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    Firstline workers make up the most significant portion of the workforce, and they are the first point of contact for customers. They are also often the first to see how products and services work, and they are the primary representatives of your brand.

    With digital technology, the entire work experience is transforming, boosting productivity to never-before-seen levels. Success in this landscape depends entirely on your people and the tools you provide for them, creating an employee experience conducive to success.

    Microsoft 365 F3 is a powerful resource to help get all this right.

    Microsoft 365 F3

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    What is included in Microsoft 365 F3?

    The F3 license is available for Microsoft 365. It aims to empower your Firstline Workers to be able to offer a higher standard of service to customers and be more connected to your company and its culture. The package includes:

    • Office for the web plus mobile apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook)
    • Outlook with 2GB storage for every user
    • Microsoft Teams
    • Yammer, SharePoint
    • Power Automate
    • Power Apps
    • Stream (for consumption only
    • Mobile Device Management for Office
    • Active Directory Integration
    • Windows Information Protection
    • Planner and To-Do
    • Microsoft InTune
    • Azure Active Directory (Plan 1)
    • SMS Sign In
    • Advanced Threat Analytics
    • Azure Information Protection P1
    • Windows 10 E3
    • Virtual Desktop Rights
    • Credential Guard
    • Windows Defender
    • Secure Score
    • Security/Compliance Centre
    • Direct Access
    • Windows Hello
    • Device Guard
    • Windows Autopilot
    Essentially, you get the complete Office experience (aside from desktop-only apps) with an expansive suite of cloud features. Your employees will be able to create and manage their schedules and automate many everyday activities. They will get intelligent apps to improve their work efficiency, and things like identity and access management will be scalable. Employees will manage remote and shared devices from Windows 10, and the collaborative and productivity tools will infinitely improve the way your Firstline workers get their jobs done.


    Why do I need the F3 license?

    The Microsoft 365 F3 license is one of the most powerful tools of its kind. If the functionality it provides is a good fit for your business, there are several key benefits it will bring to your organisation.

    Foster culture and community

    Your employees will access collaborative tools that enable them to work together more effectively than ever before. New systems and capabilities will allow individuals to discover new best practices while messaging and calling, and meetings will empower them to share these discoveries with the entire workforce. Every employee will find themselves better connected and engaged with the organisation's culture, and they will be able to transform their ideas into action.

    Train and upskill employees

    Employees can efficiently distribute role-based training content like videos, worksheets and lectures to the relevant members of the workforce. Frontline workers can effectively manage all institutional knowledge from a single, highly secure location where it can be accessed only by the right people. From here, it can be shared to assist practices like training and onboarding.

    Digitise business processes

    Firstline workers can automate a significant number of time-consuming everyday activities to save time and boost productivity. Users can instantly streamline collaboration across boundaries like distance and different departments, and Microsoft F3 can extend the capabilities of Firstline Workers to include everything they need.

    Deliver expertise in real-time

    Any technology gaps currently existing in your organisation can be closed. Connect your Firstline Workers to all the tools and resources they need to get the best out of themselves and provide them with the knowledge and expertise they need to master this new technology quickly so that users can implement it.

    microsoft 365 f3

    Reduce risk and costs

    Microsoft will protect your Firstline workforce with identity-driven security solutions. The tools include comprehensive app, device and service management, so there will be fewer costly breaches and other security lapses thanks to some of the most advanced security features in the world.

    When do you need Microsoft 365 F3?

    The F3 license is specifically targeted at organisations that want to offer email and cloud storage to their Firstline workers. Suppose your 'deskless' Firstline Workers suffer from limitations to what they can do because they lack a centralised, integrated system for collaboration and cloud storage. In that case, the F3 license is for you.

    It is essential, to be honest with yourself about whether you are providing the tools for your workforce to thrive. Listen to what is being said and take stock of any consistent issues and the underlying causes. The F3 license is an affordable and compelling solution for the correct type of organisation. If you need help identifying whether that is you, plenty of experts are available to contact for advice.

    What is the Microsoft 365 F3 pricing in the UK?

    The Microsoft 365 F3 license pricing depends on whom you purchase it. When you go directly to Microsoft, the price is £6.00 per user/month (plus VAT). You are required to make an annual commitment, whereby you can pay for the entire year upfront or pay monthly for a minimum of 12 months.

    Alternatively, you can approach a Microsoft Direct Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP), such as Amvia, to purchase a license. These companies are approved by Microsoft to sell their products and sometimes offer subscriptions at discounted rates. It can be a great way to save money and get support in ensuring you purchase the correct license with the appropriate add-ons for your organisation.


    Microsoft 365 F3 is all about empowering your Firstline Workforce with a range of productivity apps and robust cloud services that enable them to do the best work possible. The license was formerly known as F1, and it connects your employees with purpose-built tools and experiences to boost their collaboration, productivity and general ability to do their jobs.

    There is no better solution out there than Microsoft 365 for creating a cloud-based digital workplace. It's vital to get the right package for your needs, so you will need to seek expert advice from Microsoft or one of their partners before purchasing a license.

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