The Ultimate Guide to 100Mb Leased Line Costs in 2022

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    100mb leased line costs

    Updated for 2022!

    Leased lines are increasingly popular in 2022, and it’s no surprise why. These dedicated, direct-to-you connections offer a huge range of benefits. From symmetric upload and download speeds to enhanced reliability, they make an attractive choice for most businesses. 

    While leased lines typically start at speeds of 10Mb, a 100Mb leased line is one of the best choices for businesses in 2022. 

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    Why choose a 100Mb leased line?

    If you’re set on a leased line, you’ll know there’s plenty of choice when it comes to speed. Packages tend to start at 10Mb and scale all the way up to 1Gb, with some providers offering connections of 5Gb or 10Gb in some areas. 

    With so much choice, why opt for a 100Mb leased line? We think it offers a great amount of bandwidth for most businesses, with plenty of space to grow in the future. 

    Here are a handful of benefits that come with choosing a 100Mb leased line in 2022. 

    100Mb leased line costs

    Enough bandwidth for your whole office

    We often think of our home broadband as superfast. There’s usually no slowdown or buffering when we try to watch online TV or play video games. While a 76Mbps connection is perfect for home use, businesses with multiple staff often need more. 

    With more staff comes more demand on your internet access. If you have multiple teams that all need daily, always-on and superfast broadband, it’s worth investing in a high-speed connection like a 100Mb leased line. This will give you plenty of bandwidth for the whole company to work productively and efficiently. 

    Superfast upload speeds

    With most fibre broadband packages you’ll find decent enough download speeds, but low upload speeds. Even top-tier plans from industry giants like BT and Virgin Media stop around 48Mb. 

    With a leased line you have a symmetric connection, so your upload speed is the same as your download speed. This means that your upload speed would be over double what you can get with a more traditional business broadband contract. Superfast upload speeds like 100Mb are especially useful for businesses that use a lot of cloud-based apps, make video calls or regularly upload large files like videos. 

    Futureproof your business 

    Businesses often grow faster than we anticipate. Investing in a leased line now with a generous allowance makes it easier for you to scale up your operations. 

    If you have plans to grow your business, hire more staff or increase your reliance on cloud-based services, you’ll need an internet connection that you can continually rely on. If you opt for a smaller connection, like a 10Mb leased line, you could find that your demand exceeds your bandwidth. We find that a 100Mb leased line strikes a great balance between affordability and scale for most businesses. 


    How much does a 100Mb leased line cost? 

    How much does a 100Mb leased line cost? 

    Technology and demand moves quickly, which means that in 2022 a leased line is more affordable than ever. You can get a dedicated connection, symmetric upload and download speeds and a reliable service level agreement for a great price. 

    What affects leased line pricing?

    A major factor that affects the cost of a leased line is the bandwidth that you opt for. There’s a difference between a 30Mb leased line and a 1Gb leased line, although it’s less extreme than you might think. 

    Let’s use Sheffield as an example. In 2022, a quote for a 30Mb leased line starts at £255 per month with CityFibre. A 1Gb leased line is only £14 per month more expensive, at £269 per month. With other providers, there’s a more noticeable difference, but it’s easy to find a great deal with Amvia. 

    After bandwidth, another factor that influences pricing is your location. Businesses that are located in cities are likely to see lower prices than rural locations. That’s largely due to the investment of infrastructure in urban areas. If your business premises are further out of town or rather rural, there’s less existing infrastructure, so costs can be higher. 

    Competition from other providers also affects leased line pricing. If there’s only one network provider in a city, you could see higher contract prices. In locations where there’s healthy competition from several providers, you’re more likely to find a better deal. 


    Leased line comparison for UK Cities – updated 2022 

    Many businesses are surprised when we reveal that the average cost of a 100Mb leased line is between £230 and £280 per month. Considering a BTnet leased line of up to 50Mb can cost £195 per month, you don’t pay a great deal extra for more than double the bandwidth. 

    We’re always checking the latest leased line costs to bring you the best deals. Our recent searches show that in 2022, a 100Mb leased line remains an affordable investment. 

    There’s little difference in costs for a 100Mb leased line in UK cities. In most locations, you’ll found three main providers – CityFibre, TalkTalk Business and BT Wholesale. 

    CityFibre in most affordable in the cities we quoted for with the below examples, coming out at £260 per month for a 100Mb leased line. TalkTalk Business came in second, costing between £329–£349 for the same bandwidth. BT Wholesale was priced consistently too, at £343 for a 100Mb leased line. 

    Here’s the list of UK cities we quoted for, in full: 

    100Mb leased line costs

    You might also be interested to know that in some cities, such as Glasgow and Bristol, CityFibre also offers a 500Mb leased line for just £305 per month.

    Current deals available from leased line providers 

    Unlike fibre to the cabinet or fibre to the premises, most leased lines packages aren’t available to add to your basket online. With some providers, like CityFibre, you can make an enquiry online. Others, like BT Business, only offer leased lines through providers like Amvia. It may sound like the long way around, but as we are specialist broadband suppliers, it means we have the ability to negotiate the best price for your particular requirements.

    Let’s take a look at what’s available from some of the UK’s biggest leased line providers.

    Virgin Media Business leased lines 

    Virgin’s leased lines, also styled as Dedicated Internet Access, can be requested directly. Their 100Mb leased line is competitively priced, starting at £270 per month. With this, you’ll get a six-hour response time. You’ll also get 10 per cent off cloud apps through Virgin, including Office365 and Dropbox.

    BTnet leased lines  

    BT is one of the biggest providers of leased lines in the UK. Their product, known as BTnet, is available in 50Mb and 100Mb capacities. Like Virgin, there’s a quick response time – 5 hours. While a 100Mb leased line starts at £370 on BT’s website, there’s a more competitive deal on offer if you order through Amvia. This would bring your monthly quote down to around £343. 

    CityFibre leased lines

    CityFibre currently offers the most affordable 100Mb leased line, quoted at £260 per month. This alternative service provider also offers a five-hour response time, in line with BT and Virgin’s service level agreements. Another bonus with CityFibre is that you can upgrade to their 1Gb Flex plan at a later date without paying an extra installation fee. 

    TalkTalk Business leased lines

    TalkTalk Business offers another affordable alternative to other providers, with a 100Mb leased line quoted at around £329–£342 per month. That familiar five-hour response time is back too, so you’ll have any issues resolved quickly. TalkTalk Business quotes a faster setup than other providers, but this is likely to depend on your location and how complex your installation is. 

    100Mb leased line on a 1Gb bearer

    Should I opt for a 100Mb leased line on a 1Gb bearer? 

    We believe that a 100Mb leased line is a great choice for businesses in 2022. It offers you plenty of bandwidth and scope to grow your business. And if you opt for a leased line on a bearer, you can give yourself even greater room to grow. 

    A bearer is like an invisible extra bandwidth capability that you can access in the future. You’d be paying for, and have access to, 100Mb worth of bandwidth as usual. The difference is that you could easily scale up to 300Mb, 500Mb or 1Gb in the future. It’s the ultimate way to futureproof your broadband connection, and a wise choice if you have ambitious growth plans. 

    If you think a 100Mb leased line on a 1Gb bearer is the right choice for you, we can help you find the perfect provider.

    Can I get a leased line? 

    In most cases, the answer is yes. Unlike fibre to the premises, leased lines are almost universally available across the UK. You’re not limited by existing infrastructure, as a new connection can be made to your premises. 

    At Amvia, we can help you through the whole process. We’re not just here to help you find the best deal on your 100Mb leased line. Once you’ve found the right provider, we’ll handle the process for you.

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