Leased Line Internet Access: Does Your Business Need It?

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    If you have a business with multiple high-level users of the internet and require speed, capacity and non-stop connectivity then a leased line maybe the best option for you.

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    Unlike standard home broadband where you share a line with your neighbours, a leased line is a line dedicated to your business alone. If you are sharing a line with your neighbours, then the amount of bandwidth available to you varies depending on how many other people are using the service at the same time. At busy times speed is reduced.

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    If a line serves your business alone then you are able to maintain a steady and consistent speed and ensure a greater level of security due to the privacy achieved by not having to share the line.

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    Depending on the services available in your area you can pay for anything from a 10-megabyte leased line right up to 10 gigabytes. Your upload and download capability will be symmetrical which is great if you are hosting a website and uploading a lot of content. It is also useful if remote workers are logging in to your business’s servers.

    By taking out a leased line you will also find that video calls will have less lag, also known as latency, and as a rule customer service and technical support is easier to access and available around the clock whenever you need it.

    Is a leased line right for me?

    Unless you have money to burn you need to be very sure that a leased line would be advantageous enough to justify the cost as this is a very expensive option. You could be paying several hundred pounds every month in addition to a hefty bill for installation. However, if a strong reliable internet connection is crucial for your businesses and if it improves the efficiency, security and reliability of your company then it is a wise spend.

    Leased lines are particularly useful if you have:

    • Large Offices with numerous employees
    • Regular transference of high volumes of data
    • A business which involves financial trading
    • A busy website containing lots of content
    • A need for round the clock internet that is used by many people

    Reasons to choose a leased line

    If you are willing to invest in the quality of your internet connection with a view to improving the efficiency and privacy of your business, then there are many reasons to choose a leased line. Here are a few of them:

    • Symmetry - fantastic download speeds with matching speeds for uploads. Some suppliers, including BT, boast speeds of up to 10 gigabytes.
    • You don't have to share! Therefore you won't experience any fluctuation in the speed throughout the day.
    • During months when you know you will be less busy, you may be able to reduce the bandwidth that you are paying for and only optimise bandwidth during hectic times of the year. Check that your supplier offers this option if it applies to your business.
    • Reduced latency or lag in video calling, making for more efficient, and less frustrating communication. • Enhanced security thanks to the privacy of an individual line.
    • Service level agreements mean that your provider is contractually obliged to ensure that you receive the speed and service that you were promised. If they fail to provide this, you may be entitled to receive compensation
    • Leased Lines are usually partnered with static IP addresses as part of the package.


    What are the downsides of a leased line?

    An important part of any decision-making process is considering the cons as well as the pros. Leased lines are hugely advantageous to business but there are a few downsides:

    • The cost. Leased lines are expensive. They can cost hundreds of pounds per month which is a not insignificant addition to your outgoings.
    • Installation can take several months compared to standard broadband which is usually available to you within a couple of weeks.
    • A leased line requires physical installation which can be a nuisance to arrange.
    • Leased lines don't usually include a landline phone number. You would need to arrange your own phone lines if needed, which can lead to increased cost and inconvenience.

    Now you have more information about what leased lines can offer your business, and the downsides too, you’ll be in a much better position to make the right decision for your specific needs.

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