises. The mobile licence adds extra features including do not disturb, remote office and voice portal calling. 

    With Cloud Voice, you only pay for what you need and it’s easy to scale your plan up or down to accommodate changes in the number of users. Virgin’s VoIP system makes use of the Voom Fibre network to handle voice data, offering you extra reliability and clarity compared to using a slower internet connection.


    Why should you consider Virgin Media Business broadband?

    There are a lot of big-name brands in the business broadband space, so why should Virgin Media make it onto your shortlist? 


    Fastest speeds

    Virgin Media Business claims to offer the UK’s fastest major business broadband, and with speeds of up to 500Mbps, it’s hard to deny. You won’t find a faster connection from other providers unless you pay for a dedicated leased line.

    If you’re looking for the fastest broadband around and Virgin Fibre is available in your area, it makes a lot of sense to consider Virgin Media heavily as your next provider.


    Dedicated support

    There’s frequent mentions of service level agreements on Virgin Media Business’ website, and that’s because they recognise how important continuity is. 

    With Voom Fibre, your service level agreement includes a requirement for their support team to provide a resolution within either 24 or 48 working hours of being notified. You can report a fault 24/7 and their main support team is available between 8am–6pm Monday to Friday. There’s also a comprehensive online FAQ with guides to help you troubleshoot smaller issues. 


    Easy to customise plans 

    Virgin Media Business makes it easy to customise your packages so that they suit your needs perfectly. Bolt-ons and extra features can be applied to both broadband and phone packages, allowing you to build exactly what you want. 

    Customisations available for Voom Fibre business broadband include additional static IPs, increased upload speeds, faster support response times and a shorter contract length. With phone lines, you can add features like call waiting and three-way calling, and with VoIP packages, you can add fax messaging and call recording. 


    No line rental costs

    Another bonus of choosing Virgin Media Business as your provider is that you won’t need to pay line rental. As Virgin owns their own network, you aren’t expected to pay an additional fee just to use it for your broadband. 

    If you did want to add a phone line to your plan, this is easy to do and you’ll unlock savings by bundling it with your business broadband order. You could also forego a traditional phone line entirely and run your voice data through a VoIP system. 


    Virgin business phone and broadband


    Virgin business phone and broadband – further considerations

    On the whole, Virgin Media Business is a popular provider – especially for businesses that need fast internet speeds and strong service level agreements. There are, however, a few areas to consider before you take out a business phone or broadband package with them. 



    Most importantly, before you get too far along your journey you’ll want to check that Virgin Fibre is available in your area. This is easy to do, you simply need to enter your postcode on the website and you’ll get an answer instantly. 

    If you’re considering download speeds of up to 1Gbps and are outside Virgin Fibre’s coverage, try our leased line quote tool to find a provider. 

    leased line comparison


    Installation costs

    Another factor to consider is that you’ll be expected to pay installation costs for your Voom Fibre broadband. Installation is free with many providers as it’s a more simple job, but there’s extra construction involved with a Virgin Fibre connection. 

    The minimum figure quoted for installation is £50, but this depends on your location and the amount of construction required to install your broadband. This figure could rise considerably, so if budget is an issue make sure you speak to their team to find out how much this is likely to cost. 


    Contract length


    The contract length for business broadband can vary between 12 months and 24 months. In this case, Virgin Media Business’ standard contract length is 24 months. 

    If you do require a shorter contract, you can add this as a bolt-on for the top three tiers of Voom Fibre for an extra fee of £10 per month. 


    Continue your search for the best business phone and broadband provider 

    As well as Virgin business broadband and phone, we recommend researching several providers before you make a decision, which is why we’ve built a guide to help you understand different business phone and broadband options. You’ll find out more about the different types of broadband, phone lines, VoIP and how to find the best broadband and phone deals. 


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