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Check out the G.Fast packages available to you

160Mbps Gfast


  • 160Mbps download speed
  • 30Mbps upload speed
  • Zyxel DX3301 router
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Business only traffic
  • £175 one off set-up


  • 330Mbps download speed
  • 50Mbps upload speed
  • Zyxel DX3301 router
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Business only traffic
  • £175 one off set-up


If your business is in an FTTC enabled area and you are located up to 500m from the cabinet, you could receive broadband speeds of up to 300Mbps without installing fibre.


What is Gfast? is a type of technology that increases the speed of broadband over copper. Being in a Gfast area means that if your business is in an FTTC enabled area and you are up to 500m from the cabinet, you could receive broadband speeds of up to 500Mbps without installing fibre.

G fast works by speeding up the copper link from the FTTC cabinet to your location. There's no requirement to dig fibre so that you can get a significant increase in speed cost-effectively.

G Fast is available up to 300Mbps. To get the increased speed, you need to run an availability check on your existing broadband line. If is accessible, you can then place an order to apply G-fast to your line, and in a matter of a few days, you'll be enabled and enjoying ultra-fast broadband.

Why get G.Fast? is a cost-effective way to increase your speed without having to make a costly investment in getting fibre to your business with FTTP or a leased line. The SLAs aren't as good as those you'll find with a leased line, but the costs are far less too. If you want more speed while maintaining the low overhead costs of business broadband, is an excellent option to explore.


How fast is Gfast? speeds range from 500Mbps to under 100Mbps. The determining factor is the distance from the Openreach cabinet. can undoubtedly increase your ADSL or FTTC broadband speed by using a new type of VDSL technology. VDSL might leave you asking how much faster will my speed improve? The simple answer to this question is determined by the length of copper wire the is enabled over. In the graph, you can see how distance is a significant factor in the download speed you'll get from


gfast download speeds


If you are within 100m of the distribution point and your copper line is <100m in length, could deliver speeds of 500Mbps. If you are within 150m, the speed estimate drops to 300Mbps. Extending distance to 200m, the estimated download speed drops to 250Mbps. Within 300m, you can expect rates to be over 125Mbps. At 400m, the g-fast speeds drop to 100Mbps.

Download speeds offered by are significantly higher than those provided by other VDSL technologies such as FTTC. You can check your location now by using the checker.

How do you know which providers are at your location?

AmviaSearch™ uses APIs to connect to most UK fibre providers. AmviaSearch constantly receives updates about fibre availability.

If you are in an area that has FTTC enabled and you are within 500m of the cabinet, you should be able to get Just start an availability check on this page to find out for sure.

You'll get the estimated speed when you check with Amvia. We can measure your line length, which will allow us to inform you of the expected rate you'll attain.

Can I use G Fast for VoIP?

VoIP traffic will benefit from G Fast. The increased speed means that you should have more capacity to improve the quality of your voice calls.

Do I need a particular router for G.Fast?

Yes, routers are specially designed to operate across a enabled network. You can choose to buy an unmanaged router or buy a fully managed router solution with Amvia.

How much does cost?

The cost of Gfast is under £80/month, which makes it an ideal, cost-effective alternative to FTTP or a leased line.

We work with all of the funding bodies that subsidise the installation of high-speed broadband to businesses in the UK. We will check if you can receive funding and advise you accordingly.

Why make a Gfast comparison?

Over 50 UK fibre providers provide It isn't easy to know which providers are available at or near to your business location. The AmviaSearch™ G Fast checker makes finding which providers can service your business easy.

AmviaSearch™ doesn't just identify the providers that can service your business. You will also instantly get the prices for the Gfast service at your location. It is time-consuming to get quotes from each provider. Let AmviaSearch™ find all providers at your site and source the best price for you.

Amvia has wholesale discounts with all the major UK fibre broadband providers. These discounts are incorporated into the pricing you will receive. It is often much cheaper to buy through Amvia than directly from the telecoms network.

Using Amvia has the added benefit that when you choose the service you require, Amvia will manage the procurement, provisioning and installation for you free of charge. You pick the service and relax while Amvia handles the carrier installation.

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