Microsoft Office 365 Support

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    Microsoft Office 365 Support

    If you're having trouble with your Microsoft 365 account, read on to learn more about Microsoft Support and how you can contact them.

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    How do I get Microsoft 365 support?

    There are several ways to get Microsoft Support:

    1. Microsoft Community

    If you've got any Microsoft service or product-related questions, the Microsoft Community can help. Comprising of knowledgeable members, Microsoft Community allows all users to interact and share their solutions.

    How can you utilise Microsoft Community?

    • Create an account on Microsoft Community for free and use the search engine to find solutions and answers to millions of questions.

    • If you've got a Microsoft-related question that doesn't already exist, post it on Microsoft Community. You need to make sure that you articulate your question clearly. Once you receive replies to your question, the community will notify you via email.

    • Choose the best solution for you from the answers provided.

    • Be rewarded with badges for being an active contributor.

    You may have to adhere to specific guidelines on Microsoft Community. For example, some of the guidelines for the Microsoft Edge Community are as follows:

    • Be respectful: Demonstrate high levels of respect towards Microsoft employees, members of the community, support agents, and volunteer moderators.

    • Low-quality posts are not allowed. Low-quality posts include topics with minimal discussion merit.

    • Post your ideas and opinions in a constructive way. Don't hesitate to add yourself to a conversation. If you feel that someone has answered the question incorrectly, remain tactful. Do not get into arguments or provoke anyone.

    • Bear in mind that the majority of the Microsoft Community members are not employees or associated with the Microsoft organisation. Instead, they're unpaid volunteers who are offering up hours of their time to offer their assistance.

    • Do not post your own or any other's personal information; this includes phone numbers, addresses, or credit card numbers. If a user does ask for the data mentioned above, report the message immediately. To report a message, click the Report Abuse button below the post.

    • Do not begin a thread in one forum and post it again for a faster reply.

    • Do not post using a disruptive style such as in all caps lock.

    • Failure to follow the guidelines may result in either a temporary or permanent ban from the community.

    Microsoft Office 365 Support

    2. Microsoft 365 support for home

    Whether it's for Microsoft 365 Personal or Microsoft 365 Family, you can get all your questions answered and problems solved from the comfort of your own home. You can use the search box on the Microsoft 365 website to find a solution, get support from the Microsoft Community, or get in touch with a Microsoft Store Associate for more information.

    3. Microsoft 365 support for business

    Like with Microsoft 365 support for home, there are several support options for businesses, which include:

    • Online support: Begin your request online by going to the admin centre. If you can't access this page, you're not an admin. Click Contact Support. Enter a detailed description of your concern, your ideal contact method, then click 'Contact me'.

    • Phone support: Admins need to have their account details ready before they call. Technical support is 24/7, while billing support is from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

    4. Report scams

    If you've been contacted via email, unsolicited phone calls or pop-up messages by someone claiming that they're from or affiliated with Microsoft and you believe that it's a scam, you can fill in a form to report it. The information that you provide will help Microsoft during the investigation and take appropriate action.

    5. Microsoft Store Support

    Visit an online or physical store for help with a Microsoft product or service you've previously bought or support when choosing a new one.

    How do I contact Microsoft technical support?

    With Microsoft 365, you can get technical support through chat or phone for Windows 10 subscriptions and all the included apps.

    Any Office 2019 products include technical support for up to 60 days. After 60 days, support agents can help you decide between older versions of Office and Office 2019:

    • Option 1: You can pay a support charge, a one-time payment, and the price will vary depending on your location.

    • Option 2: You can upgrade to a later product like Microsoft 365.

    What is the Microsoft support phone number?

    1. Microsoft 365 for business

    For Microsoft 365 for business, you'll have to go through the PIN-based verification step for verification purposes. Contact the Microsoft team from a number that's not registered to your organisation. The Microsoft support agent will send a verification code to the registered number or email address on your Microsoft 365 profile. You'll need to provide this code so that the support agent can give you access to your organisation's account.

    • If you're living or based in the US, call 1 800 865 9408.

    • If you're living or based in Australia, call 1 800 197 503.

    • If you're living or based in Canada, call 1 800 865 9408.

    • If you're living or based in the UK, call 0800 032 6417.

    If the support number for your region or country isn't stated above, you can use the drop-down menu on Microsoft Support to find it. All you need to do is choose your region or country from the options listed.

    2. Analyst and journalist enquiries

    If you're an analyst or journalist, get in touch with the Microsoft Media Hotline on 0845 602 5628. Alternatively, you can send them an email at

    3. For general customer support on Outlook, Windows, Hotmail, or other Microsoft services or products, call 0344 800 2400.

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