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    Email security software

    With email security risks continuing to rise, businesses need quality email security software to protect themselves against threats. From phishing and spam to viruses, attacks are varied. As a result, companies need to invest in reliable security software that will address specific threats. Read on to learn all about email security software, how it can help your business, and the best email security software options available today.

    email security

    What is email security software?


    Email security is a phrase used to describe the need to adopt different techniques and procedures to protect your email accounts, computers, and content against loss and unauthorised access.

    Email is a common way to spread spam, malware, and phishing attacks. In response, email security software allows companies to protect their email addresses from data leaks and email threats.

    Is free email security software any good?

    We’ve put together a list of available security features that email security software tends to offer:

    • Minimise phishing attacks

    • Analyse and filter all incoming emails to block suspicious content

    • Some email security software is cloud-based

    • Options available to prevent data loss

    We’ve also put together a list of email security software that is free to use for the user.


    Mailcleaner states that their software gets rid of approximately 95% of spam and viruses. Offering a gateway to protect your inbox, Mailcleaner is free, high-quality, and easy to install.


    Scrollout software has multi-layer security levels that are easy to use. Not only does it include security features, but it will also deploy spam traps and verify the sender’s IP address.

    Promox Mail Gateway

    This email security software is designed to be incredibly user-friendly, and they claim that they take care of every threat, including phishing, Trojans, spam, and viruses, for free. How? A mail proxy is installed to control all the emails from one platform.

    Comodo KoruMail

    KoruMail is a threat prevention and anti-spam appliance that you can use free of cost. It uses spam filters and content scanners to get rid of suspicious emails from even getting into your network.

    As you can see above, there is a wide selection of free email security software available for you to access and use. So, you can add a layer of protection to your emails. Ultimately, however, a paid email security software will offer more security features than a free one. It’s up to you to decide which option is most feasible for you by considering your demand and budget.

    email security software

    What is the best email security software for Microsoft 365?

    The top email security software for Microsoft 365 include the following:

    • Barracuda Essentials

    • ESET

    • Avanan

    • SpamTitan

    • Mimecast


    • Menlo Security

    • Agari

    • Microsoft Defender for Office 365

    • Microsoft Compliance Center

    • Email Security for Office 365

    • Cisco

    Read on to learn more about some of the best email security software for Microsoft 365 below:


    An international leader in email security software, Barracuda helps protect more than 100,000 businesses across the globe. A cloud-based secure email software, Barracuda essentials, are designed and created to preserve SME businesses that use Microsoft Office 365 from email threats.

    Barracuda Essentials also helps with encryption, email archiving, and data loss prevention, a powerfully secure security software. Using multi-layered email security, Barracuda prevents phishing, spam, and malware attacks. They also offer several threat protection features to stop email threats.

    Did you know that Barracuda has one of the highest threat accuracy ratings from all the leading email security software vendors? Their service also includes URL defence to block malicious and harmful email links when you click them.

    Barracuda, email security software, is straightforward to use with Microsoft Office 365. As the software sits in front of Office 365, all your emails will be scanned and automatically isolated. Even outbound emails are routed through Proofpoint to prevent the leaking of confidential data.


    With Avanan, you have full-suit protection for all your collaborative apps from account takeover, ransomware, supply chain attacks, and BEC. They even have an incredible catch rate at 99.2% reduction in phishing attacks from entering your inbox.


    ESET email security software has developed anti-phishing, anti-spam, and host server protection in-house. Combined with machine learning and human expertise, ESET has become an award-winning email security platform.


    Cisco, email security software, allows users to interact safely and helps businesses combat BEC (Business Email Compromise), advanced malware, ransomware, data loss, and spam using a multi-layered approach to email security.

    email security

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