Amvia provides full leased line fit-out for HotHouse

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Amvia provides full leased line fit-out for HotHou...

HotHouse, the specialist developers, manufacturers and distributors of quality personal care product...


    HotHouse, the specialist developers, manufacturers and distributors of quality personal care products and renowned beauty brands, required a data and phone set-up for their new Sheffield warehouse and Brighouse HQ comprising 50,000 sq ft of combined space.

    The company’s previous connection and communications partner was falling short with their service and support, so Amvia was called on to provide a critical resolution. This was swiftly established in the form of a 100Mbps leased line and Broadcloud phone system fit-out that would cater to the current issues and all developing needs.

    HotHouse – home of British beauty brands

    With ranges including popular household names such as Shades London, Sophie Conran and St. Moriz, HotHouse is a major presence and influence in its markets. What started as an idea and passion to exclusively create new brands manufactured only in the UK, has gone on to gain an enviable presence that now spans the globe – comprising many markets with products distributed through many international retailers.

    And all this success and growth has been achieved in only ten years, which fittingly culminated in the company being crowned the 2018 Queen's Award Winner for International Trade, in recognition for its outstanding results over the past few years in particular.

    They’ve stuck to their principles too – HotHouse, although now a global company, still only concentrates on UK-produced products and maintains full control of their unique development and manufacturing processes.

    It goes without saying that a company of this magnitude and drive would need nothing but the best connectivity and communication support to operate efficiently. After all, Hothouse not only creates, manufactures and distributes all its own brands...

    Such is the company’s vast impression, the beauty and personal care expert also helps other growing brands gain market share and presence in some of the biggest UK and global retailers.

    Broadcloud UC One CommunicatorTo manage this, HotHouse has a strong, experienced sales and marketing team that offers new and upcoming brands the opportunity to be represented and supported in their growth efforts.

    This is just one of the many reasons HotHouse needed to reconsider its connectivity and data options – the support services for new partners includes driving social engagement, running PR activity, managing media strategies, and even the deployment of a dedicated sales team that focuses on driving new brands into new channels. These are all areas that naturally rely on a solid and dependable online infrastructure, especially when you also factor in that HotHouse’s customer service and distribution are all based within their new warehouse facility.

    To deliver and support a wholly more powerful and reliable service, Amvia reviewed the business model, it’s requirements, plus the capabilities and limitations of the new site. The best possible option was then presented.

    After the in-depth business review followed by discussions with the HotHouse team, it was decided that a 100mg leased line using a Cisco router would be the best choice. This was to be supported by a phone system network robust and dependable enough for 40 users across two sites, so the Polycom VVX300 series was the preferred design. Amvia’s Amvoice package – based on Broadsoft cloud communications software was also integrated.

    Broadcloud soft calling appThe advanced cloud setup includes a free soft calling app. Widely used by HotHouse’s sales and marketing teams, it brings the boundless benefit of free UK landline and mobile calls through WiFi – wherever they're working in the world.

    The whole process – from consultation to installation, was seamless. A fitting example came from the fact that, as part of the move, HotHouse was transitioning to online ERP software with Amvia. For this, a pre-installed consistent leased line at the new premises was vital. The business needed to stay fully operational, especially as downtime across stock bookings and accounting was not an option.

    The new setup perfectly complements HotHouse’s new residence and comfortably manages all the heavy data and comms going to and from their busy new hub. Ongoing customer support is also readily available to HotHouse at a moment’s notice.

    The success of the project was best summed up by HotHouse’s Management Accountant, Janine Akid who experienced first-hand Amvia’s renowned customer service:

    “While I appreciate customer service is a priority for the company, I have to say that the service and support we received from Amvia far exceeded any expectations.

    “Their helpful and friendly approach made the transition smooth and I think it’s fair to say they went above and beyond!

    “I would definitely recommend Amvia without any hesitation!”

    HotHouse prides itself on investing in all its brands. And no matter how big it grows, staying close to customers to ensure quality service and impeccable products will always be paramount for this Great British company. The beauty of having more dependable data and voice services is, consistently achieving these levels becomes that much more achievable.

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