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    TalkTalk Business Broadband

    Finding the right broadband deal can be a minefield. With many packages offered by different providers, you often need a clear guide to help you get through them and decide which one is the best for you. This is why our group of experts have agreed to come together and produce an extensive guide on all of the different TalkTalk business broadband deals ideal for small, medium or large companies.

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    What TalkTalk Business Broadband deals are there?

    Depending on the type of business you are – whether you’re a work from home business, a small start-up or a large business that needs fast fibre speeds – TalkTalk has a broadband deal for you that you can tailor according to your needs.

    Small businesses

    For small businesses, TalkTalk offers a Simply Business Broadband package deal.

    With the Simply Business package, you can receive speeds of up to 18Mbps. Simply Business may be perfect for a business that doesn’t have internet needs beyond downloading new applications or work documents. However, in today’s society, more enterprises are internet-based, and they may need much higher speeds. An insufficient package could hinder your business from performing optimally and lead to many disgruntled employees struggling to get through their workloads.

    The Simply Business package also includes unlimited business broadband so that you don’t have to keep an eye on usage rates. It also offers a free Static or Dynamic IP according to your preference, as well as a security service – WorkSafe – that puts your mind at ease from the risk that potential hackers or malware poses in regards to interfering with businesses broadband. The Simply Business package also includes:

    - UK based technical support.

    - A WiFi Hub for your business.

    Mid – large-sized businesses

    For bigger businesses, TalkTalk offers the Complete Business Broadband package.

    The Complete Business package offers speeds of 18Mbps. 18Mbps isn’t ideal for a more significant business that is bound to have more internet users all trying to use and download on the network at any given time. It could lead to problems such as buffering and lost connections that can reduce productivity.

    However, this package is unique as it allows for unlimited landline and mobile calls based in the UK. Unlimited landline and mobile calls is a useful feature as some UK businesses still reach out to clients or providers in this way. The feature removes the need for business administrators to keep a constant eye on how many minutes are being used each day. However, you have to wonder whether it’s entirely relevant for the internet-based businesses that are more popular right now? They mightn’t even use a landline phone at all.

    Another distinguishable feature is that it is helpful if you want to move your premises – which is expected as businesses expand and often outgrow their old base – it includes one premise move for your broadband.

    After considering these features, the Complete package offers users the same features as the Simply Business one.

    TalkTalk business broadband

    Simply Superfast Fibre

    For those that need higher broadband speeds than 18Mbps, there’s the Simply Superfast Fibre package deal. The deal offers users higher rates of fibre, specifically 58Mbps more, as this package, in particular, gives businesses 76Mbps. 76Mbps is perfect for internet-based firms who need a network that can handle higher downloading demands, etc.

    The Simply Superfast Fibre package as standard also includes features such as Pay as you go calls so that you’re only paying for the calls that you do make. Again, this is ideal for internet-based businesses who usually use emails, etc., for their primary method of communication, not phone calls.

    Complete Superfast Fibre

    However, if you’re a business that needs more from your deal, the Complete Superfast Fibre package is available. Complete Superfast offers the same amount of speed with 76Mbps, and a lot of the other same features as the Simply Superfast Fibre package deal, including:

    - A new business Wi-Fi Hub.

    - A choice between a Static or a Dynamic IP address.

    - WorkSafe security that addresses your concerns.

    - UK based support that can address your broadband concerns.

    But if you’re a business that still has a heavy dependency on both internet and the telephone, this package is the one for you as it includes unlimited UK and landline calls.

    There’s also peace of mind if you decide to move premises as your broadband moves with you, reducing potential headaches.

    TalkTalk Business Contact Number

    If you’d like to get in touch with TalkTalk directly about setting up a contract package, contact this number: 0333 733 8050. Amvia are a wholesale provider of TalkTalk. Our experts are happy to provide more information about any of the packages mentioned above. Access bulk buying deals through Amvia with TalkTalk now and save up to 42%.

    For more information feel free to contact a member of our team today.

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