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Taylor Bloxham CEO

The Ultimate Guide to Hyperoptic

Life is too fast for slow internet connections. You deserve the best with the hyper-fast full-fibre broadband from Hyperoptic. Free 3-month upgrade on selected monthly plans, x14 faster than the UK's average wired speed. Switch easily with speedy installation and an expert team. Get your quote today, and upgrade your broadband experience.

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Ofcom's website. Award-winning providers ISPA named Hyperoptic Best Superfast Broadband provider six years running. If that doesn't say quality, then their history of award-winning service surely will. In 2020, the provider won 'The Service Award' and 'The Innovation Award' at the Compare The Market Simples Awards. Plus, the Internet Services Providers' Association (ISPA) awarded them Best Customer Service and Best Business in 2019. Not to mention the seven accolades Hyperoptic received in 2018. And if all that's still not enough, then they have thousands of 5-star reviews on TrustPilot you can check out. We could go back further, but you get the picture. Hyperoptic is your one-stop-shop for exceedingly good broadband.


From Eastbourne To Edinburgh

From Eastbourne to Edinburgh, this provider has you covered. Hyperoptic are making investments in cities nationwide to install full-fibre networks, with new locations registering their interest all the time. They have over 100 locations already taking orders and over 400 further sites with installation agreed within the next six months. You can check their Coverage Map to see if Hyperoptic is available in your area.

Full-fibre offers huge 1Gbps+ speeds

Full fibre describes an internet connection that only uses fibre optic cables. Unlike the less efficient Fibre To The Cabinet mode, or FTTC, Hyperoptic provide power straight to the buildings. While other providers offer the fibre optic connection to the street cabinet and then use slower copper cables to each residence, they take their high-speed fibre cables straight to your door. Since Hyperoptic was founded in 2011, they have been investing in the future of broadband. Today, the future has arrived with full-fibre offering 1Gb speeds. Even the UK Government agreed as they stated in a 2017 press release that full-fibre broadband could allow: - hospitals to share HD quality graphics of medical scans in seconds to improve diagnosis speeds; - businesses to reach ever more customers online, increasing transactions by uploading even the largest files quickly and easily; and - school classrooms to see a vast increase in the number of pupils who can stream educational videos at the same time."

Future-proofed business bandwidth

Hyperoptic provide plans for both personal uses and businesses. Whether you're a gamer, a student, an entertainment fiend or working from home, having excellent broadband speeds will blow your mind. You have too much to worry about without stressing over buffering. Hyperoptic even offers a student discount to ensure you get the best price. If you're a business owner, then Hyperoptic is for you. You need a network provider that works as hard as you do and is flexible around your needs. You probably already know the feeling of wasting hours at a time waiting for a lesser service to keep up. Their rock-solid service means that you can work with smarter and hyper-fast speeds, from everyday business operations to the heavy data user. They also have case studies to prove it. As one business owner said: "Moving to full fibre was a game changer for us as business […] it has meant that we can deliver our cloud-based products to customers much faster" (Tom Lawrence, Director at SystemsIT)


Digital Inclusion

Digital inclusion is at the heart of what Hyperoptic do. It's estimated that, in the UK, 11.3 million adults are digitally excluded and that 37% of them live in social housing. Hyperoptic is working with social housing providers and councils to implement the best broadband speeds to those who need it. Their future proof business structure and affordable product scheme ensure no one is left behind. They even offer all the installation equipment and provide a complimentary service for a range of community hubs. Plus, they are a SafeContractor, and SMAS WorkSafe accredited, meaning you can count on the provider to be sustainable and ethical in their practices.

The Hyperhub router is free with any one of Hyperoptic's data plans, saving you the added fees. Plus, their standard installations are usually free of charge for all new customers. Hyper-fast doesn't have to mean hyper-expensive either. They compare their prices to respective providers' customers, including BT, Sky and TalkTalk, and offer a price match guarantee.

Get your quote today. Pick your perfect package with the range of full-fibre broadband and phone deals. Just take a look at the Hyperoptic pricing plans and check the availability in your area. Remember that with Hyperoptic, you can stay flexible, and be assured of no sneaky fees. If you find the same package for less elsewhere, they'll even match the price. Plus, they offer an optional phone service that allows you to keep your current number. Stream, browse and download to your heart's content with a fast and fair deal from Hyperoptic. Get in touch with our expert team and find your new full-fibre provider today.


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