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    A large-scale investment in the form of a full CityFibre network has come to Edinburgh, and as you’re now part of a Gigabit City, you can take advantage to bring immense power to your business. 

    This high speed, seamlessly connected full-fibre broadband allows you to be more productive, win a competitive advantage and enjoy uninterrupted connectivity to run your business smoothly.

    CityFibre prices

    CityFibre allows businesses and public sector premises in Edinburgh to be part of the digital transformation of the city, enabling future growth and innovation through high speed, reliable and secure connections.


    What makes CityFibre better?

    Traditionally, fibre broadband services have been available as a FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) connection. This is where fibre optic cable is used for most of the journey, but after reaching your local cabinet the line changes to use copper cable.

    It’s this switch to copper cable at the cabinet that can slow down your connection. An alternative to this is ‘full fibre’ broadband, where the entire route from start to finish uses fibre optic cables. This is also known as FTTP (fibre to the premises).

    CityFibre is a full-fibre broadband connection that uses fibre optic technology to deliver speeds up to a Gigabit (1000 Mbps) to your premises. There’s no copper cabling involved, so you’re able to unlock higher speeds and greater reliability for your business broadband.

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    How can CityFibre help your business in Edinburgh?

    Edinburgh was the UK’s first capital Gigabit City when the network launched in 2015, creating the opportunity for up to 9,400 businesses to access fast, full-fibre broadband.

    With this kind of technology at your doorstep, you might be wondering what it offers you above a more traditional connection and how it can help your business to stay competitive.

    One of the most popular reasons to invest in CityFibre broadband is that you can access superfast, reliable internet that allows you to run your operations smoothly and without interruption. This is especially valuable for businesses that rely heavily on connected services to carry out essential activities, or where there’s a greater reliance on a steady, uninterrupted service.

    Investing in CityFibre can also help you to plan for the future, and it’s often more affordable than you think. You can choose a connection from anywhere between 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps at a fixed monthly cost, allowing you to budget for and select a broadband package that’s perfectly matched to your needs. And when your business grows and you need to increase capacity it’s easy to make changes to your plan.


    Which is better, Ethernet or GPON?


    What is a GPON CityFibre connection?

    CityFibre’s GPON (Gigabyte Passive Optical Network) is a full-fibre technology that is cost-effective, making fast, reliable broadband accessible to thousands of businesses.

    GPON is cost-effective as it’s delivered over a shared (or contended) line, where the connection is shared with a number of other premises. On the CityFibre network, this is limited to eight premises, where you’re unlikely to notice any difference in service even if all premises are using maximum capacity.

    We can offer two service speeds through CityFibre GPON – 500 Mbps or 1 Gbps, allowing you to choose the option which best suits your needs and budget.


    What is an Ethernet CityFibre connection?

    CityFibre’s Ethernet connection brings you high-speed broadband through a dedicated (or uncontended) line. This means that the line serves only your business, so there’s no impact on your connection or speed due to the usage of others.

    It’s this dedicated, highly reliable aspect of Ethernet that makes it a popular choice for businesses that desire greater reliability and an uninterrupted service. You can also customise your service by choosing any speed that you need, starting at 100 Mbps.


    CityFibre Ethernet with Amvia

    If you need a full-fibre broadband service that offers you the greatest level of reliability, CityFibre Ethernet with Amvia is a great choice.

    This type of connection allows you to benefit from a dedicated line with no interruptions or reductions in speed, which is perfect for businesses that rely heavily on cloud-based services to communicate, process transactions and keep things running smoothly. It’s also a popular choice with businesses that conduct a lot of business through video calls or VoIP, where a steady connection means you never have to worry about the call dropping or video buffering.

    As well as the practical benefits of greater speeds and an uninterrupted connection, CityFibre Ethernet allows you to futureproof your connection. It’s easy to make changes to your plan and increase your capacity, so you’re able to grow your business confident that your connection can support you. The network itself is also capable of virtually unlimited speeds, so in the future you can benefit from advances in technology to maintain a competitive advantage.

    Benefits of CityFibre Ethernet_


    CityFibre GPON with Amvia

    For businesses that want to take advantage of the CityFibre network but don’t require a dedicated line, CityFibre GPON with Amvia is an excellent choice.

    As it doesn’t require the installation of a dedicated line, GPON is a more cost-effective way to power your business with full-fibre broadband. The shared connection is limited to no more than eight premises, so you’ll experience superfast speeds and a consistent connection - even when there’s a lot of demand on the line.

    This type of connection is a popular way to upgrade your business broadband for a better connected, more reliable service that allows your business to grow, thrive and adapt for the future.

    Benefits of CityFibre GPON


    How much does CityFibre Internet in Edinburgh cost?

    It’s easy to discover the cost of CityFibre internet for your business in Edinburgh. You can use our free quote tool below and we’ll display details on the best deals for you. Enter your postcode, preferred line speed and length of contract to find out what’s available to you.

    Most locations can access leased lines through various providers, but CityFibre comes up first as the most cost-effective option.

    If we use the City of Edinburgh Council headquarters (EH1 1YJ) as an example, you’ll find that CityFibre is quoted at £411 per month. This is more affordable than the £465 per month quoted by TalkTalk Business and the £673 per month quoted by BT. Over a year you’re looking at a saving of at least £1,900 if you choose CityFibre. These quotes are based on a three-year contract on a 500 Mbps line.


    Limited offer: reduced price CityFibre 100/100Mbps Ethernet from just £195*

    Until the end of September, we’re offering 100Mbps CityFibre Ethernet on a 100Mb bearer from just £195*

    Call us today to find out more about how you can get a CityFibre connection even cheaper – 0333-733-8050.

    *price after voucher scheme reduction has been applied.


    Funding available through the Gigabit Voucher Scheme

    Your business may be eligible to apply for up to £3,000 in grant funding towards a Gigabit-capable connection installation, through the Gigabit Voucher Scheme from the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS).

    Criteria for the grant funding includes:

    • Fewer than 249 employees
    • Annual turnover below £50m and/or a balance sheet less than £43m
    • Must not be a subsidiary or under the control of a larger entity 

    There’s also the potential for rural businesses to unlock additional funding through the scheme.

    Call us on 0333-733-8050 to talk through the scheme and check your eligibility. We’ll ask you a few questions and can let you know within minutes if you can apply - we’ll even handle the application for you if you prefer.


    CityFibre prices

    How to get CityFibre for your business in Edinburgh

    With a CityFibre network available to thousands of businesses in Edinburgh, it makes sense to invest in the technology to power your business.

    As specialist CityFibre provider, our team of experts can advise on the best connection type for your business and supply you with the best deal for your full-fibre broadband.

    If you’d like to take the next step towards a faster, more reliable connection for your business, use our comparison search tool above or speak to us today on 0333-733-8050.

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