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The Ultimate Guide to Gigaclear

In-depth insight into Gigaclear Gigaclear. An independent UK broadband provider dedicated to bringing outstanding connectivity to rural communities - bridging the digital divide.


Gigaclear is one of the UK's newest and most pioneering providers of ultrafast broadband to rural communities and businesses across the UK.

As a broadband provider dedicated to bridging the huge internet accessibility divide between urban and rural areas, Gigaclear was founded on the principles that you should be able to access the latest broadband speeds no matter where you live in the UK.

Gigaclear's work is funded by a variety of contributors. Principally owned by Infracapital, one of Europe's leading infrastructure investors, Gigaclear networks are developed through both commercial investment and the Broadband Delivery UK programme (BDUK), which is a Government-subsided programme. These investments are a great recognition of the hard work and dedication of Gigaclear workers around the country, working tirelessly to improve the broadband for rural communities anywhere and everywhere.

Covering nearly 100,000 sites across 200 communities

Gigaclear is now the leading full-fibre broadband provider for rural communities across the country, providing fast and reliable access to the internet for households and businesses alike.


At the time of writing, they cover more than 65,000 households and company sites, across more than 200 different rural communities around the UK. With a continually growing customer base as more and more new customers learn about and opt for their services, Gigaclear is on the rise for championing internet accessibility for rural towns.


The provider covers a complete network-to-premises operation, offering the largest of its kind in the UK. Known as an FTTP network, fibre-to-the-premises networks run right up to your door, ready to be connected to devices around your home. With ultrafast broadband capacities, there truly is no better alternative when it comes to equipping your premises with the fastest loading and streaming times available.

You’ll probably know ‘full fibre’ as FTTP (fibre to the premises).

Previously, many households and businesses used copper line networks for their internet access. However, this was quickly outshone by fibre-optic broadband, which was introduced to the first set of households in 2008. While many homes still rely on copper lines for their telephone networks, the capacities of fibre optic have proven to be far better regarding internet streaming and data transfer. The term 'broadband' itself refers to the high-speed connections that carry internet data and all other types of data traffic. Fibre optic cables are made from plastic or glass and transmit your data via pulses of light - which is unbeatable in terms of speed! So fibre-optic broadband is simply the fastest known method of internet connection available.

A focus on the Midlands, the South East, and the South West

Gigaclear homes have access to our state-of-the-art full-fibre network, supplied across 22 counties including the Midlands, the South East, and the South West. The company is always on the lookout for the next rural area with a demand for full-fibre broadband, opting to install improved internet access through one of two investment models: Commercial funding or funding through the BDUK scheme. No matter where Gigaclear install their broadband, they will always consult on those that matter most, whether it be the residents, stakeholders, or local businesses. So rest assured that no work will begin until they have the best route and plan in place, always designed to have minimal disruption on the area. To make day-to-day life as disruption-free as possible, assessments will not only ensure the best route but also determine what equipment is needed before work begins, meaning they won't be bringing more than what's needed to your area (minimising space taken up!). Similarly, they'll do their best to keep their vehicles off the roads as much as possible, rather than ferrying back and forth to pick up more supplies.


What exactly makes Gigaclear different from other providers? Or as the company calls itself, ‘alternative’?

When it comes to installing Gigaclear, the company states they offer something different from some other providers as they provide a choice in models and broadband packages to best suit your needs.

The speeds you can expect to choose from are the:

Superfast 30, Ultrafast 100, Ultrafast 300, Hyperfast 900.

Here's a quick breakdown of each of the models, proving why there's something for everyone:

Superfast 30: 30Mbps upload/download average speed, Smart WiFi Ready

Ultrafast 100: 100Mbps upload/download average speed, Smart WiFi Ready

Ultrafast 300: 300Mbps upload/download average speed, with Smart WiFi

Hyperfast 900: 900Mbps upload/download average speed, with Smart WiFi

Gigaclear also sets itself apart from other broadband providers by offering Smart WiFi. Smart WiFi uses Intelligent Mesh™ Technology to find the fastest path to the internet, regardless of the size and location of the premises. This allows you to stream on multiple devices at the same time, without compromising on streaming speed or quality. No more waiting to watch a video because your sister is already watching one upstairs!

While traditional broadband uses just a single router in the home that offers limited WiFi access, Gigaclear's Smart WiFi works by using a discreet family of connected nodes to provide stable and sustained broadband no matter what room you're in. They also supply businesses with ultrafast broadband, as well as households. Providing speeds of up to 900Mbps, Gigaclear routers ensure that there's more than enough bandwidth for every employee and their devices. Like with households, Gigaclear offers a choice of packages to suit any business location and size:

Business 100, Business 250, Business 500, and Business ULTRA.

You can find a thorough breakdown of the different business broadband packages, as well as recommendation depending on the needs of your business here.

The Gigaclear Difference

Gigaclear is different from other broadband providers thanks to its solid dedication to rural communities. By serving the communities most typically forgotten about when it comes to supplying broadband, Gigaclear proves a commitment to fairness and equality when it comes to being able to access the internet at the best speeds. Nobody should be left behind because of their geographical placement.

You can find out more about getting Gigaclear by typing in your postcode at the top of any Gigaclear website page. If you're still unsure, don't hesitate to get in touch with a friendly member of the Gigaclear team, who will be more than happy to assist you on availability and pricing estimations.


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