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    BT Business Mobile

    BT is one of the UK’s leading telecommunications providers and offers an excellent mobile network service, too. Although BT sold their BT business mobiles network division to competitor O2 in 2000, they repurchased it in 2015 and have provided an exceptional service ever since. BT Mobile is a powerhouse that helps all types of business mobile deals, people and companies, from small businesses to international organisations like NATO.

    best business mobile deals

    BT Mobile tends to offer the most reliable 4G and 5G network coverage across the UK, which is great if you travel or move around often. Moreover, BT Business Mobile phones offer some of the fastest download speeds of any mobile provider and a suite of extra features like Wi-Fi calling and free hotspots across the nation.

    There are a few downsides to BT Mobile’s service, however. A lack of any brick-and-mortar stores means that you can only deal with BT via telephone or online. They also have a less-than-stellar customer service team with a reputation for poor complaints handling.

    BT Mobile is an excellent all-around mobile network provider with a range of features to empower your usage. This article will break down the services they offer to help you decide whether or not they are the right provider for you.

    What BT Mobile offers

    Being one of the UK’s leading telecommunications companies certainly makes it easier for BT to offer a range of excellent features through BT business deals. You get the most value if you have other services through BT, such as your broadband, television or other BT business phone deals like landlines. On its own, BT Mobile is quite pricey compared to the competition - but if you are already with BT for other services, you can stand to save a good chunk of money.

    BT Mobile mainly offers SIM-only deals to their customers that allow you to use your existing handset. However, there are a few smartphone contracts available with BT Mobile, they are few and far between. Their SIM-only plans are an excellent offer, though, starting at just £8 per month.

    BT Business Mobiles

    SIM-only plans by BT Mobile

    One of BT’s strongest offerings is their BT Business SIM-only plans, which are incredible value for money and start at just £8 per month. You can even save 20% of each additional BT Business phone you add, which is excellent if you are looking to sign up friends, family or co-workers.

    As well as all of the deals included as standard with BT business mobile SIM-only deals - if you are a BT business mobile broadband customer, you can save an additional £5 per month on their mobile plans. This is an excellent option for small business owners looking to build their own BT business contracts.

    What’s more, BT broadband customers save £5 a month on their existing mobile plans. Small business owners can also build their plans, and if you have five or more employees, you are eligible for several offers including:

    • Mobile Sharer – Create a personalised plan that includes unlimited UK minutes, texts and data for all devices.

    • T One Phone Professional – Enjoy the functionality and power of an office phone with the freedom of a mobile packed with business features.

    BT Mobile’s network and customer service

    BT doesn’t have a dedicated phone network for mobile phones and is a virtual provider. Even though they don’t have their own network available, they do still offer exceptional nationwide coverage that includes solid 2G, 3G and 4G thanks to EE’s infrastructure.

    4G and 5G data is probably BT Mobile’s strongest feature because no other UK networks cover as much physical landmass with their network as BT. That means you have a much better chance of receiving a solid, high-quality connection in more rural areas of the nation. 3G is also well-distributed by BT Mobile, putting it on par with competitors like O2 and Vodafone across the UK.

    BT’s biggest failing seems to be their customer support, which has grown a reputation for being hit-or-miss when it comes to helping customers. They don’t have their own stores to keep prices down, but that means you are dependent on over-the-phone or online customer service. If you do need to get in touch, you can contact them via their website or by calling 0800 800 150 (or 150 from a BT mobile phone).

    Summary of BT Mobile

    PROS – Great coverage, good variety of business plans, shared employee plans, unlimited BT Wi-Fi access

    CONS – No stores, hit-and-miss customer service

    Value for Money – 3.5/5

    Coverage & speed – 4/5

    Customer support – 3/5

    Value for Money – 3.5/5

    best business mobile deals

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