How Much Does A 1Gb Leased Line Cost?

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    You may be upgrading your leased line, or you may be using a Gigabit Connection voucher to future-proof your business. If you're looking for how much a 1Gb leased line costs then you're in the right place.

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    In this guide you will get an insight into the fair market rate for a 1Gb leased line in the major cities across the UK. All of the pricing was based on a 1Gb line on a 1Gb bearer. The contract term used was 36 months and there were no installation fees applicable to any of these quotes.

    This Is How Much A 1Gb Leased Line Costs In 2018:

    1gb leased line cost.png

    Bradford & London

    Bradford & London have the most competitive 1Gbps monthly rental costs. In Bradford we were able to get a quote for £495.00/month, London was slightly more expensive at £501.22.

    Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Edinburgh & Bristol

    InManchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Edinburgh & Bristol a 1Gb line will cost between £527.56/month and £633.45/month.


    Liverpool has the highest 1Gb leased line monthly rental costing a whopping £729.17/month.

    A Leased Line Comparison Can Save You Money

    All of the prices we used to compile this pricing were sourced via quotes from BT, Virgin, TalkTalk, Vodafone and SSE. One of the easiest and most effective ways to get the most competitive 1Gb leased line quote is to make a whole of market comparison. This enables you to view comparitive quotes side-by-side and determine the provider offering the best value at your location. Amvia has developed a tool called AmviaSearch™ which enables you to make a comparison of the market in seconds.

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    Compare Fibre Internet Prices In Real Time At Your Location

    Introducing AmviaSearch - The Fastest Way To Get The Best Business Fibre Deal Online


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