Which business broadband package should I choose?

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    Having decided that a business broadband package is the way to go, the next step is to pick a package to best suit your circumstances. This can seem a little daunting as the options are numerous. From a basic no frills package right the way through to a leased line and complex phone systems, here are a few tips to help you choose which package will be best for your needs.

    The first thing to consider is the type of work you do and the type of business premises you work from - or plan to work from - as this will dictate the level of usage and how much download capacity you are likely to need.

    Working from home

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    If you are working from home, you are likely to be very reliant on your internet connection and use it to hold video calls, stream music whilst you work, and have a constant back and forth of emails. Based on this kind of intensive usage, an unlimited download package would be best. Consider the speed as well. It depends on what is available in your area but on the whole, most businesses would benefit from faster speeds. A regular ADSL connection using a home telephone line is suitable for someone who is using basic functions such as emails and browsing. However, if you plan to use the internet for all of your communications, including video calls as well as viewing and sending large files, then fibre optic broadband will ensure you have a more reliable, and speedier, connection.

    Retail business

    Retail business broadband (1)

    If you work in retail, then a high-quality fibre optic broadband internet connection is probably less of a priority. An ADSL phone line operated package will be adequate for your needs. The ability to handle multiple calls during the day and an easy to remember phone number will probably be more important to you in your business. ADSL packages tend to be much cheaper and there seems to be no point in spending the extra if you don't need to. Retail businesses will probably only use the internet for card transactions and the odd email. However, if you stream music into your premises throughout the day then consider checking that your broadband package has unlimited downloads or you could find yourself with a hefty bill.

    Food and drink outlets

    cafe business broadband (1)

    If you are running a cafe or restaurant then offering free Wi-Fi is likely to bring a few more customers your way. Offering a Wi-Fi hotspot is great news for consumers but will require you to have a fast connection and unlimited downloads. Fibre optic broadband is probably going to be the best solution for you in this scenario. However, if you choose not to offer free Wi-Fi to your customers then an ADSL package should suffice for card payments and emails.

    Small offices

    small office business broadband (1)

    If you are running a small office, the likelihood is that most of your employees are using the internet in one form or another most of the time. As a result, a fibre optic connection is probably preferable for you to ensure the speed that you need to do business in a timely manner. If your company is hosting a website you may find that a leased line is worth the investment as well. This will give you better speeds on uploads and downloads and a leased package will usually offer an enhanced level of support as well. Choosing a business package that can be scaled up as your business grows may also be a consideration if there are plans afoot to expand.

    Big offices

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    For businesses based in big offices supporting large teams of people, a whole different solution will be needed. Despite its many benefits, a fibre optic connection won't be enough to support the level of internet usage that is required in this environment. A leased line is likely to be the best option as it offers fast speeds, great upload and download times and responsive technical support. Leased line packages usually also offer enhanced security add-ons, domain names and numerous IP addresses.


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