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    Once you’ve decided a leased line is right for your business, it’s time to see what’s out there. Usually, researching the best leased line quote takes time, especially if you need to call suppliers and manually compare between them. 

    But it doesn’t have to take hours or days to find the right supplier. With a free quote using Amvia’s live leased line checker, you’ll be able to see what’s available in minutes.

    How to get a free leased line quote

    It’s not always easy to get a quote for a leased line. Most leased line suppliers don’t list their prices online, and when they do it’s often as a ‘starting at’ figure. This makes it hard to compare suppliers and plans. 

    To help you find the best deals, we’ve created a free leased line quote tool. It makes the whole process smoother by saving you time, energy and frustration. Our whole market search brings you quotes in moments, so you can compare leased line costs online in seconds. 

    If you’re ready to start the search for a great deal on your leased line, try our free leased line quote tool now. 

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    What should you look for in a leased line quote? 

    Now, you have an easy way to find quotes for your leased line. But what should you be looking for when you compare leased line costs, and how do you decide which is right for you? 

    Here we’ll take you through some of the deciding factors and how they influence which leased line quote is best.

    Leased Line Supplier

    Different leased line suppliers operate across the country You’ll find you have more choice in some areas than others. For most of the areas we’ve compared recently the top quotes came from three main suppliers – CityFibre, TalkTalk Business and BT Wholesale. 

    For many businesses we speak to, price is a major factor in which supplier they choose. This isn’t always the case though, as you may have a particular affinity for one provider over another. When there’s a small difference in price it’s helpful to look at other ways suppliers differ. This can include their service level agreement (SLA), how they fare in online reviews and recommendations from other businesses.

    Leased Line Speed

    Before you look for quotes it’s a good idea to know how much bandwidth you’re likely to need. You can find leased lines available in speeds from 10Mb to 10Gb, with plenty of options in between. 

    Right now, 100Mb leased lines are popular with businesses. They offer you a decent balance between speed and affordability, with prices starting at £260 per month on a three-year term. To understand more about different speeds, read our recent guide to leased line speeds and costs across the UK.

    leased line quote tool

    Leased Line Costs

    As you look for quotes for your leased line, one of the main factors you’ll be considering is the cost. Leased lines are available on yearly terms, but many can be paid for on a monthly rental basis.

    Leased line pricing does vary slightly across the country, but largely it’s similar. Here’s a quick look at some costs for a postcode in Manchester.

    Average Leased Line Costs in Manchester

    You’ll see that it’s actually more affordable to invest in a 100Mb leased line than a 30Mb leased line. That’s because CityFibre, the cheapest quote from 100Mb onwards, doesn’t offer a 30Mb or 50Mb leased line in that area. It’s worth running a few searches on our free leased line quote tool find the best deal.

    For a full look at costs, read our in-depth guide to leased line costs in the UK. You’ll find examples of costs across the UK, as well as what influences them.

    Installation Costs

    Along with your monthly rental cost, you also need to know about any installation charges. As installing a leased line involves new infrastructure, there’s usually a cost associated with this. 

    Providers will have a starting cost for installation of leased line connections – this can be in the region of £500–1,000. The figure can rise if the installation is tricky, so this is something to bear in mind. A surveyor will be able to advise whether excess construction charges (ECC) are likely to apply. 

    Many suppliers will waive installation costs for a three-year term, so compare the quotes and see if this works out more cost-effective for you. 


    Most leased line providers offer contracts for one year, two years or three years. With three-year quotes, you’ll find installation costs are waived. 

    If you’re ready to commit to a leased line with some certainty, a longer contract is a good option. With no installation costs, this often makes it a more attractive prospect than a two-year term.

    When you compare quotes with our search tool, we’ll ask you for your preferred contract term. This means you’ll be able to easily compare instant leased line quotes on a like-for-like basis, without the confusion of contracts with different lengths. 

    Find the best deal on your leased line

    You’re only a few steps away from a great deal on your new leased line or renewal. To kick things off, get a free leased line quote and see what you could save. All you need is your postcode, desired speed and contract length – our technology will do the rest. 

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